Rowan Williams Warns of Climate Catastrophe

by Stewart Cowan

Rowan Williams Warns of Climate Catastrophe


In case you’d forgotten what he looks like.

Just what does a former Archbishop of Canterbury do to stay in the limelight? This one, who wasn’t a Christian as far as I could make out; he was more of a Druid; a Pagan, that I could see, joins a populist bandwagon, guaranteed to make him headline news.

This was the leading article on the Telegraph’s website this morning, Rowan Williams warns of climate catastrophe. The MSM has to keep the myth of ‘global warming’ alive so we sign up to treaties to deindustrialise and become impoverished to aid in global governance.

This is the importance Rowan Williams gives to Christianity and scripture,

The next Archbishop of Canterbury was inducted as an honorary white druid yesterday at an open-air ceremony in Wales reminiscent of a scene from a Monty Python sketch.

Dr Rowan Williams, dismissing suggestions that he was dabbling in paganism, joined blue-hooded druids ranked behind a golden harp to be admitted into the Welsh Gorsedd of Bards.

A trumpet fanfare and a 6ft sword being sheathed and unsheathed launched the ceremony at the National Eisteddfod in St David’s, Pembrokeshire. Dr Williams, standing in a circle of stones, wore a long white cloak and headdress.

As he accepted the honour, he clutched the hands of Dr Robyn Lewyes, the chief druid of Wales, between microphones entwined with ivy.

Rowan Williams was as effective an Archbishop as I could imagine Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr Bean’ would have been. At least Bean showed signs of intelligence, such as when he got when late for his dental appointment.

But what more can you expect from a Blair-appointee than a climate con fanatic?

According to Williams, the recent UK floods were all the fault of us ‘rich’ folk in the West. Nothing to do with the EU banning us from effectively controlling the land like our forebears had during previous centuries. Oh, no. No mention of the ‘rich’ people having the resources to control the land (given half a chance). But nowadays, rodents, insects and bats have more rights than people in some areas.

The floods in Britain and weather-related “catastrophes” in the poorest countries on Earth, he insists, are the clearest indications yet that predictions of “accelerated warming of the Earth” caused by “the uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels … are coming true”.

But the UN says that the planet hasn’t been warming for the past fifteen years!

But once you’re on a speeding bandwagon – and receiving the attention you crave – you don’t want to jump off and hurt yourself.

The Telegraph actually adds some balance, when the reporter writes,

Climate change sceptics argue that if the planet is warming up, it is not clear that it is because of the actions of man. They point out errors in previous IPCC reports and accuse the global warming industry of ratcheting up the risks of climate change, which have subsequently led to the cripplingly expensive introduction of green energy policies.

Well, quite. Ah…

But Dr Williams, who quit as leader of the Anglican Church just over a year ago, writes: “We have heard for years the predictions that the uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels will lead to an accelerated warming of the Earth. What is now happening indicates that these predictions are coming true; our actions have had consequences that are deeply threatening for many of the poorest communities in the world.

“What is now happening?” What is now happening has always been happening: storms and floods and the warming and cooling of the earth.

Does he imagine that manmade CO2 was responsible for the Flood in Noah’s day, I wonder?

Dr Williams, writing in his capacity as chairman of Christian Aid, said that the winter storms that battered Britain had brought climate change to the fore in this country…

It brought our subservience to Brussels to the fore. As for ‘Christian Aid’, when considering whether to donate to them, I emailed them a few years ago to ask their position on contraception and indeed they are part of the machinery involved in flooding Africa with condoms. Now, the eugenicist Gates’s are spending $billions on ‘family planning’ (with UK taxpayers’ help, for some reason). Dan Hannan wrote in 2011,

A few weeks ago, during Christian Aid Week, I contributed a small sum through a church auction to what I imagined to be that organization’s main work, viz the alleviation of poverty. Shortly afterwards, Christian Aid started badgering me on the issue of climate change. Surprised, I looked at its website, where I found that, rather than building schools or distributing medicines, Christian Aid is mainly interested in lobbying against free trade.

It is, of course, perfectly reasonable – admirable, indeed – to campaign for causes that you deem important. I just wonder how many donors to Christian Aid are making the mistake that I made, believing that they are contributing to charitable rather than political activity.

This latest article continues,

Dr Williams goes on to attack global warming sceptics and climate change deniers. “There are of course some who doubt the role of human agency in creating and responding to climate change, and who argue that we should direct our efforts solely to adapting to changes that are inevitable, rather than modifying our behaviour,” says Dr Williams.

We have been modifying our behaviour, industrially. Our factories have been closing, some under the pressure of ‘green’ taxes and the burden of legislation, only to reopen in the Far East, where environmental considerations are low and the goods are transported here on enormously polluting cargo ships and sometimes by air.

Rising temperatures will also affect food production and security in parts of Asia with a fall in rice yields caused by a shorter growing period.

Actually, were temperatures really rising, the amount of agricultural land would increase, as there is more land in more northerly latitudes. Imagine the tundras of Canada, Alaska, Russia and Scandinavia being available for farming – and the climate con men actually agree,

The IPCC report will say that northern parts of Asia will benefit from warmer temperatures, however, leading to increased production of wheat and other cereals.

So if the planet does start warming again (although there seems to be an increasing number of scientists predicting another ice age), the cotton can be grown in more northerly regions and the Indian subcontinent, for example, can expand their textile manufacturing. It would also mean more land would be available down there for food crops to feed the billions of people in southern Asia.

But these Greenies just don’t seem to get it. The planet isn’t warming and even if it starts (or restarts) it isn’t necessarily down to man (during the past recorded warm periods man wasn’t to blame/thank), but even if it is manmade, transferring our industry to far away places and shipping the goods to the West is adding to carbon emissions, not reducing them.

With all the proven lies and disinformation from the carbon cowboys, how obvious is it that it is just another con to induce hysteria to help bring about global governance to ‘save the planet’?

4 responses to “Rowan Williams Warns of Climate Catastrophe

  1. Climate change? My corner of South East England has, at various times in its history, been a tropical jungle or buried under a layer of ice half a mile thick.
    What HAS changed over the last couple of hundred years is the speed of communication. Today, wherever in the world there are floods or storms or whatever, it is flashed around the world in an instant. Two hundred years ago, such news would have reached us via mariners’ tales, weeks, months or years after the event. Many natural disasters we would never have heard about at all.
    Today, even the ‘news’papers don’t carry news; you will have seen it the day before on tv or heard it on the radio or via the magic of cyber-space.

  2. David McDonagh

    A pagan is just someone who lives in a village. When the Christians made a lot of progress in converting people they made the boast that only remote pagans were not yet Christians but since then it has been taken as a religious outlook when it only meant that they had yet to get round to the villages but had converted all, or nearly all, in the towns. The Druids shunned even the villages, I recall. The Earth was flooded in response to human sin in Noah’s time according to the Bible, so Williams might see that at one with what he says rather than contrary to it as suggested here.  The assumption that government can better deal with any Green wolf, if ever one should show up. Is not very clear. Politics is wasteful and more waste hardly aids any problem.


  3. Ah Rowen Wiilliams – “I am not a Druid – I just attended a few ceremonies”.

    Well if he is really concerned about C02 emissions…….

    Perhaps Mr Williams will campaign against the spider’s web of government regulations that do NOT make nuclear power safer (rather the contrary – one example is that the staff at Three Mile Island in Penn in 1979 could not see the red lights on their panels because there were so many government notices, and cardboard “safety” labels, stuck everywhere that seeing the red lights was physically obstructed) and make it vastly more expensive. Thus pushing people back to hyrdocarbons (“sun and wind” being a lot of …….).

    Also Mr Williams could campaign against the regulations that drive manufacturing out of the West (such as the West Midlands) all the way to China. Meaning that the goods are produced in China (and the Chinese factories produce MORE C02 per unit of output than the Western ones) and are then shipped all the way back to Europe and North America (thus producing even more C02).

    Short version?

    If you want to reduce C02 emissions – get rid of the “environmental” (health-and-safety) regulations.

  4. Mr McDonagh – ‘Pagan’ as in the French ‘Paysanne’ – same word.