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This Blog Has Now Moved

To here:

Please visit us at our new home, and please update your feeds

Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Fourth Notice

At 6pm today (BST), no further comments will be taken on this site. At some point later in the evening, every post and comment put here between the 1st August and the closing of comments will be reproduced on the new site for our Blog – The only posts and comments not to be carried across will be these notices of the move. When this happens, the big switchover will be complete.

I am a little disappointed by the ease with which we have moved the Libertarian Alliance Blog. I thought it would take months of hard work on the new blog, and that it would take ages to carry our readers with us. I was also worried that our regulars would start moaning about the very different look of the new blog. In fact, it took a couple of hours to set up the new blog and to carry the material across. About half our readers have already moved across. Our regulars also seem to have appreciated the advantages of the new format – which shows equally well on most reading devices. We should probably have done this a few years ago.

Though it is now active, the new blog should be seen as a work in progress. We still have much to learn or relearn about CSS scripting. Colours and font sizes are liable to change back and forth without notice. There will be failed experiments. Above all, we are nerving ourselves for the epic job of amalgamating our blog and website into one place. This will certainly take months. But the first part of the job we have set ourselves will soon have been done.


Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Third Notice

From today, all new posts to this blog will be made on our new site – Comments should now be open to all.

From the close of business on Friday the 5th September 2014, no further comments can be posted to this site. All posts and comments up to that date will be copied across to the new site. In due course, all posts will be indexed with a new set of categories.

Now, does anyone know how I can centre the horizontal menu bar on the new site? My CSS skills are being taxed to the limit.


Sean Gabb

Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Second Notice

Dear All,

If you are one of our regulars, I strongly advise you to visit and familiarise yourself with our new Blog – Though it is very different in appearance, it is much better than the old one. But you will need to get used to it. Since we are inclined to have the switchover this coming Friday, you should be looking now.

I have put a test post on the new Blog – “Welcome to the Kevin Carson Centre for Puritan Studies” You are welcome to leave test comments on this, and to report back any problems you have. For the moment, you will need to register to leave comments. This restriction may come off once the Blog goes live – or, if all our regulars register, we may leave it on to discourage spammers.

Please DO NOT leave comments anywhere else on the new Blog. If you do, you will commit an offence against all my notions of intellectual order. Also, please DO NOT leave comments on the pages that are linked to at the top left. Sooner or later, I shall find how to turn off comments there, and I don’t welcome any in the meantime. You may, however, make any comments and suggestions you please. We may take them into consideration.



Announcement: Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving to New Address

We are in the process of moving our Blog here:

It may take another week to get to get things right. There is still work to be done on the indexing and the colours and the general information pages. Until then, the new Blog remains closed to comments, and the posts and comments go only to the end of July. In due course, however, this Blog will be closed to new comments, but will remain standing for the foreseeable future. When the new Blog goes live, our people will be able to post and and comment as before.

The advantages of the new Blog are as follows:

1. It has a proper domain;
2. It is much easier for us to configure;
3. It is much easier for everyone to search;
4. It will look much better;
5. It will allow us eventually to incorporate the vast archive of Libertarian Alliance publications from

We began this Blog at the end of 2005. We had no strategic purpose, but thought we should do something to take note of the blogging craze. Since then, it has become one of the largest and most popular libertarian blogs. It has more than 6,000 posts and 30,000 comments – some of these latter as long as and more interesting than the original posts. It makes sense that we should now take it seriously, and even that we should allow it to swallow up what we long believed was our main website.

We will make a further announcement closer to the switchover. In the meantime, please add the new Blog to your RSS feeds and click on the Follow button.


Sean Gabb


Announcement: Keir Martland

We are delighted to announce that Keir Martland has consented to join the Committee of the Libertarian Alliance as Director of Youth Affairs. He is and will be a most distinguished addition to our Team.

Sean Gabb

Sean back from Slovakia

I could write an epic poem about the thousand mile drive from Slovakia to Deal. I might fill Bk II with an enumeration of the post we found jamming the front door. But I will not bother. I will write up a brief account of this year’s doings in Slovakia when I’ve recovered from the drive and dealt with all the other matters in my life.