Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Second Notice

Dear All,

If you are one of our regulars, I strongly advise you to visit and familiarise yourself with our new Blog – Though it is very different in appearance, it is much better than the old one. But you will need to get used to it. Since we are inclined to have the switchover this coming Friday, you should be looking now.

I have put a test post on the new Blog – “Welcome to the Kevin Carson Centre for Puritan Studies” You are welcome to leave test comments on this, and to report back any problems you have. For the moment, you will need to register to leave comments. This restriction may come off once the Blog goes live – or, if all our regulars register, we may leave it on to discourage spammers.

Please DO NOT leave comments anywhere else on the new Blog. If you do, you will commit an offence against all my notions of intellectual order. Also, please DO NOT leave comments on the pages that are linked to at the top left. Sooner or later, I shall find how to turn off comments there, and I don’t welcome any in the meantime. You may, however, make any comments and suggestions you please. We may take them into consideration.



14 responses to “Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving – Second Notice

  1. I ignored the first notice – but after you dragged back the name of Kevin Carson (i.e. how you destroyed the Libertarian Alliance – simply out of a desire to be “naughty”) I will comment now.

    Is the blog to have a new physical location as well as internet one?

    And, if so, will this new physical location be the Islamic Republic of the Sudan – or Putin’s Fascist state in Russia?

  2. Carson is a prize-winning moron but he has hardly “destroyed” the LA Paul. Indeed the LA is such a ghostly organisation that it would be hard to destroy in any meaningful sense. Unless you believe that Carson’s numbnuts propaganda has such power that anyone who reads it must be converted to his leftist ordure–sorry, oeuvre.

  3. I don’t kinda notice the LA being destroyed, not right this minute anyway. Like all outfits made up of unherdable-cats that you can’t get near a sack let alone into it, we’ve had our moments.

    In the early80s, we oddly morphed into two eponymous organisations. The other one is called The Libertarian Alliance, and we attend each others’ meetings in a spirit of friendship and suchlike. One of their officers writes sometimes on this blog and comments often.

    A few years ago, there was a concerted attempt to (destroy is perhaps too strong a word) inconvenience us seriously, orchestrated by some people we thought were our friends. But we weathered that too. We and our “non-identical twin LA” are probably the oldest surviving British (true) Libertarian outfits.

    If Sean wants to print Kevin Carson’s work from time to time, I have no objection although I think a lot of it’s tripe. Anyway I always write tripe, so it’s only fair to give other tripe-writers a whack also.

    • Ah yes, the attempted coup d’etat. I remember that being quite strange for me as a very minor body in the Libertarian solar system, because of the realisation at one point that it was one of those moments when one has to take sides. I have a general view that those who induce such situations are invariably the wrong ‘uns, so I knew I should take the Sean and David side. I haven’t regretted that.

      As you know, I’m sometimes very critical of opinions expressed by some posts/posters here, but I believe that Libertarianism needs fresh thinking (to which I hope I contribute in a tiny speck kind of a way) and the LA’s eclectic approach is the way forward,

      • Very kind of you, Ian – but what do you think of the new Blog?

        • I’ve no idea. I’ve spent all day looking at Jennifer Lawrence covered in man spooge. I’ll be back among the community of decent folks tomorrow.

          • Well, when your eyes are sufficiently recovered, I’ll be glad of your opinion.

            • Life will never be the same again after #TheFappening.

              The blog is very nice looking, but I can’t help but miss the LA blog banner. It’s looking a trifle serious at the moment IMHO.

              • The banner will be unfurled again in due course. I have a page of minor problems that need to be addressed. This is one of them.

                This being said, are we not a very serious organisation?

  4. Mr Ecks I agree that Kevin Carson did not destroy the LA — he is (as you say – and as Ian has pointed out at some length….) a moron (at best).

    My point was that Sean (not Kevin) undermined the LA – by pushing Kevin Carson (again and again and again).

    First I thought it was some ghastly mistake. Then I (wrongly) thought it was some deep dark ideological plot by Sean.

    It took me years to get it through my thick head that Sean was doing it all simply out of a desire to be naughty.

    A bit like dropping his trousers and underpants and waving his penis at passing old ladies – not with any sexual intent, just hoping they would be shocked.


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