Well, this is it, I suppose – 2014: a whole hundred years since everything turned to crap.

3 responses to “2014

  1. Yup. 4th August was I think the Last Day of The Old World.

  2. …and the British government’s plan for 2014 is:

    To follow orders handed down by their masters in Europe by borrowing yet more cash from international bankers so that benefits can be paid to numberless immigrants. People who we know hardly at all but are obliged nevertheless, under EU rules, to place absolute faith in.

    Naturally it would not seem proper to count how many enters this country, and why should we anyway when the British government is prepared to borrow whatever cash is needed to support them. Support their children too it seems because, unbelievably, they’re actually allowed to claim for kids left back at home. I wonder what’s the highest number any immigrant to this country in recent years has ever risked claiming for… three, five or ten? It would be interesting to know.

    Anyway, one million arriving here or five times that number hardly matters. For the moment, the UK’s credit remains good.

    It was reported yesterday (I know we can’t always rely on things being reported but even that’s better than tight lips from ministers) that in spite of extra flights, trains and buses being laid on for Bulgarian and Romanian travellers wishing to reach the UK, no seats are left available until 9th of January 2014. Some of the seats, many with bums in them right now, have apparently cost circa £300 each. However, when those lasses and lads officially sign-on you can bet many will be declaring themselves broke. Especially the girls already with child.

    Of course how can those people be blamed for taking advantage of complacent, dull-witted fools the likes of Cameron and Clegg? After all we’re all capitalists now and capitalism works best that way.

    Will serious violence break out again in 2014 however, and if it doesn’t, what year would be your best guess? Things simply can’t go on the way they are. Or have I missed something?

    Apart from that… have a ‘Happy New Year’ everyone out there who’s made 2013 a better year for me. The thought of what sort of future lies ahead for my country genuinely scares me half to death. Too often words placed on this site by so many witty and often wise men have lifted the gloom.

    David Davies, John Kersey, Ian B, David Webb, Sean Gabb… oh and a dozen others at least. My humble thanks to you all for helping to keep me a little healthier in the head.