The Russophobes are out of ammo

by Don Hank

Our thanks to New Zealand Russophobe Trevor Louden for this message (below), which shows the true spirit of the Russophobes and the way they behave when their reserves of logic and reason are depleted. This is what anyone who opposes the political class and its war machine must endure. And they haven’t the least inkling that they are but pawns in a spiritual battle that has been ongoing for ages.

Ephesians 6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

This sort of attack always reminds me of those old kiddie westerns of the 50s where the good guy in the white outfit is shooting it out with the bad guy in black and the bad guy runs out of ammunition. Invariably, when the bad guy’s six shooter went ‘click,’ he would absurdly look down angrily at the six shooter as if it had betrayed him, and then hurl it in angry desperation toward the rock behind which the guy in white was hiding.

Last night I began an exchange with an editorialist who had written objectively about Putin but tried to establish that he had aspired to become another czar. I pointed out that Putin was really just being Russian and showed him why I thought so.

He responded that he was actually not anti-Putin but was afraid of what people might say if he sounded overly supportive.

This is a new form of political correctness and it is as dangerous as the old form.

This kind of fear is what allows the neocons carte blanche. This invisible wall against freedom of expression regarding ambitions of war must be broken down once and for all.

Now is the time to speak the truth and damn the consequences.

Here we are, headed into another of many predictable cycles since the 50s. If it goes as it did in the past, Obama fatique will lead us to elect another neocon to the White House, who will lead us into still another war that we will, as usual, not win and that will further deplete our resources. The BRICS countries will continue their relentless attack on the dollar, but with renewed effort. The war effort, led by central banks, the media, and unscrupulous politicians, will heat up and our boys will again be thrust into danger, this time to save a currency that these same evil people have destroyed, all by themselves, with no help from Russia or China, with Keynesian policies like bailouts of banks, QEs, bail-ins, financial Ponzi games, housing bubbles, subprime lending, and on and on ad infinitum. None of these disastrous policies were the fault of Russia, China or any other scapegoat nation. We are our own worst enemy and now we are at that desperate point in time when the last option for the wretched miscreants is war.

We will lose the war not because we lack the might but because the political class has lost so much of its credibility that we are rapidly coming up on a tipping point, and once critical mass is reached, there will be a backlash against the war mongers by We the People that they cannot control.

PS. Not sure who Axis Sally was.

Your thoughts?

7 responses to “The Russophobes are out of ammo

  1. Paul Marks

    The United States armed forces and the British armed forces have been in DECLINE for decades.

    Whether one measures this as a percentage of the budget, or percentage of GDP or (better) the actual number of fighting men, tanks, aircraft, warships and so on – both the American armed forces and the British armed forces are a pale shadow of what they were half a century ago.

    This decline looks set to continue.

    As for the Ukraine and Mr Putin.


    Russian culture is NOT about dancing round statutes of Lenin (and so on) and waving Soviet banners – and that is what the people trying to set pro Putin “People’s Republics” in Eastern Ukraine are trying to do.

    I do not think there is anything we can do anything about this (Ukraine is a terrible mess – and Putin’s armed forces and intelligence services are on the ground and have a massive advantage), but let us be honest about it.

    Does Don Hank have any idea how many millions of people were murdered in the Ukraine by the Soviets in the period after 1917?

    It is repulsive (utterly vile) for certain people to be dancing round statues of Lenin (and so on) and waving Soviet banners as they try to set up “People’s Republics” (with the covert backing of Putin’s military and FSB).

    Mr Putin is not even a sincere Marxist – in private (like so many KGB men) he, no doubt, sneers at these fools (and their friends in the West) as “shit eaters” – the sort of people who watch “Russia Today” and believe what they are told.

    However, even though Mr Putin (no doubt) sneers at Marxism privately – the fact that his supporters in certain areas of the Ukraine are dancing round the statues of monsters and waving the banners of evil, is not a good thing.

  2. Paul, communist Russia- the Soviet Union- is long gone. I don’t think there’s much enlightenment to be had from trying to hammer (and sickle? ;) the current situation into that model.

  3. Paul Marks

    Ian – you should tell that to the people that Putin is backing in the eastern parts of Ukraine. They are dancing around statures of Lenin (and other monsters) and waving Soviet banners.

    Also “Russia Today” (owned by Putin) is punching out Marxoid propaganda every day (without using the “M” word) the standard Marxist tropes – evil rich evil corporations, down with American Imperialism (just like Radio Moscow).

    Of course Putin himself does NOT believe any of the stuff his people are putting out – (you know the KGB slang term for people who actually believe the Marxoid propaganda is ….. eaters).

    Ironically the person who actually believes this stuff is Obama – but he dare not say so (because he would be impeached).

    So one side (Putin) is coming out with Marxist stuff they do NOT believe.

    And the other side (Obama) does believe it, but dare not say it (indeed has to formally OPPOSE it).

    Actually (now I come to think about it) if one ignores all the death and wounded – it is quite an amusing situation.

    But then war is often blood soaked FARCE.

  4. Paul Marks

    One could even make the case that Putin and Obama should swap jobs.

    Obama would be happy with stations like “Russia Today” (after all he actually believes this Marxist stuff – Putin does not) and leading the Red Legions in the Ukraine.

    And Putin (far more of a vicious gangster than a Marxist) would feel quite at home in Chicago (and Washington D.C).

    Instead Putin must support stuff he does not really believe in (otherwise he would lose the people he needs for expansion).

    And Obama has to oppose (perhaps strongly oppose) stuff he has believed in all his life (or be torn to pieces by people who have been waiting for years to say “we told you what he was…..”)

    A tragic – but also comic situation.

  5. Paul, they’re conservatives. They’ll dance around anything if it’s old enough.

  6. Paul Marks

    Ian – that was wonderful reply.

    I am not being sarcastic – it really was a wonderful reply.

  7. Thank you Paul :)