Officers of the LA

Officers and Advisory Council
of the Libertarian Alliance

Officers of the Libertarian Alliance

Director: Dr Sean Gabb’s career has spanned the worlds of business, government service, academia, journalism, the media, politics and public affairs.

He is an experienced broadcaster on both radio and television, and has appeared on programmes in Britain, the USA, Canada, Argentina, Sudan and various world-wide networks. He has managed over 250 appearances on major new programmes, documentaries, debate programmes and chat shows, including Newsnight, The Midnight Hour, Scottish Question Time, The World Tonight and The People’s Parliament . He is consulted as an expert on civil liberties issues, economic freedom and the open society.

A prolific writer, his essays and monographs have been published by a wide range of institutions, including the Social Affairs Unit, the Independent Healthcare Association, the Adam Smith Institute, the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking, and of course the Libertarian Alliance, on such topics as constitutional law, health policy, religious freedom, civil liberties, history and economics and economic policy.

He is editor of the journal of the Libertarian Alliance, Free Life and of Free Life Commentary an electronic newsletter. For more information his personal web site can be found at Dr Gabb can be emailed at

Editorial and Membership Director: Dr Nigel Meek graduated in 1996 as a mature student with a B.Sc in Psychology and followed in 1998 with an MA in Applied Social and Market Research. He has most recently worked in the market research industry and the support side of further education. Currently studying for a PhD, Nigel oversees maintenance of LA’s subscriber lists. He can be contacted at

Legal Affairs Spokesman: David Carr is a graduate in law from Trent Polytechnic he is today a practicing solicitor. An active libertarian who has written a number of LA papers over the years he can be contacted via email at or on his mobile telephone number 07951 777307.

Online Administrator: Mario Huet, having a long standing interest in computers he oversees the day to day running of the LA Forum. He can be contacted at his email

Director of Northern Affairs: David Davis is a founder member of the Libertarian Alliance. He has worked in teaching, advertising and public relations, and has had his own business. He lives in the north of England and can be contacted at

Hubert Jongen lives in the Netherlands. He was until recently the President of the Libertarian International – – and is a founding father of the European libertarian movement. He can be contacted via his email address at

Advisory Council of the Libertarian Alliance

Dr Peter Breggin

Professor John Burton
University of Birmingham

Professor Christie Davies
University of Reading

Dr Stephen Davies
Sheffield Hallam University

Walter Grinder
Institute for Humane Studies

Professor John Hibbs OBE
University of Central England in Birmingham

Professor Eric Mack
Tulane University

Professor Joachim Maitre
University of Boston

Professor David Myddleton
Cranfield University

Professor Douglas Rasmussen
St John’s University

Sudha Shenoy
University of Newcastle
(New South Wales)

Professor Thomas S. Szasz
State University of New York

Dr Bill Thompson
University of Reading

Professor Walter Williams
George Mason University

“They also serve”

We would also like to mention those many supporters who continue to contribute to the Libertarian Alliance’s activities by way of financial contributions, envelope stuffing, computer assistance, HTML conversions and so forth. A very long list, they include:

Rebecca Baty
David Botsford
Mark Haley
Malcolm Hutty
Alastair James
Hubert Jongen
Simon McIlwaine
Don Riley
Paul Staines
Rob Thomas

4 responses to “Officers of the LA

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  2. Will Wolverhampton Wanderers Win on Wednesday?

    “A prolific writer, his essays and monographs…” Dr Gabb is either even more protean than the spiel claims or the spiel has not been properly proofed. I’d like to think it’s the former, but assume it’s the latter. That kind of somatic transformation is better suited to the Guardian.

  3. I am not exactly shy of attacking Sean Gabb when I believe he has written something that is fundemenally wrong and harmful – but I do not see any of that in what he has written about himself above.

    All Sean is saying here is that he has talked and written about a lot of things in a lot of places – and that is true.

    And, by the way, a lot of things he has said and written are true.

    “spiel”, “somatic”.

    Sorry – but I am ordinary person, I do not even know what these words “spiel” and “somatic” mean. And, I strongly suspect, I would not care about them even if I did know.

    It is like people attacking me for my lousy typing (missing letters or words – or stuff typed the wrong way round), if that is what they really care about it is time they got out more.

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