The Truth about Socialism

3 responses to “The Truth about Socialism

  1. For all the statist folly of Imperial Germany the Red alternative was indeed worse. And the National Socialist Revolution proved to be worse also.

    The Hapsburgs of old Austria, and the Wittelsbachs of Bavaria did indeed prove to the be least bad alternative for the German lands – and in the 1930s and 1940s they proved to be men (and women) of honour – by risking their lives for people with whom they had no connection.

    Those who seek to destroy Civil Society are not the friends of the poor. One does not promote the lives of wage earners by dragging down wage payers(or pretending, with Rousseau, that private employment is slavery). Nor is material equality a moral aim for political action. And wealth and position do NOT have to be “deserved” – to demand that people “justify” their wealth is the game of the Jacobins.

    Sadly the German lands as they might have been (had, for example, the war of 1866 gone the other way) can only be glimpsed in Lichtenstein. Far from perfect (there is no perfection in this world), but much better than what did happen.

  2. That’s because, Paul, German People are actually English. Sorry, I got sidetracked while typing: it’s what happens when you have people around you living real lives and forcing you to do real stuff for them, right now, like yesterday this minute, unlike most of us Libertarians.

    Perhaps we all have “too much time on our hands”, perhaps we are “too reflective”, and perhaps none of this creeping GramscoFabiaNazi success matters a toss?

    I think that most libertarians end up living alone.

    What does anybody esle think about this hypothesis? Is it perhaps that, while also being repellently cruel and murdering, socialism offers some sort of mutual human comfort in abject misery? Is this perhaps perceived as better than what we Libertarians say that we can offer? Which is, basically, that “you must shift for your fucking self – nobody else owes you a fucking living”?

    As in “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”…(and also a good f***, preferable for free, as in Bootle, Croxteth, Tockie, Norris Green, Childwall, Gateacre, and so on – bet you 1p you can’t pronounce “Gateacre” properly for a native!)

    But most people would really like a free lunch and a free f*** and that’s it really: it’s very depressing.

    I only ask.

  3. “most libertarians end up living alone” – you strike the target with me there David. No sane person would live with Paul Marks (I would eat them or something).

    And most of the libertarians I know who do not live alone are childless.

    Evolutionary dead end……..

    One thing that neither you or Sean Gabb are.

    I have to admit that.