You Have All Been Warned!

14 responses to “You Have All Been Warned!

  1. Alexander Baron

    I tried pot and heroin, and I have never had the least desire either to bend over for another man not to mount one like a dog.

  2. I tried pot and decided it was a waste of time: as it seemed to have no effect on me, and I still liked girls after it.

  3. I tried pot once. Now I want half a dozen Mars bars.

  4. I never once tried pot, but my ‘friends’ think I’m gay anyway, even though I’m not.

  5. If this poster-ad was really for real, than all it does is make Christians look like pompous, controlling, regulating puritanical prats. This is of course not the case for most Christians at all – merely a minor grouping within them.

    One would rather believe it’s a proper False-Flag operation by the Nazi left, designed on purpose to discredit Christians, currently the most persecuted religion on the planet. But I expect that such a discussion is for another time.

    • The leftist equivalent would simply read, “I smoke, so I’m a…” (child killer, Nazi, male chauvinistic, nationalist, sectarian, isolationist, xenophobe, racist, conspiracy theorist or climate change denier etc.).

  6. Any connection between smoke and sodomy would seem to be very tenuous. –
    And, if it worked the other way around, would the born again loons make homos smoke pot?.

  7. Bashing Michelle Bachmann for something she never said is not clever and is not brave.

    It is just stupid naughtiness.

    Why not attack the real threats to liberty in Minnesota?

    Such as Senator Al F. – a (Hollywood money backed) person who has based his life on telling lies?

    Or the Governor of the State and the State Legislature – who are busy turning Minnespta into an economic basket case, with their endless tax increases and wild government Welfare State spending?

    Oh no – too difficult.

    Let us just make up something that Michelle Bachmann never said – and then bash her for it.

  8. The kind of tossers who make up such stuff are on the same side as the various creeps you mention Mr Marks–so they are (ego battles aside) unlikely to attack their own crew, regardless of the level of difficulty.
    As for us–well it is easy not to notice how leftist propaganda shite now predominates all around. Perhaps the joke is on us.

  9. Yes Mr Ecks the poster was fake and the words on it were something that Michelle Bachmann would never say.

    If these brave defenders of Gay Rights really are brave why do they not go to the Islamists in Minnesota (there are many – including many Somalia people) and denounce them?

    There is also an Islamist Congressman – why do they not make up a fake poster with something he has never said, or even something he has said?

    Is the reason, that they will attack Michelle Bachmann but not the Islamists, that Michelle Bachmann will just be sad and upset, whereas the Islamists would kill them?

  10. Because islamists are now clients of the left and even the scum of the left aren’t –usually– dumb enough to attack their allies and future proxy shock troops. Why do you keep suggesting that they should when they clearly won’t?.

  11. Mr Ecks – yes the tactical alliance is strong. It is classic Frankfurt School “victim group” stuff – the Islamists make a wonderful “Third Word Victim of Capitalist Imperialist Exploitation” group. Even if there is a rather large contradiction with previous “victim group” games (specifically “feminism” and “Gay Rights”).

    If Edward Said (and his pals) had not thought of this game (the Islamic world as “victim group”) – others would have. And the fact the Islamists want to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth and the original (now dead) founders of the Frankfurt School (now in close alliance with the Islamists) were of Jewish origin, is one of the ironies of history. To rank up there with the ethnic origin of the most famous Jew killer of the Spanish Inquisition – and the fanatical anti Semitism (and general racialism) of Karl Marx himself (a person with no gift of introspection).

    However, the Marxists and the Islamists do sometimes fight – for example in Tunisia and Egypt right now. It is only in the West that the alliance seems to be unshakable.

    Still there is a possibility that they might start to kill each other – given the right circumstances and stimulation.

    My own view is that Islam will outlive the Reds – indeed that the Greens (the Islamists) will end up using the Reds (the Marxists).

    This is because Marxism is drivel – it really is.

    It is a wonderfully clever way of taking power – but once they have got power then Karl’s evasions “I will not compose the menus of the cook-shops of the future” (saying how socialism was actually supposed to work being “unscientific”) do not work any more.

    Islam has been around for more than a thousand years – I may not like it (I do not like it), but it survives.

    Short version……

    “Clever-Clever” Reds such as Senator Al F. of Minnesota (who thinks he is using the Islamists – as a weapon against “capitalism”) may wind up being staked out in the sun (minus his sexual organs and so on) by his “friends”.

    Would that not be sad?

    Do you not weep for him?