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  1. I suspect this is a foul misinterpretation of Scripture wherein it states “There is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood”. These vile men certainly shed enough blood to fill a small lake but I don’t think there was much forgiverness abounding……

  2. It’s a very interesting picture, and I have facebooked it to see what other people will say.

  3. I am sure the leading figures in the “Social Gospel” – “Liberation Theology” – “Collective Salvation” movement would love this picture.

    Although they might not show it publically whilst they sign people up for Obamacare (the “Progressive” Church people are being used for this purpose) – the “little people might not understand” if this painting was shown publically – something for the private office…..

    By the way – they would understand the satirical intent that may have been behind the painting (but they would not care about that).

  4. Interesting picture.

    Would be nice to have it linked to a larger version so we can appreciate all the detail.

  5. It would be interesting to see an updated version substituting those ideologues who imposed, and pull the strings, of the E.U. Empire, for the old Commies.

    Of course ,it will be tricky. No rousing the masses on to the streets for bloody revolution, with the instigators proudly shouting orders from their soap boxes. The new revolutionaries work by stealth and I for one would struggle to name one of those new Lenin’s et al. I know they hide behind face masks of people we are familiar with to make us feel secure and involved; Merkel; Blair; Cameron; Heath, and now there’s someone wearing a mask called Farage-or is that mirage? It keeps the heat off them you see. They learned lessons from the old style revolutions. When the purges come it won’t be them swinging from posts it’ll be the ‘masks’. Meanwhile they’ll keep plotting and issuing directives from their secret lairs.

    I wish someone would have a go though. Anyone interested in nominating someone?

  6. Alexander Baron

    This is a more accurate one:

  7. Patricia – the problem with E.U. oppression is that it is done in an incredibly boring way. I agree with Christopher Booker on this point – it is done this way deliberately, making the oppression incredibly boring makes it very hard to summon up the energy to oppose it.

  8. Where’s Barrack Obama?