Congratulations to John Kersey

Yesterday, I attended a piano recital given at All Hallows by the Tower by John Kersey, our Director of Cultural Affairs. He played six pieces by Gabriel Fauré and the Symphony for Solo Piano by Charles Alkan. This isn’t music that I would normally listen to, and so I cannot compare his performance with any of the main recordings. But I will say that he played with astonishing force and spirit. The imperfections of the instrument he was given only emphasised the magnificence of his artistry. Of the music played, I most liked the Fauré Barcarolle No.4 in A flat major, and the second movement of the Alkan. But this is a personal preference. The whole performance was a memorable event.

I hope John will soon issue a recording.

3 responses to “Congratulations to John Kersey

  1. john warren

    I’m envious of you Sean.

    Being obliged to miss John’s recital was disappointing.

    I’m critical of both the instrument and instrumentalist too. Nevertheless, I’m above all filled with a genuine admiration for all those who are brave enough to take a deep breath and give it a go.

    I’m an accomplished applauder. Also no shy shouter and foot-stamper; when needed that is. Never stopping until I see whoever it is up there crack a smile. If a good performance happened to shine through, then that smile, for me, puts icing on my concert cake.

    Ah well, let’s hope there’s a next time to take it all in.

  2. Paul Marks

    I am not a cultured person myself – but I admire cultured people.

    Mr Kersey (and Sean Gabb) has shown that one does not have to be obsessed with politics all the time.