Saying what we have always said

David Davis

Dear readers, you may find that from time to time articles written by us in the last 1,100 years will resurface at the top of the blog.

This is on purpose. As you know, the Earth is tectonically-active, and every 100 or 200 million years the Mantle more or less turns over, and brings new plumes of asthenospheric rock to the surface – some of which becomes “plastic”, and may re-emerge from under the Crust.

Thus will this blog from now on renew your acquaintance with posts, some over 1,000 years old that would otherwise have disappeared into the slime to which you might have otherwise thought they belonged.

We hope you don’t mind, but none of us is getting any younger, and really, if you think about it, there is only one thing to say about socialism.

How many times can we really sayit then?

2 responses to “Saying what we have always said

  1. Good idea. Let’s call it the acceptable face of recycling.

  2. Dear Mr Davis

    ” … there is only one thing to say about socialism.”

    Socialism is slavery. Amen.