Toine Manders Arrested

I have just heard that Toine Manders, Head of of the Dutch Libertarian Party, was arrested at the end of January. He has apparently not been charged with any offence, but is being held in isolation, and his detention has been extended to or by a further 90 days.

The reason informally given for his arrest is his involvement in a company that helps Dutch entrepreneurs avoid their local corporation taxes by registering in England.

I have no further information. I am, of course, very disturbed by this news. Whatever a government does to one libertarian may be taken as an attack on all libertarians. I will follow this case to the best of my ability, and will follow up this post with further information. SIG

3 responses to “Toine Manders Arrested

  1. Sad news.

  2. There is a FB page set up for Toine under the name “Free Toine Manders’. Please find it here:

  3. Yes – charge this man, or let him go. “Deliver the body” (alive and unharmed) as we used to say in Britain.