Sean back from Slovakia

I could write an epic poem about the thousand mile drive from Slovakia to Deal. I might fill Bk II with an enumeration of the post we found jamming the front door. But I will not bother. I will write up a brief account of this year’s doings in Slovakia when I’ve recovered from the drive and dealt with all the other matters in my life.

One response to “Sean back from Slovakia

  1. No need for an epic poem, Sean. A limerick will do:

    There was once a young (?) fellow called Sean,
    Who drove in his car, dusk to dawn,
    From Slovakia to Deal.
    When asked, “How do you feel?”
    He replied, “I’ll be back in the morn.”

    Seriously though, I’m about to make your postal jam even worse, by sending you a book-shaped package. I think you might enjoy this one even more than the last.