Latest Tory Law: Go to Jail for not Loving your Children

by Stewart Cowan

Latest Tory Law: Go to Jail for not Loving your

Future scenario…This poor child feels unloved after being refused a skateboard and is considering suing his parents for emotional distress because all his friends have one.

H/T to Anna Raccoon for news of this incredible new law about to benefit lawyers soon, whereby parents will face up to ten years in prison if they fail to love their children. As Anna writes,

This will set off a maelstrom of judicial activity, trying to define what exactly is ‘love’. Mr Buckland, who is, of course, a Barrister, would have known that. Jobs for British workers eh?

I found it hard to believe, so I had to double check after I had done a double-take and sure enough,

Parents who starve their children of love and affection face prosecution under a “Cinderella Law”, The Telegraph can disclose.

Anna informs us that it could get even more bizarre, nay unworkable,

‘Scape-goating’ a child is also to be made a criminal offence. Now ‘scape-goating’, for the benefit of Mr Buckand, is helpfully defined as the practice of singling out a person for ‘unmerited blame’. T’would be wise to only have one child in future – for to tell little Johnny that you don’t actually care which of his siblings left all the bingo balls at the bottom of the stairs, he WILL go and pick them all up before Grand-ma breaks her flippin’ neck, is likely to result in a swift call to Slater & “are you being scape-goated, we can help” Moron.

As all recent UK Governments have been following the Fabian agenda of family destruction as the only possible route to a totally socialist state, coupled with the ‘family planning’ eugenics to reduce the population, perhaps this is yet another arrow in their quiver?

Just when you thought it was impossible to concoct a law arguably more stupid than all the thousands of stupid laws which have gone before in recent years. This one again via a ‘Conservative’ MP, Robert Buckland.

robert buckland

Robert Buckland MP. He has ears – just – but what’s in between them?

Or maybe, it’s yet another method of gaining access to other people’s families.

“Children’s rights” is a term which sounds wonderful, but is in reality a way of removing parental rights and giving them to the State.

Peter Tatchell talks about “children’s sexual rights” so add the two together and one day soon, mum and dad (or both ‘mums’, both ‘dads’ or to borrow from Boris Johnson, “three men and a dog”), will get arrested for not allowing their 12 year old to sleep around.

You can imagine the ‘judge’ of the future declaring, “This degree of cruelty cannot go unpunished. I sentence both/all the parents to the maximum prison term allowable, being as it is at present, a paltry ten years. The dog shall be impounded in kennels for the rest of its natural life”.

It’s barking mad.

P.S. When can I marry my dog?

11 responses to “Latest Tory Law: Go to Jail for not Loving your Children

  1. The BBC (hardly a libertarian source) reported this idea as parents “failing to show affection for their children” being guilty of a crime.

    If that is accurate reporting (never certain with the BBC) then Stewart Cowen is right – it is mad, barking mad.

  2. Well yes, this is insane and lethal to liberty, parents and the family. But Stewart’s implication that- in the current paedohysteria- somehow it will be interpreted as a right for the underage to sleep around is antipodal to reality.

    Anyhoo, the actual intended law as reported is so vague as to cover pretty much anything that a parent does that is not approved of by the progressivist sharia. Apparently, it will inclide anything that affects their “social, emotional or behavioural development”. Literally anything then. It could certainly apply, for instance, to parents who disapprove of homosexuality, to name a current hot potato topic. Basically, it’s a license for a gaggle of social workers, therapists and lawyers to sit in arbitrary judgement of any parent in the kingdom.

    Welcome back, my friends, to the Star Chamber.

  3. Concerned Briton

    Society is slowly collapsing after decades of ‘liberal’ dogma has come to bear fruit.

    The hipsters and revolutionaries of the past have failed to create their utopia and only served to make a society that is sick with selfishness, sick with greed, sick with self gratification, sick with no moral worth, no self control and no authority structures in the family or society.

    In this situation, they try and prop it up and enforce it through laws which are absolutely unbelievable and a travesty to ever be thought required in the first place!

    I have not seen much about this, I only heard it mentioned on the radio news the other day. I am sure some issues about it are being delivered in a very vague way, particularly by the BBC I would guess.

    For example, regarding the “scapegoating” (defined as the practice of singling out a person for ‘unmerited blame’) is not really going to be about “little Johnny” leaving toys at the bottom of the stairs…..

    …….no, it is rather going to be “little Abebe” being kicked within an inch of their life, slashed with knives in baths of cold water, burnt with scolding irons, and blamed for all the misfortunes of the family because they are “posessed” and are indeed “the devil”.

    I will chalk that particular aspect up to another wonder of vibrancy, tolerance and diversity we have to enjoy in Britain today. We have so much to be thankful for.

  4. Why do all theses MPs get such ghastly photos of themselves? Looking like avuncular senior family members, while privately shutting the doors on the gas-chamber cattle-trucks. From the outside.

    And why is their choice of ties always so bad?

  5. It is all this “I love you” crap made compulsory.

    All this “you are special, you could grow up to be Prime Minister” crap.

    A traditional British upbringing is cold and distant – and rightly so.

    We are NOT special – our lives will NOT be wonderful.

    One should not fill the head of a child with a lot of lovey-dovey nonsense.

    It is lethal – it leads to nothing but suffering when the child grows up.

    • Our PT teacher in prep school, Mr Roberts, who’d been a Marine sergeant in the War, and who also taught us maths and scripture, used to shriek at us doing “The 180-yard dash” – “Come on, men! Life’s a bugger, and then you die!”

      He taught me to climb ropes, fast, and get down again nimbly. I tried recently between bouts of arthritis, and I can still do it, kind of.

      We didn’t mind: just grateful to reach the end of the field, puffing and panting exhaustedly. I learned many years later that he’d left to become ordained as a priest.

      At the time, we didn’t think he loved anybody – let alone us. But it just goes to show.

  6. Simon Maxwell

    I understand Scotland recently introduced a law giving the state power to interfere in how parents raise their children.

    All children in Scotland will be appointed a ‘guardian’. Presumably if these ‘guardians’ don’t approve of how parents are raising their children, the parents will be reported by these ‘guardians’ to social services.

  7. And who will guard the guardians?

  8. I am wondering how long it will take for it to become illegal to break somebody’s heart.