Stop Complaining While I’m Assaulting You, You Bully

by Dick Puddlecote

Stop Complaining While I’m Assaulting You, You Bully As demands from the out-of-control Marxists in public health lobby become ever more ludicrous and obscene, resistance and anger has also increased. So a new tactic has been in evidence of late.

THE tobacco industry is ready to sue the Scottish Government for up to £500 million in damages if plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes go ahead.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said: “I hope the Scottish Government are not intimidated by these bullies.”

Bullies? Says a man involved with the organised criminal cartel which steals our income and spends it on bossing us all around?

In the same week, an identical twist of logic is being rolled out by Alcohol Focus Scotland to defend minimum alcohol pricing.

Save 300 Scottish lives a year: end your legal battle against the Scottish people’s decision to set a healthy alcohol price.

Diageo and friends: you are putting your profits before people’s lives.This is bullying, motivated by pure greed and it is costing us dear.

Until you and the other booze barons stop your undemocratic and lethal court challenges, we are mounting a nationwide boycott of your products.

So minimum pricing is the people’s decision now, is it? So therefore objections are undemocratic? And there we were all believing that it is a prime duty of the court system to hold government to account for its abuses – which minimum pricing quite likely is under EU law.

Only in the utterly insane world of public health tax-spongers can an unelected body with huge power – financed by taxation the vast majority of the public don’t realise is being given to them for the express purpose of brow-beating the public – accuse others of being undemocratic bullies.

Only the most delusional of vile hypocritical puritans can possibly advocate starving popular businesses of cash for simply exercising their right to challenge government in a court of law, yet somehow not realise that this is the very definition of bullying. Only the most astoundingly hypocritical moron can pervert reality by ignoring the true people’s decision made every day by consumers freely purchasing the products that public health lobbyists despise. And only the most disgusting of politicians can define a business exercising its right to challenge and therefore test perceived bad law through the courts as a bully.

It’s like the playground Gripper Stebson demanding teacher exclude his victim for answering back.

There are no superlatives of disgust which adequately describe these putrid totalitarian slugs.LlyX5nMw304

One response to “Stop Complaining While I’m Assaulting You, You Bully

  1. It is indeed demented (and-or evil) for self defence to be called “bullying” – the bullies are the state.

    Sadly this inverted view of what freedom and bullying are has a long history in radical “liberal” circles (especially in Scotland – but in England also).

    Sir William Hamilton (two centuries ago) attacked the independence of the (not tax funded) University of Edinburgh in the name of “freedom” – because the members of the university has committed the terrible crime of not obeying him (Hamilton) in who they elected to Professor Chairs.

    James Mill and his son J.S. Mill screamed endlessly about freedom but this turned out to be the “freedom” to use taxes and regulations to steal privately owned land (shades of Thomas Paine) and to set up departments of paid civil servants (under the guidance of their master Jeremy Bentham) to control every aspect of economic life.. After all economic freedom is not a moral matter (or so says “On Liberty”) and regulations on sellers are different from regulations on buyers of a product (why?).

    Over time the good (and there was some good) from the early 19th century Radicals has declined and the bad side of their thinking has prospered. Not only can one trace back Bentham back the Bowood Circle and from them to Sir William Petty, Thomas Hobbes and Sir Francis Bacon, with all the mocking hated of traditional liberties, but one can trace the followers of Bentham. such as J.S Mill (with his fundamental error that there was a “distribution” problem – with business owners getting too much and “the workers” getting too little) to the Fabians and other modern horrors – such as the Liberal Democrats.

    As long as a business does not use force or fraud it is not the affair of the state.

    That may be an “Old Whig” view – but it is also the truth.