Opium: A Doctor Writes

The fun starts on p.20

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  1. Opium makes you feel good and be happy. No WONDER the do-gooder welfare states of the world always ban it! Joyous folks don’t make for good slaves.

  2. Dear Sean, I have catapulted off my bike when the handlebar stem snapped in Twickenham High Street in the rush hour.Please can you send me a tincture or Laudinum in a large bottle to alleviate the pain.This doctor you advertise will probably have some over the counter instead of on prescription.Litres of benylin are having little effect.The Doctor at Pharmacology rates laudinum as a curer of all ills including erectile disfunction,third world curses,and educational incompetence.He maintains some of the finest poetry and romanticism was written by Mary Shelley while consuming pints of the stuff while on the Grand Tour.Other classics like Jekyll and Hyde flowed out of the classic novelists quill while horizontal on their sick beds, puffing opiun from clay pipes and setting the bed alight. Opium dens have now been privatised and are now called smoking shelters with new transparency or clear plastic sheeting.You can now see the victims inside kettled voluntarily into cattle pens while gas is pumped into the shelters.Details have recently emerged from Clacton as 30 foot waves breached the sea defences of railway sleepers. Regards Stan

    • Dr Jones would surely write you a prescription.

    • Hey that’s good. But you can now grow opium yourself by buying special poppy seeds locally grown from your poppyseedbun-supplier, you know, the kind they ruin after putting them on the buns by burning said buns in ovens,, and then crushing and smoking the resultant substances.

  3. The myth of the evil opium dens was another fabricated moral panic by the equivalent of the Daily Mail tendency, but you probably all knew that already.

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      • From now on, as a means of underhandedly implying support for my contentions by authority, I shall note that each of my comments has been approved by Dr Sean Gabb.

        -This comment approved by Dr Sean Gabb

        • Or by David Davis, depending on who bothers to look in the spam trap.

          Changing the subject back, I wonder if the mass of errata Dr Jones mentions in his book were caused by a physician’s attempt to heal himself?

  4. Nobody mentions this stuff is highly addictive. That is the problem.