Next Novel by Sean Gabb – any help on improving this blurb appreciated

aaaaThe Break
by Sean Gabb
Copyright Sean Gabb 2014
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No one knows what caused The Break eleven months ago, but there’s no sign of its end.

England is settling into its new future as a reindustrialising concentration camp. The rest of the world is watching… waiting… curious…

It’s Wednesday the 7th March 2018 – in the mainland UK. Everywhere else, it’s some time in June 1065.

Jennifer thinks her family survived The Hunger because of their smuggling business – tampons and paracetamol to France, silver back to England. Little does she know what game her father was really playing, as she recrosses the Channel from an impromptu mission of her own. Little can she know how her life has already been torn apart.

Who has taken Jennifer’s parents? Where are they? What is the Home Secretary up to with the Americans? Why is she so desperate to lay hands on Michael? Will Jesus Christ return to Earth above Oxford Circus? When will the “Doomsday Project” go live?

Can the Byzantine Empire and the Catholic Church take on the British State, and win?

All will be answered – if Jennifer can stay alive in a post-apocalyptic London terrorised by hunger, by thugs in uniform, and by motorbike gangs of Islamic suicide bombers.

From Reviews of Other Novels by Sean Gabb

“Vivid characters, devious plotting and buckets of gore are enhanced by his unfamiliar choice of period. Nasty, fun and educational.”
(Daily Telegraph)

“He knows how to deliver a fast-paced story and his grasp of the period is impressively detailed.”
(Mail on Sunday)

“A rollicking and raunchy read . . . Anyone who enjoys their history with large dollops of action, sex, intrigue  and, above all, fun will absolutely love this novel.”
(Historical Novels)

“It would be hard to over-praise this extraordinary series, a near-perfect blend of historical detail and atmosphere  with the plot of a conspiracy thriller, vivid characters, high philosophy and vulgar comedy.”
(Matt Coward, The Morning Star)

15 responses to “Next Novel by Sean Gabb – any help on improving this blurb appreciated

  1. Americans? In 1065?

  2. Is it available as an actual book as opposed to electro-gabble (electro-GABBle?)?

    BTW Sean–do you have a schedule of your forthcoming speaking appearances posted anywhere?. I will be visiting the south on a number of martial arts odysseys over the next few months and I think perhaps it would be interesting to attend a live speech. I hope you will be speaking outside London as I hate the place and won’t set foot in it.

    • It will be a hard copy book, on the 2nd June 2014. As for speaking, I have nothing planned for the next few months, but will tell you if that changes.

  3. Jesus Christ, I really really want to read that.

    Sean I don’t know what you’re smoking but could you do it some more?

  4. Minor quibble since you asked for opinions, but I think you’ve got two superfluous occurrences of “by” in the last sentence. It reads more smoothly without.

  5. Concerned Briton

    Just one slight nag with the preamble….

    It may be different down in London, but where I live here ‘ooop north’ (which is 30% Pakistani/Bangladeshi Muslim in my town), I have never, ever, to my knowledge, seen an identifiable Muslim on a motorbike.

    In that way, it is like you never really see Asian butterfly collectors, tree bark and brass rubbers, bird watchers (of the feathered variety), litter pickers, duck feeders, gardeners, acrobats, buskers, and other kinds of quaint things.

    Okay, we don’t tend to have that many butterfly collectors and tree rubbers of our own these days….and no doubt there are Muslim versions of all the above somewhere, if one was to look hard enough….

    …..but something just jars with the notion of Muslim gangs on motorbikes, particularly if they are out in their usual dress codes (which fanatics would tend to be, I suppose) – clothing which I suspect would be highly dangerous around moving parts lol.

    Muslim gangs on annoying quad bikes ignoring all the rules of the road? Perhaps. We do have some of those.

    Muslims in pimped-up low wheeled rides that are said (by some) to be bought with drug money and grooming? Yes. We have seen and suspected some of those from time to time.

    (When they are under 30, live in a terrace worth about £56,000 on a run down street and also drive a second hand Bentley worth about £129,000, to some people, well, something seems amiss with the picture anyway, whether innocently accrued or a ‘shared’ asset between relatives or friends, or not).

    Muslims in battered old Datsun’s, Micra’s and Astra’s with Islamic inscribed CDs and beads dangling from the rear view mirror? Yeah, without a doubt.

    But motorbikes?….. Nope. Not seen many of them on those in the last 20 years.

    As I say, maybe it is different in other parts of the country and maybe I need to get out more!

    I suppose it would work in theory for London, seeing as I get the impression it would be quicker to get around on one and less expensive.

    Anyway, it is of course fiction and anything is possible. If it fits to the storyline and is written as believable, I am sure it would be fine. I am just being extremely fussy and cynical!

    Sounds like quite a mad book, in a good kind of way.

    • Thanks, but my Moslems are on motorbikes. It is, by the way, a very good read. It may even be the best one I’ve written.

      • Concerned Briton

        On reflection, my comment was a quite rude and also quite unnecessary.

        I should have just kept my cynicism (and depression about things) to myself. Apologies, Sean.

        It is an interesting theme/situation for a book, on many levels. It sounds like a winner concept, and I wish you every success with it. Hell, I think I may even buy a copy!

        (Coming from a northerner, that isn’t stated lightly!!).

        I am not a big reader of fiction, I haven’t read any for a long time – but maybe it is time I made a fresh start with some and spent a little time away from the usual news/political items.

        Is it in any way tied to the other books as part of the “England Trilogy”? Only, I haven’t read the Churchill Memorandum yet…..

        Going of the preamble for the latter, I don’t believe it is (otherwise London wouldn’t be in the state it is in today, as suggested in the preamble for this new one)…….but I wouldn’t wish to prematurely rush to conclusions about, well, the conclusion of the first book.

        I do value that you are coming out with these books and these kinds of themes, as there are too few at it on this kind of side of the ideological/political fence.

        That would be the day when somebody like the BBC picked up some of these stories and made them into a cutting edge series or feature film, but knowing them, they would only spoil it and twist it beyond the books original intentions.

        Good luck with it, and the others in the series, both past, present and future…(pardon the pun).


  6. Mass migration to an empty New Zealand?

  7. It’s brilliant, I am about 5/8ths of the way through, judging by chapter numbers, and I almost don’t want it to end, it’s such a hoot and a grand rollicking read.