Preparationists, Beware!

Note: Building up a store against evil times remains worth doing. However, the hope that this will save you in a disarmed and densely-populated country like England is probably folly. It will assuredly be the pigs who kick your door and; and, if you object and they don’t feel inclined to kick your teeth in, they might have you shipped off to a holding camp for some crime that already exists. SIG

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Editor’s Note: At last count there were roughly three million people in America who are preparing for far-from-equilibrium events and disasters. But not all preppers have the same ideas about their strategic plans, stockpiles and strategies. While most are taking steps to insulate themselves from catastrophe by stocking their pantries, developing skills and learning to protect their homes from marauders should the worst befall us, others are putting together plans and organized syndicates whose plan is to strike at those who had the forethought to get ready in advance.

Tyler Smith, a recent guest on the show Doomsday Preppers, is one such ‘prepper’ who is taking a controversial approach to end-of-the-world preparedness.

“We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming,” is the warning Smith has given to those who think they’ll be living the simple life in a post-collapse world.

You may have prepared for starving looters, and can likely fend off small parties of people trying to take what you have, but are you prepared for a coordinated attack from a heavily armed band of pillagers?

You better be, because you can be assured they are preparing for you.

Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper reports…

tyler-smith-marauder(Pictured: Tyler Smith – Would Be Marauder. Courtesy NatGeo)

Tyler Smith of Doomsday Preppers: Apex Predator or Apex Punk? By Daisy Luther

If there was ever a case study on why preppers should be prepared to defend their supplies, the upcoming episode of National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers would provide a perfect example.

“We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

On Tuesday night, Smith’s story will be told on the National Geographic Channel survivalist TV show “Doomsday Preppers.” (source)

So, not only would someone with supplies need to worry about everyday commonplace looters, they would need to be concerned about Smith and his band of merry marauders, whose survival plan seems to hinge on overwhelming force against those who have spent years gathering supplies and planning for a secure and peaceful existence.

National Geographic appears to have chosen Smith as a poster boy to give the preparedness-minded a bad name.  I wouldn’t set your DVR for this one – excerpts seem to indicate a show full of bad advice and ill-thought-out “strategies” from someone who refers to himself as “a professional deer hunter”.


He refers to himself as the “apex predator” in his area, based on his home-made body armor and other survival gear.

Most preppers, Smith says, are concerned with marauders taking their supplies. It’s not an unfounded fear, he says.

“We are those people,” he says. “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”  (source)

Smith has gotten a lot of bad comments from the prepping community and has responded with this literate response on his facebook page [Author’s noteSmith’s Facebook page was removed today]:

idk what is worse the people that cant tell the difference between entertainment/tv hype? or the people that are commenting way beyond things I said talking about killing my family and raping my wife and or killing me preemptively I said I would do whatever is necessary to survive and if that means kicking in doors then yes that is the guy I will be. get a fucking life you troll keyboard warrior pieces of shit its reality tv if you thought entertainment wasn’t a possibility swallow your own 12 gauge barrel. Armor was meant to be for tv use only notice my modern plate carrier in pics above. and just so yall know your feeding into another show I have airing and your filling my pockets so for my house payments sake and new truck payment keep talking! if you thought anyone in there right mind would say that for free and not be expecting a reward you all are fools…as for my personal skills I know I can get better i know physical training is a top issue that’s all time consuming objectives and I am definitely working on it. better yet live your live prep and get ready because the end is coming. if you think your morals will survive the end times good luck and watch the whole episode and turn off selective hearing.

Let’s make one thing clear – Smith is not a prepper.  He is not representative of what we do.  He’s an embarrassment to the preparedness community.  He is a thug, plain and simple.  He’s an out-of-shape criminal who is afraid to get caught, so he’s waiting for the breakdown of law and order to commit the crimes he so clearly wishes to perpetrate, without fear of spending time in prison.

Preppers, beware.  Just because someone calls themselves a prepper, doesn’t mean that they have the same morals and values as the rest of us.  Unsavory people like Smith and his Spartan Survival group are out there, and they’re planning to come for our supplies.

This is what we prepare for.  And we’re ready for you, Mr. Smith.

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Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at

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14 responses to “Preparationists, Beware!

  1. I am not shy of arguing with Sean Gabb – but it is hard to argue with them on this.

    Those who think they will survive (if things go really bad), by stock piling food and so on, may have a nasty shock coming.

    Even those who plan to live on a small farm (and that is BACK BREAKING work, those who write of the “horrors” of the industrial revolution have no idea just how farmer’s lung grim primitive farm work can be) may have a shock coming – if things really do break down.

    Of course there are some very large (and well armed) groups of people out there – for example the “Mormons” (the LDS people) of Utah basically run the State and any band of looters that entered their lands would end up dead very quickly.

    But for an isolated farm on the plains – beware.

  2. The clown in the article is a fuckwit who would be dead in a week.
    As for Sean’s scenario–simple. Don’t go anywhere with any coppers. Think about it.

  3. I think most of these types of people are just fantasists who’ve watched a bit too much telly.

    • Yup, probably true.
      But there’s no harm in keeping a dry bag of stormproof matches (changed every two years), a small tent, a hammer, a biggish sheathed knife (no, GCHQ, sorry: I have not got one of those either but | do have a couple of hammers) some dried food, and a box of tins (rotated properly) here and there around your property. A little camping-Gaz stove is useful too, and in peacetime it doubles as a bunsen-burner for teaching students, and for lighting Magnesium Ribbon on Guy Fawkes Night – as firework fuse…

  4. … what evidence does anyone have which might help me to understand the rather weird notion that ‘preppers’ are all by nature women, or men acting like women, whilst a bunch of marauders are all tough guys?

    To prepare to hunker down for what might be six to twelve months, those people who’ve made serious preparations, are being advised by professional soldiers trained in survival techniques. These men are highly trained and usually know well enough how best to handle life-threatening situations… including dealing with thieving gangs of ill-disciplined thugs.

    In uncertain times, during a war for instance, for a man to prepare for what he earnestly believes is going to happen, the average sensible chap might well say to him, ‘Well done – good for you. It makes perfect sense for a family man to take out insurance on behalf of his children…’.

    That’s true of course for when your kids say, “Daddy, I’m cold and really, really hungry.” It’s a father’s sacred duty to provide them with warmth and sustenance. A man cannot call himself a real father if he gives them feeble excuses instead of food for aching stomachs. Such a man is worse than useless.

    So why, in uncertain times like the ones currently being experienced, is the man who choses to make plans to protect his children from food, water and other shortages, called a deluded fool with no idea at all what he’s doing?

    What will those 80 tough guys mentioned, be doing three or four weeks into a severe famine situation? I’ll tell you what they’ll be doing, they’ll be either down and dying from thirst and hunger… or already dead. The tough guy image long since evaporated.

    However things pan out – with the attitude they appear to have against people whose only wish is not to see children crying – they’ll not live to see how many preppers survive.

  5. Would love to see dem pigs try and take away my six pack of Heinz baked beans…

  6. Yes Nick, you’re very witty… bet you live in the big city.

  7. I knew you had to be a city slicker. Welcome to the world of fresh air, open fields and cool breezes.

    Do Heinz do a six-pack?

    Anyway, think about the man who doesn’t care that he’s strapped atop a huge bomb before being blasted into space. He doesn’t care because knows a couple of months worth of food is loaded into a space the size of a suitcase.

    I’m sure he’d feel happier eating orange beans but it’s his rocketeering bosses you see Nick – can’t afford to take food in six-packs – no room you see.

    I’m rather partial to beans on toast – warming the plate first of course. Sometimes I add a fried egg… obviously crisped to a light golden brown at the edges.

    Also mastered the art of the perfect Welsh Rarebit in my teens but that’s just me showing off…

  8. The main things to armour will be the Libraries. Since there are not any proper “official” libraries any more, these will all be privately owned. Indeed, I suspect that most or all of these have come into existence already, and have been being “stocked up”, which is to say: sharpened as future weapons, for some years if not in some cases decades.

    Given the uncertainty of the times we now live in, it would be unwise to suggest names of persons that own these. However, I expect that more than one is owned by people that visit and comment on here.

    The main important content of these would be:-
    (1) useful skills (this ought to outrank the next three all together)
    (2) history
    (3) history of language and philosophy
    (4) history of science

    Knowledge of useful skills would, if properly developed, be able to allow the user to overcome, and waste, any such bands of brigands and socialistNazis that try to turn up. In the library, a section on how to obtain and set-up sets of radar-directed ground/ground and air/air 20mm machine-cannon would be useful. I predict that most groups of post-apocalyptic-takerNazis will be outgunned, and wasted, by such sets properly deployed outside your own larder.

  9. Fair and refreshingly sensible comment Mr Davis.

    To be absolutely truthful, the only group I fear from a personal point of view, are the ones that I shouldn’t have to fear – that is, the police of course. They’ll be roaming the countryside for weeks if not months and what to do if they show up I’ve no idea. They’ll be well armed with enormous resources and will confiscate any edible or other useful items they find (if they can find them!)

    My own respect for them sadly plummeted over the last decade or so (not that they’ve done me any harm I hasten to add) but strangely enough, that’s a fact that doesn’t help me one iota.

    Giving plod weapons didn’t help the average man too much. The wrong sort of men then wanted to join the force so they could get in on the action. That’s how it is in the States. Sounds silly of course but the evidence is now in.

    The government will attempt to get all hungry and angry hordes off its back by pushing a campaign against ‘…those gluttonous, selfish hoarders’. They’ll label us all bad guys and many people will buy the message.

    I read only this morning that Obama has just given himself the power to declare martial law at any time. That’s after ordering one and half billion rounds of ammunition for the police. Great stuff.

    If true, that’s very scary stuff indeed. What does he know that we don’t?

    Ah well lad… in for a penny. Like the old man used to say.

  10. gerrydorrian66

    This is something that the police seem not to consider or, if they do, they keep stum. If there is a societal collapse set off by the collapse of the dollar – which some are saying might happen before 2020 – as it approaches we will be less and less disposed to trust in rolled-up newspapers to defend ourselves before the understaffed and overburdened police force arrive.

  11. The 15 acres they are on was recently being rented by my household. We were still living there when they first filmed on the property. We were informed by Smith and the landowner that we had no rights as the renters to prevent having over a dozen armed individuals camping on the property, potentially for days, with no preparations for sanitation. Instead they attempted to demand access to the house and power. They set up a door in the field to practice home invasions. Smith and his band proceeded to make threats, I.E. stating loudly near the house “We should just shoot them and get it over with” and telling us they would take possession of the property “by any means necessary”. All the while they circled the house with rifles which were kept pointed at our home, allowed their dog to harass my ducks and geese, blocked the driveway and drove their trucks through a seasonal wetland. We felt no option but to move out (there are also a lot of safety issues with the house that the owner failed to address and it was becoming apparent that he no intention of doing so.) As we were in the process moving out Smith and his cronies took turns, showing up every few hours to see/ask if we were out yet. Smith asked one member of our household if we had left anything valuable behind.

  12. I continue to think that isolated survival is unlikely – although I certainly wish well those who try it.

    If the financial system breaks down things will indeed get very bad indeed – but that does not mean that everything will go back to isolated farms and gangs of raiders.

    I have already pointed out that I think Utah will still be there, And for those who do not care for the LDS (and there is a cup of coffee in front of me – so I do not think I will be applying) I think that South Dakota and North Dakota will still be there (as industrial societies) also, and on and on.

    All that being said – being a “Prepper” is actually a good thing to be – fire, flood, earthquake (lots of bad things can happen – not just economic breakdown).

    My first comment was too dismissive – and I apologise for it.