Laus Deo!

New novel just finished in first draft – 8,000 words since noon today. Mrs Gabb says I need a rest from fiction. I agree. Revisions aside, no more till next summer. Oh, but it’s finished!

13 responses to “Laus Deo!

  1. It is with some trepidation that I say this, but shouldn’t it be ‘Laus Dei’?

  2. Congratulations on finishing your book.

  3. Exciting to hear! Is it science fiction?

  4. Sean I thought the dative was ‘dei’ and the ablative ‘deo’. I used to be extremely good at Latin, but it is almost half a century since I studied it. I presume my memory is at fault on this one?

  5. Thank you for correcting me Sean.

  6. Marcus ambulat in via. Canis est somethingorother.