Perverted Science and mineral water

David Davis

Having “done” tobacco, being in the process of killing alcohol, and with sugar almost lynched, what are the GramscoFabiaNazi slave-resouces-management-prescription-directors starting on now? Water of course.

The level of scientific understanding of both the journo and a number of the commenters is frightening to behold.

8 responses to “Perverted Science and mineral water

  1. My God! Who gives a great rat’s ass. Looks like some hand wringer at the Daily Mail was short on the number of articles he/she had to produce this week. SALT! And in such piddling quantities.
    I am 72, a type 2 diabetic, have added salt on every meal, and my BP is 125-130/75.
    Just what is all the heavy breathing about?

  2. Excuse me! It was a she.
    Has the press in Britain no other REAL problems they could be writing about.

  3. Julie near Chicago

    Science provides ever more evidence that one cannot hope to achieve even a minimal level of health unless one simply forgoes all ingestion.

    And since the purpose of government is to assure the total well-being of its wards (a.k.a. the populace), it is quite clear that it can only achieve this, its proper end, by classifying all ingestible (and inhalable) substances as Controlled, and then criminalizing the provision and the use of all Controlled Substances.

  4. I thought it was sugar that is evil this year?


    • Sugar’s still evil and getting more so. It causes cancer now – did you not know? It didn’t used to do that for scientists thought it was the source of monosaccharide carbohydrates like glucose and fructose, which animal cells absolutely need in order to have the chemical potential energy to respire.

      But now the cancer bit is in the newspapers so it must be true. But they need to keep up the pressure (er, sorry….) so now it’s water too.

      • Julie near Chicago

        There’s no getting around it — living is getting deadlier every year. I’m positive that every hour we live brings us closer to death. In fact I’ve heard that everyone who breathes, dies! :>(((((

    • Julie near Chicago

      Oh, Ian, sugar is SO last year! You have to stay on top of these of things, see. They swore water is good for us, we need 8 8-oz glasses of the stuff — half a gallon! — every day. Then they turn around and say Oh wait, belay that, SALT! No more water for you!

      I should think they’d be happy. You drink all that carbon dioxide, it doesn’t heat up the planet, see? At least, not until you burp.