Worthless Tory Scum (Part 94)

6 responses to “Worthless Tory Scum (Part 94)

  1. BluLabour are in many ways even worse scum than the shite of NuLabour. However, the real problem is that this “nation” is full of fat, stupid, media-drugged nitwits. If the average UK denizen had 2 brain cells each, clowns like IDS would have hung from lampposts long ago.

  2. “If the average UK denizen had 2 brain cells each…”

    Not with a state school system like ours…

  3. The schools alone are only part of the problem. Stupidity seems to have become almost a virtue.
    Consider the chavs who, some years ago, attacked the home of a paediatrician. The kind of ignorance that confuses words (paediatrician and paedophile) might be the result of shite-useless state schools. But the kind of stupidity that believes that a paedophile would advertise their activities with an entry in Yellow Pages can only be innate or the product of long and systematic self-cultivation.

  4. “Stupidity seems to have become almost a virtue.”

    Modernity, contraception and the ‘daddy state’ has made it mostly unnecessary for stable families and quality partnerships – especially in the lower classes, and they have suffered the most as a result, where the worst character traits are being passed down generationally. People respond to incentives, if deferred gratification and virtue are no longer advantageous, then we return to baser instincts; a feral-like state of hypersexuality and hyper-violence. I’m going to call our new culture: ‘techno-barbarism’ – a barbarous society maintained by sophisticated technological systems, surveillance and wealth redistribution.

  5. The Nazis made previously ordinarily-smart people stupid, on purpose. A system that turns out uncurious drones by the million is not a mistake: it’s too big for that.

    • The relationship between us and our leaders is like cattle and farmer. However, some say it’s instinctual for predator types to oppress.