Iveta Bartošová RIP

I believe she has thrown herself under a railway train outside Prague. Every Czech and Slovak over the age of five is probably familiar with her recreation of the theme from Tři oříšky pro Popelku. Its composer, Karel Svoboda, shot himself in 2007. Soon, Prague will be entirely given over to various kinds of banker.

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  1. I thought Prague must have gone that way already. Surprised if it hasn’t. In 1990, even though you still had to queue past Rosa Kleb for a basket at that supermarket just on the west corner of Old Town Sq, and where a pair of skis cost 150 crowns, I spotted the first American hippies. That’s not to badmouth Americans, who as you know I love as a people, but their leftover leftoids come to have a picnic…? …no.

    Prague is lovely. I do hope it still is. I gather it is a stag party destination” now.
    And it is to be hoped that this is not a reflection upon terrifyingly beautiful, charming and nice young Moravian and Bohemian women, a few of whom I have known in excruciatingly nice circumstances, but merely a reflection on the high and sharpened tastes for good beer among young British males?

    I don’t know who this nice woman is/was, but perhaps Sean will elucidate.

    • /Tři oříšky pro Popelku /(1973) is the Czech version of the Cinderella story. It has a very funny script that tests my Czech to breaking point. The music was by Karel Svoboda, and the high point is the ballroom scene, which involves an astonishing parody of a renaissance dance tune.

      The film is a Christmas favourite all through Central Europe, and is known in German as /Drei Nussen fur Aschenbrodel/. The main theme was made into a song for Iveta Bartošová. It remains very popular. Sadly, she fell on hard times a few years ago because of an excessive fondness for the bottle. Her husband says she was hounded to her death by a Czech media that seems to have become as crap as our own.

      Of course, both film and song are absolutely unknown in this country. The film contains neither explicit sex nor a masked slasher. As for the song, it’s in 3/4 time, and is unsuitable for dancing to while high on drink and ecstasy.

      • Oh dear. Nothing was told to me in Moravia about this matter, but I suppose it was some time ago now. (20 years, Sean? More maybe.) We seemed there to spend the time drinking and skiing, and then drinking, and, er, ummm, drinking and eating, and, er, so on.
        She was probably only a little girl then.

        I’ll have to look it up. It’s the sort of thing I’d understand and like.

        You know, I found a good bistro in Stribro on the main drag from Rozvadov into Prague, where if you timed your German “night-crossing” right in the night, you could get double Becherovkas and coffee and fried egg and stuff at about 6.30 am, at any time of the year. And you could park right outside. (Remember the “black Vauxhall!?? They loved it, specially in Brno, sometimes an occasional old fella would shout “Winston Churchill!” … You wouldn’t like that though, would you…oh, never mind!)

        Do you still drive there? I think I would be too old and tired for that now. Need a Range-Rover HSE-sport automatic if I was to do it again.

  2. Sorry to hear of her death–she was very beautiful. Starring in a fairy-tale does not, alas, mean that life will be one.

  3. Very sad news about the lady and about the composer. As for Prague – my fellow gateman at the local park says it is a wonderful city (he visited last year) and that I should make the effort to go.