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If arms offer power and protection, they belong in the hands of the People

David Davis

And no I didn’t invent that myself: it is the formal policy-position of the Swiss “Government” (if that word is not slightly tautological.)

Paul Goodman at ConservativeHome nicely articulates the position most of us take on here, which is that now is definitely not the time to do kneejerk, Tabloid-Million-Moms-driven legislation to further restrict, or even ban entirely, all firearms, thus taking us as a people into the territory of the Third Reich, wherein Himmler said that private gun ownership and licensing was “inconvenient” for the State. Except for Göring of course.

I have been excoriated on Facebook, for saying that these periodic massacres, ostensibly by lone crazed lunatics, are set up by the “authorities” every time they want to ratchet up the gun controls here. With hindight, I’m prepared to suspect (but only suspect) that I was wrong in this particular case. But my major thesis still stands I think. We will anyhow know the truth about Dunblane in about 80 years’ time.

Not a problem

David Davis

If Sikh schoolchildren ought to be allowed to wear their ritual daggers, that’s fine by me. As boys in the 1950s, we routinely had folding pen-knives, at school and everywhere else. I still carry mine. We used them to whittle sharp sticks in “break”, to poke each other with in class, and to make wooden guns with which to go “yadda-da-da-da-da-da-da” when playing “British and Germans” on the football field.

The more children that carry working knives as part of normality, the better. And for equality’s sake, everyone else ought to be allowed them too. Then, we can move on to guns, at last, and discuss those.


David Davis

The Last Ditch talks about what’s worrying us all, all the time.

How to tell a “local yokel” from a scumbag: six handy tips for Police

David Davis

It is reported that a “leaflet” has been issued for the benefit of the Police, about how to tell if a human person is a “legal shooter”. Here are some tips for the Glorious People’s-Armed-Police, metropolitan politicos who regard the countryside as a theme-park peopled with cardboard characters, and for other Occupying Armies:-

(1) The “countryside” contains all sorts of humans not typically represented in the People’s Ecotowns of Young Britain, which is a Young Country of multicultural people living in harmony with Nature and the People’s Countryside which is a theme park. Some of these humans are caled “local yokels” or “local people” or also may be “Bankers” out for a day shooting small birds and animals which is a traditional “banking” past-time.

(1a) But sometimes, the “Countryside” also contains dangerous or irritating animals and birds which have to be discouraged and controlled, and sometimes killed with guns, and other useful quaint “Countryside-friendly” objects such as Potassium Cyanide, big sharp spades, gin-traps and snares. This is so that children and hard-working-families can buy local produce in season, for local people, at little shops and not at Tesco where everything has to be flown in from Peru.

(2) A human being with a “gun” is almost inevitably not dangerous: humans who wave knives do it in Young Britain’s People’s Ecotowns usually. They typically wave knives at humans, and display the normal shiny clothing of scumbags. Humans with “long thin guns” are almost always dressed in browns or dirty greens of matt reflectivity, and are pointing their “guns” at animals and birds not people. It is not considered polite among humans to point guns at people.

(3) You can easily spot a scumbag. His trousers are made of plastic and have two white stripes down the side, and are normally too long and tucked into two objects called “trainers” which look like a sort of plastic boot without the normal long top piece. Female scumbags wear all-over bright pink towelling pyjamas during the daytime. They can be confusing, because they do not usually have guns or knives, only phones held out as if for offering, in the right hand.

(4) If you get a report from a human about another human in a field or some bushes with a very long thin gun, ask the reporting human if he/she lives in “the countryside” him/herself, or inhabits a People’s Ecotown. If he/she does not live in “the countryside” or instead inhabits a People’s Ecotown, discount the report. If the reporting human does live in “the countryside” ask if the gun is a shotgun, a .22 rifle, a .303, an MP5, a Bren, an AK47 or a Barrett .5″, and what bird the shooter was aiming at and whether he/she brought it down.

(5) If it is carrying or using a long gun, it is almost certainly not a scumbag but a human: see (6) below for clarification.

(6) If you point your MP5 at a “local” “human” dressed as described, shouting “ARMED POLICE!!” then he/she will drop the “gun” and put his/her hands up. If on the other had it really is a scumbag, it will turn to face you with its gun (unlikely as it does not normally carry one, and certainly not a long one) pointed rather absently and indefinitely at or near you, an will say “Yer-wha’?” or “Pardon?” or something similar.

So you will always be able to tell the difference before having to open fire.

Observe Health and Safety Best Practice!

Always check first!

I may think of more during the day…

Nobody has guns except scumbags and The State

David Davis

So why is it being flagged as such a mystery that some poor bugger has been gunned down at an ASDA?

Either the State wanted him dead, or his “friends” did. He had no chance either way. Perhaps he was a doctor, and HMRC just wanted to “encourage the others?” Proper States, the real thing ones, the hard-guys that are “quite serious” about being fairly properly statist, such as Stalin and Robespierre and Gordon Brown, “have no need for doctors.” They know they are right.

As guns disappear more and more from the normal environment of, and from the ordinary physical knowledge of individual people, you must now expect this sort of thing to happen more and more.

“Security-Theatre” will of course be deployed by The Police (who will all have to go, sadly, including even many normal ordinary officers who may be blameless because they are merely trying to arrest bad-people of whatever sort, and we will just have to start again from Ground-Zero, as the problem of politicised policing is too deeply-engrained now owing to “institutionalised anti-liberalism”) to “reassure” “shoppers”.

I know a few coppers: they are fine upstanding men, whom it would be a pleasure to drink with in the pub – and is. I am lucky. But they are all under the thrall: it will have to come off utterly, before the good can be purged out of the bad, and we can start again.

Until ordinary shoppers can carry concealed automatic pistols of calibre at least 0.30″ with them while shopping, this will happen. When Libertarians run the government, whatever is left of it, this will not be necessary any more, thank goodness. But you would be allowed to own what shooter you like best.

I favor machine-crossbows personally. Not illegal now even. You could even make a very very small one, which would be quite disabling to a scumbag.

But a “machine-longbow” would be a sight to behold! Can someone tell me how one could be fabricated? (You’d need space for it to load and fire, that’s the prob I wrestle with right now…)

Jesus this is hillarious…

Peter Davis

THIS is how you knock down a door…

And if this is what we are up against, I shouldn’t worry…

Here you go, dont say i didnt warn you

Michael Winning

Armed Police” with machine guns, to be deplyed on streets for first time”.

Well we are a dangerous and uncontrollable people as everyone know and it’s surprising it toook so long. Can’t have people rebelling now, can we.

How has it come to this that the UK now has machinegun-police on our streets, what did we do wrong. This will be hailed as a “success”, it will be “rolled out”. You’ll see, and remember what I said.