Now all the tests have been done, Dr Choi assures me that the lump on my right testicle is not cancer and is unlikely to kill me. It still hurts, though. It feels like someone is jamming a sharpened pencil into the afflicted part.

Article to follow when the balance of my mind has returned to what counts with me as normal – plus when I’ve decided it won’t tempt providence to write about my experiences of the past nine days.

Indeed, I will write an article. Dr Tame and my father-in-law might both still be alive if they’d hit the panic button like I did, rather than choosing to hope for the best until it was too late. Though it turned out there was nothing seriously wrong with me, that didn’t mean I was mistaken to take immediate action. The least I can do is preach the gospel of hypochondria to all who will listen.

But, oh, the pain, the continuing PAIN….

3 responses to “Rejoice?

  1. Glad it’s not the worst Sean. Speedy recovery and all that. Best

  2. Good that it is not cancer – bad that there is pain.

    Poor health is something I have lived with for some years (gradually getting worse), I certainly do not wish it upon on others.

    Well not Dr Gabb anyway.