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William Roache Should Never Have Been Put on Trial

Note: This release was held over while I took advice on whether it might be in contempt of court. SIG

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Thursday the 6th February 2014
Release Time: Immediate
Contact: Dr Sean Gabb, sean, 07956 472 199

William Roache
Should Never Have Been Put on Trial

The Libertarian Alliance notes the acquittal today of the actor William Roache on all charges of sexual assault against minors during the 1960s.We also note the quality of the evidence given against him, mostly by women whose identities we cannot know, and who are nearly old enough to be collecting their old age pensions.

We make no comment on the motivations of the prosecution witnesses in this case. Nor do we make any comment on any case currently in progress. However, we suggest the following reforms to the law:

1. That no accusations of sexual assault should be received by the authorities more than three years after the date of the alleged offence, or more than a year after the accuser has reached the age of eighteen, whichever is longer;

2. That the identities of all prosecution witnesses should be made public.

We further suggest that whoever in the Crown Prosecution Service authorised the charges against Mr Roache to go to trial should be named and sacked and deprived of his or her pension.

The Libertarian Alliance believes that sexual assaults, involving actual or reasonably prospective violence, should be punished. We also believe that sexual assaults against children should be punished. At the same time, we believe in fair trials. No one should be put on trial so long after the alleged offences as Mr Roache was. No one should be put on trial except when there is reasonable evidence of guilt.

We deplore that these arguments are put so rarely in the mainstream media.



Notes to Editors

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Libertarian Alliance Statement on the Proposed Press Regulation Charter


News from The Libertarian Alliance
Date: Saturday 7th September 2013, Immediate Release
Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
07956 472 199, sean


Response by the Libertarian Alliance
to the Proposed Royal Charter to Regulate the Press (2013)

The Libertarian Alliance is against the current proposals, both in their principle, and in their most likely scheme of implementation.

Since the expiry of the Licensing Act in 1695, there has been no statutory regulation of the press in England. Instead, the press has been regulated by private or public actions through the ordinary courts of law. This is not to say that we have enjoyed complete freedom of the press during the past three hundred years. The laws of seditious and blasphemous libel were, until about the middle of the 19th century, serious curbs. Since then, the various Obscene Publications Acts, and the Official Secrets Acts, and the modern laws against “hate speech,” have continued to keep the press imperfectly free. Throughout the entire period, until this year’s Defamation Act, there has also been the law of common libel. The Libertarian Alliance deplores all of these constraints. Continue reading

Campaign Against Censorship Statement on the Regulation of the Press, 6th September 2013

Submission by the Campaign Against Censorship
on the Proposed Charter for the Regulation of the Press,
sent out to the Media on Friday the 6th September 2013
by the Libertarian Alliance

Note to Editors: The Campaign Against Censorship and the Libertarian Alliance are separate organisations that are also on terms of close organisational friendship. Because the CAC has limited access to the Internet, the LA is sending out this Statement. All enquiries should be put by e-mail to Edward Goodman, Chair of CAC, Telephone enquiries should be made to Sean Gabb, Director of the LA, on 07956 472 199, who will answer on behalf of the CAC. Continue reading

The Persecution of Alan Clifford: Preach the Gospel, Go to Jail?

Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
07956 472 199,
Tuesday the 20th August 2013
For immediate use

The Persecution of Alan Clifford:
Preach the Gospel, Go to Jail?

The Facts

On Saturday the 27th July 2013, the Norfolk LGBT Project held a Gay Pride demonstration in Norwich City Centre. This was visited by the Rev Dr Alan C. Clifford, Pastor of the Norwich Reformed Church and four members of his congregation. They handed out copies of two leaflets: Christ Can Cure – Good News for Gays and Jesus Christ – the Saviour we all need. On Monday the 29th July 2013, Dr Clifford sent out a report of his efforts to the local and national media and to various other persons who might be interested. To this he attached pdf copies of his two leaflets. One of the e-mail addresses on his list was the official contact address of the Norfolk LGBT Project. The leaders of this organisation contacted the police, saying that they had been offended by the contents of the leaflets.

On Saturday the 17th August 2013, Dr Clifford was visited at his home by PC Arnold (PC1396) of Norfolk Constabulary. He was told that he had been accused of committing a homophobic hate crime. PC Arnold defined this to him as “having communicated by electronic means something likely to annoy or cause offence.” He gave Dr Clifford two options. He could confess and pay an on the spot fine of £90, or he could produce a signed statement in defence of his actions. Dr Clifford chose the second of these options. He was then told that a senior police officer would look at his statement and decide whether it should be passed over to the Crown Prosecution Service for further action.

On Monday the 19th August 2013, Dr Clifford was told that his statement had been passed to the CPS, and that he might face a criminal prosecution under the Public Order Act 1986 for his alleged homophobic hate crime.

Dr Clifford’s own account of all this can be read here on the Libertarian Alliance Blog. Continue reading

Sean Gabb on the Thatcher Police State (May 1989)

The Full Coercive Apparatus of a Police State:
Thoughts on the Dark Side of the Thatcher Decade

Sean Gabb

3rd May 1989, Published as Legal Notes No. 6, by the Libertarian Alliance,
London, 1989, ISBN 1 870614 39 9

Ten years ago (1979) I gave way to one of my rare bursts of enthusiasm. I was at the time, I’ll grant, still a schoolboy; and these things are always more permissible in them than in others. But, even for a schoolboy, it was a very great burst of enthusiasm. I seriously thought that, along with Mrs Thatcher, the second dawn of classical liberalism had arrived. This was it, I thought. No more socialism. No more national decline. No more Road to Serfdom. Oh, even as lads of my age went, I was naïve. Continue reading

Libertarian Alliance Welcomes Acquittal in “Extreme Porn” Case – but Where is Emma West?

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb
07956 472 199, sean
Friday the 10th August 2012
Immediate release

The Libertarian Alliance welcomes the acquittal of Simon Walsh on the charge of possessing “extreme pornography.” It sees the acquittal as a victory for freedom of expression. Continue reading

Truancy and the Total State

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Release Date: Monday 16th April 2012
Release Time: Immediate
Contact Details:
Dr Sean Gabb, 07956 472 199, sean

Truancy and the Total State

The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties institute, today condemns proposals by the British Government to deter truancy by cutting the child benefit of parents whose children absent themselves from school. Continue reading