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Good new blog spotted. Run by angry teenagers

and quite libertarian!

David Davis

Are we tired or have we won, or what should we do next?

David Davis

Is this a lull in the pace of battle, or has the Enemy Class retreated under cover of stubble-fires while our backs were turned for a pee, or….

…are we all just a bit tired?

Or have we run out of things to say about the badness of this government, or…

…should we just “shift target to next ahead”? (And what is that thing? Do we even know?)

Sharpe’s Opinion has an interesting comment thread on this exact subject, so do go read the whole article and replies, some from major bloggers like Guido Fawkes and The Devil.

The main problem with leftyblogs is that they don’t know how to write to inspire.

The Recording Angel

Here’s one.

The duty-Archangel found this just now.

The Staff, assisted by the Powers, will link others.

“Writing about Africa”:So funny.

David Davis

I have to share this, it is worth a goldmine….could be a wind-up, but if so it’s bloody clever. Hat tip Obnoxio the Clown. Even people from Lancaster Unity might find a dreg of humour in it.

Trying to talk down at teenagers badly

David Davis

“Talking down to teenagers, badly”, is not in it! These guys (see below just here) just “do not quite cut the cake”. I’d give their stuff to an 8-yo as an example of how to construct sentences but no more than that. Not for philosophy.

Just look at what the Anchorage Daily News (or whatever it’s called) is saying about Republicans.