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Bait-and-switch “charity” in progress…

Christopher Houseman

As the snow piles up outside my front door (among many others), The World Wildlife Fund is currently broadcasting a weepie, Warmist TV ad appealing for money to save the polar bear from extinction.

I fail to understand:

  1. How the WWF can even think about broadcasting AGW agitprop to a population that’s having trouble dealing with yet another snowy day. Even if AGW were true, has nobody at the WWF heard of Marketing 101?
  2. Why sending money to the WWF will cool the climate for polar bears in any case.

Norman Tebbit on climate change

David Davis

Usual good sense from this fellow.


Michael Winning

The UN is getting nasty as its bid for world domination gets stuck in the (warming) mud

And I would not mind going to Cancun(*) for a nice conference thing (is there supposed to be another letter after the “n”? is that why they go there?

Climategate brilliant strategic analysis

Machael Winning

I dont know if that title makes grammar sense but  the Brian Micklethwait article at Samizdata ought to be read.


God, how I hate this “gate” nonsense, but it does express succinctly what’s been going on.

David Davis

Libertarian Alliance “circumlocution award of the day”

David Davis

Climate change has mutated from being a physical phenomenon to be studied to an idea to be contested. The sites of adjudication between competing truth claims have therefore moved from the secluded academy and scientific peer review to the vociferous agora and the extended peer community.

H/T Englishman’s Castle, referring to this article.

In other words, “the bastards have been rumbled and all the dirty washing’s out in the open.”

Worse and worse

Michael Winning

Atr least we can eatt them.