Sláinte To A Soviet Ireland And The Patently False

by Dick Puddlecote

Sláinte To A Soviet Ireland And The Patently False Sometimes, little comment from me is required. Take this BMJ blog from Irish GP Pat Harrold, for example.

We are now set to become one of the first countries to ban tobacco branding. This means that the box of twenty will have a plain cover and you can only tell the different types by the lettering. The boxes will look generic, rather like the government products in the old Soviet Union.

Because that’s precisely the kind of regime that every forward-thinking health lobbyist should be striving to emulate, of course.

I have made the transformation from an enthusiastic smoker to an even more enthusiastic non smoker and I have to say I welcome this strategy.

We’ve all met one, haven’t we?

Maybe the idea could be extended to fast food and alcohol.

What? You mean it’s not a myth? Quick, someone tell Deborah “patently false” Arnott!

Who needs a Hands Off Our Packs campaign in Ireland when this guy is making the arguments without one, eh?vGB3T2yLOJo

2 responses to “Sláinte To A Soviet Ireland And The Patently False

  1. The idea that these things are none of his business doesn’t seem to occur to him. Pure arrogance.

  2. The IRA used to run a black and decker through peoples kneecaps. Not just front to back, as you might expect (or hope) but side to side

    Just sayin’.