Announcement: Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving to New Address

We are in the process of moving our Blog here:

It may take another week to get to get things right. There is still work to be done on the indexing and the colours and the general information pages. Until then, the new Blog remains closed to comments, and the posts and comments go only to the end of July. In due course, however, this Blog will be closed to new comments, but will remain standing for the foreseeable future. When the new Blog goes live, our people will be able to post and and comment as before.

The advantages of the new Blog are as follows:

1. It has a proper domain;
2. It is much easier for us to configure;
3. It is much easier for everyone to search;
4. It will look much better;
5. It will allow us eventually to incorporate the vast archive of Libertarian Alliance publications from

We began this Blog at the end of 2005. We had no strategic purpose, but thought we should do something to take note of the blogging craze. Since then, it has become one of the largest and most popular libertarian blogs. It has more than 6,000 posts and 30,000 comments – some of these latter as long as and more interesting than the original posts. It makes sense that we should now take it seriously, and even that we should allow it to swallow up what we long believed was our main website.

We will make a further announcement closer to the switchover. In the meantime, please add the new Blog to your RSS feeds and click on the Follow button.


Sean Gabb


11 responses to “Announcement: Libertarian Alliance Blog Moving to New Address

  1. Looks promising, Sean. Clear layout and print.

  2. Getting rid of the classic banner? Say it ain’t so !

  3. I defer to my Director’s opinion about the banner, which has been substantially up, unchanged, for the last seven years. Having been a marketing fella in my youth, I always got into hot water with my bosses for saying:-

    If you’re thinking of changing the product’s brand-image, then _don’t_ . In those days, you got on my “driving change”: I always disagreed, and so never advanced far in my profession.

    The most recognized and the longets-lived brands on the planet never change their logo. But if Sean thinks it should go, I will obey.

  4. I don’t think we should do it quite today, give people a change to bookmark the new site fully first.

  5. Julie near Chicago

    You’re only going to show THREE “recent comments”? Good lord. That means people will have to visit the site every five minutes, or get fed up with the frustration of not knowing whether their favorite commenters have posted anything lately.

    One assumes you intend to keep this site up, permanently, as an archive. WITH all the comments, which is where a great deal of the value of any weblog resides.

    • Only three recent comments are shown because there are only three as yet

      • However, I see that we shall need to find some way of moving the “Recent Comments” list to somewhere on a horizontal menu bar. Sadly, I don’t yet know how to do a horizontal menu bar with the otherwise excellent theme we’ve chosen.

      • Any objections to having the big switchover on Friday evening?

        This Blog will stay up forever, but comments will be turned off, and there will be no more posts.