Lots of global warming in evidence in Jerusalem right now

By Mustela nivalis

“The heaviest December snowstorm in at least 50 years blanketed parts of Israel, including Jerusalem into Friday, cutting power, stranding travelers, and putting the Holy City on lockdown.” Continue reading, and see photos, here.

Incidentally, I visited Majorca for the first time in my life in February last year. When I woke up on my first morning there, it had snowed. Hotel staff told me it was the first time it had snowed there in 20 years, and the first time in 50 years that the snow had settled. I traveled up the mountains to the Valldemossa monastery where Chopin had spent some time (I took a selfie with my brand new selfie-capable phone next to the Chopin statue there). On the way there, I saw people going berserk. They were building snowmen, placing them on their car bonnets (!) and driving them to their lower altitude home gardens.

6 responses to “Lots of global warming in evidence in Jerusalem right now

  1. The Orthodox Churches look best in Jerusalem when it snows.

    I know that reveals me to be a person of “vulgar” “chocolate box” tastes – but there we are.

  2. I had a load of lovely scary chats signed up to post by their web addresses, and then the phone rang and I pressed the wrong button.

    I cannot be fagged to get them back again, but you all know what they are anyway.

  3. I have a “mobile telephonic device” which is only capable of telephone calls. I also have an exuberant waxed moustache and ride around in a horse and buggy, Some call me “old fashioned”, but at least that which I pen in longhand as I promenade in my horse drawn conveyance is not erased by a chance communication from a friend. Admittedly, this is partly because I have no friends and my voice transmission contraption rarely activates- unless it is a person from our Indian imperial possession requesting that I consider another “contract”- but the principle I think is sound nonetheless.

    As to snow, it always converts me instantly back into a seven year old in terms of behaviour. When it is forecast I can barely tear myself away from the windows.

    As to “chocolate boxy”, most great art is. That’s why the modernists deride it. Illustration of the aesthetically pleasing is the great purpose of art. They’re currently trying to bring Norman Rockwell’s memory down, by insinuating his lack of illustrations of sexy women, his excellence at painting children (among all his other subjects) and one diary entry admiring an assistant’s smart new trousers, mean he must have been a homosexual paedophile.


    This is what you get these days for being a white male who was good at something, and admired. They will do whatever they can to bring you down. I hope Paul won’t be too offended if I note that, with crushing predictability, the attacker is a talentless New York JAP.

  4. What is wrong (culturally) with the Japanese?

    The attacks on Norman Rockwell are indeed predictable (going for years). As were the attacks on Frank Salisbury (the great 20th century English portrait painter) – even the house he had built was attacked (“Hollywood Tudor” according to that absurd man N.P. – who never created a work of art in his life).

    I remember the Sunday Telegraph magazine once had a good article on a sculptor – the man who created the statutes at the Vietnam memorial.

    He could not get into any art school (because of his traditionalist opinions) – and had to see old men to help him learn his skills.

    The young lady who created the wall at the Vietnam memorial asked if the plaster hurt the models – she was not joking, the lady really thought that he had covered some men with plaster to get a mould.

    The idea that someone could carve human figures with their own hands – did not occur to her.

    We have gone from the rejection of culture (the vile modernist critics who have been messing up every art for a century) – to a rising generation who have no idea what culture is.

    People who could paint canvas so that it looked like a person?

    Or could carve a rock so it appeared to be a person?

    Impossible! No human being could do such a thing!

    As with music…….

    The only way to make more of an impression with music (so the young believe) it to make it LOUDER – to beat the drum more.

    People such a Bach and Mozart had other ways of making an impression – but these ways are now alien to the young (and the not so young)

    Not that I am a cultured person – I am not.

    I am a barbarian – I know it and admit it.

    But I do admire civilisation – and I regret its passing.

  5. Julie near Chicago

    Huh! Paul, your sculptor’s name wasn’t by any chance “Howard Roark”? –No, guess not. Wrong field.

    Um…I always enjoyed Mr. Rockwell’s work. But please don’t tell anyone, I’m so ashamed.

    A couple of thoughts prompted by the article….

    You know, I’ve known lots of people who love children, and I’ve even come to understand that the majority of humans do. If so, pædophilia is no disgrace. (Whereas one type of pathological pædophilia–so-called–is rightly regarded as criminal if acted upon.) A pox on Krafft-Ebing and the horse he rode in on. If he meant child-molester, he should have said so instead of vandalizing ancient Greek!

    On the other hand, I’m heartened to read that Mr. Rockwell may have been gay. He certainly deserves to have been, in view of the delight and cheer he’s brought to the millions of us who enjoy his work. His stuff positively exudes a sense of gaiety!

    (It would take some hard evidence, though, to convince me that the artist was homosexual, since the modern intelligentsia seem to paint everything that is fun or joyful as having a dark, or at least socially unacceptable, side. Or is this their way of adding cachet to homosexuality, by attributing it to someone whose work is generally considered to illustrate wholesomeness par excellence? Somehow I doubt it….)

  6. Hello Julie. Actually I can not remember the sculptor’s name. Still it would be simple to find out – Vietnam Memorial dodge the stuff about the young lady who designed the wall (that must have been so difficult…..) and find out who carved the statues – that is the man.

    As I work with children (at the local amusement park) I, of course, like them. Especially with chips.

    Yet another line for dear old Sean to use against me…..

    As I am the grumpy middle aged man who takes the money (no money – no-drive-in-and-park regardless of tears) gaiety might be out of place.

    By the way – I do not understand…..

    If by “gay” they mean “engaged in sodomy with men” should they not be celebrating the late Mr Rockwell if he did ? After all is that not fashionable now? Or has the fashion changed?

    I seem to recall there was similar nonsense about the writer of “Alice in Wonderland” (due to practice of collecting photographs of little girls – actually a very common Victorian practice) and the writer of the play “Peter Pan” (in relation to some silly claim or other).

    I fondly look forward to the bankruptcy of the media and academia – which will end this nonsense.

    And it will not be long delayed.

    Indeed I (using my mystic powers) predict that by 2020 both the media and the state backed education system will have collapsed..

    Those people around then will, hopefully, build better things – with their own resources and voluntary effort.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.