Nicholas Dykes: An Update

by Nicholas Dykes

Note: Our very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. SIG

Hi again, Sean,

As promised, some details: I had something called a subarachnoid haemorrhage, a rarish kind of stroke, at 6.30 am on Sunday 24 November, falling on the floor in front of my wife and making horrible noises. Happily she’s good in a crisis and with the help of a kindly neighbour had me in an ambulance pdq. I was taken first to Hereford, then to a new Hospital in Birmingham, the Queen E, where I was operated on next day. The NHS has its moments. I have handsome scar on my forehead, looks as though someone hit me with a axe.

I had 2 operations. Then I got pneumonia. Then I got an infection of the brain called ventriculitis. Some cheerful medic said I’m lucky to still be here. I was in and out of Intensive Care, five weeks in hospital altogether, then had to go back in again with a mini stroke called a TIA just a few days after being let out. Anyhow, I’m home again now and recovering slowly. I was weak as a kitten to begin with, slept a lot, and had great difficulty with my balance — very wobbly walking. Things are better now but my short-term memory is not too good. Happily, my speech is alright and I have not been left with any disabilities other than weakness, which should improve.

My poor wife Rachel had a miserable time for weeks, not knowing how I’d be from day to day and with tubes sprouting all over my body. As for me, I was largely unconscious and remember very little! When I first woke up and was told what had happened, all I said was: ‘what a bugger!’

In case anybody is interested, please could you put an informative note in an appropriate place on LA Forum.

I was just looking at some old copies of Free Life. I miss it. You guys did a good job.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Best, Nick

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  1. I am sure we all hope this gentleman makes a full recovery.