Incompetent scientists trapped in Antarctic ice

by Rodney Atkinson

“Scientists” who believe in man made global warming and the tourists who believed them ventured on the good ship Akademik Schokalsky to the Antarctic at the warmest time of the year got trapped in the ice. Warnings of large increases in Antarctic sea ice have been well documented since 2007!!). A chinese ship which went to rescure them got trapped in the ice.

  • In he mid 1960s, ITT built a power transmission line in Antarctica. The transmission towers stood 115 feet tall.
  • all but the top 30 feet of the towers are now buried in ice.
  • And the crane used to build the towers will soon be totally covered by ice.
  • Not only are the power transmission towers being buried, so are the Antarctic research stations themselves.
  • The old Byrd Station has been shut down because it is buried beneath 40 to 50 feet of ice and snow and is slowly being crushed.
  • The old South Pole station is also buried beneath the ice.
  • So is the old Siple station.
  • The current South Pole station is also slowly being buried. A new station is now being built on top of the ice to replace it.

The Antarctic holds 90% of the earth’s ice. So it is not a bad indication of what is really happening.

One response to “Incompetent scientists trapped in Antarctic ice

  1. I do not know whether to be pleased that the global warming theory seems to be false, or scared that we may be heading to a new ice age.

    However, even before recent events I was concerned that most warmists (with some honourable exceptions such as James Lovelock) were ANTI nuclear power.

    If someone sincerely believed that CO2 was a deadly threat they would be wildly in favour of nuclear power (sorry be windmills are not going to replace hydrocarbons), yet most “environmentalists” are fanatically against nuclear power (and are driving it out of Germany and so on).