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Some help perhaps from across the pond

Hello Mr. Gabb.

My name is Drew Warner, a friend from across the pond.

I stumbled across your blog after a night of surfing the internet. Love the gun rights posts, and the chutzpah. I’ll continue to read it.

I’ve been following the issues of overbearing domination by the power of the state on your side of the pond, and thought that some of these videos could provide some assistance. If you already are aware of these, or do not need them, I apologize. I only send them because they’ve helped out in quite a few of my own debates about the rights of free citizens (particularly when cornered by gun grabbers that are only too pleased to share their wisdom with me uninvited).



If you have any advice yourself for us Americans dealing with the gun snatchers over here, I would appreciate the advice of an old hand. United we stand, and all that.

Good luck Sean. I mean it. Don’t give up, and remember… you’re fighting on the right side of history. Keep it up mate.

~ Drew

I think that few of us spotted this one coming. EU reintroduces death penalty via LISBON “in the case of war, riots, upheaval”

David Davis

I think it might be time to flag this one to The Faithful. Some of us may not have noticed it – I certainly didn’t. Do you read Eurotreaties? I do not, for I have not time.

And since it was in a footnote to a footnote to something that few if any normal people would be willing or able to spend the time reading through comprehensively, we all might be forgiven.

The entire notion now throws, into ever-sharper focus, this Nation’s relationship with the EU. I have nothing to add to that sentence for you may all have your own thoughts.

As we all know, I am not in favour of modern States being able to take life: this is because in all cases the right to do that to another human has been denied by the state’s law.

If I have not a right to end someone’s life who has wronged me and mine, and if my arms and guns and kitchen-knives and screwdrivers have been seized off me in that regard,  then I also have not the right to delegate that right to Continue reading

Would it help if I put this on my Amazon Wish List?

It Didn’t Take Them Long to Hit the Panic Button

The Only Defense is a Good Offense

The Only Defense is a Good Offense
by Boris Karpa
Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

I am, sadly speaking, the inhabitant of a country which has—by every sensible measure—absolutely draconian gun control. I am not eligible for a permit, and if I were, the mightiest weapon I could get would be a single pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition (rifles are restricted to sportsmen who train for two years). I have written extensively—in American and Israeli media—on the subject on gun control, and am even now making an effort to set up a gun rights organization in Israel. Continue reading

“Gun Control for the Children?” Sorry, No Sale.

by Thomas Knapp
“Gun Control for the Children?” Sorry, No Sale.

“This is our first task as a society,” said US president Barack Obama at a January 16th press conference: “Keeping our children safe.”

The event’s purpose was to leverage last month’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut into support for a set of new executive orders and legislative proposals relating to what supporters euphemistically refer to as “gun control.” Continue reading

Was Hitler Really Anti-Gun Control?

by Anthony Gregory

Was Hitler Really Anti-Gun Control?

A article by Alex Seitz-Wald called “The Hitler Gun Control Lie” is making the rounds, purporting to challenge a myth Second Amendment enthusiasts spread that blames the Holocaust on Hitler’s policies of civilian disarmament. The thrust of the argument is that Hitler’s 1938 firearms law indeed ratcheted back restrictions from the Weimar era. But here is the most telling paragraph: Continue reading