Public Health Now Further To The Left Than Cuba

by Dick Puddlecote

Public Health Now Further To The Left Than CubaMyChoice Australia last month made a very salient observation about the current World Trade Organisation dispute surrounding plain packaging.

Tobacco producing nations, including the Dominican Republic and Cuba, argue that plain packaging laws create illegal obstacles to world trade.

Yes, Australia’s getting a lesson in free trade courtesy of communists.

Hardly surprising, really. If you were to view the Twitter feeds of Australian tobacco control execs recently, you could be forgiven for thinking that the election of mildly right of centre Tony Abbott as PM was akin to a return to sticking 10 year olds up chimneys and exiling petty criminals to, err, dustbowls on the opposite end of the world.

His crimes, it seems, are opposing carbon taxes and same sex marriage, while also appointing his cabinet on more substantial criteria than if they happen to have a vagina.

Whatever their outward reasoning, though, it’s pretty clear that they’re mostly just pissed off that a non-lefty government is not likely to shovel cash their way as liberally as they have become accustomed to.

It’s a global feature of the health lobby in general. In the UK, for example, we have the likes of Gabriel Scally who advocates “socialism for all”; Sir David Nicholson, former card-carrying member of the Communist Party who now enjoys a comfortable retirement after NHS deaths under his watch and presiding over a culture of suppressing criticism; and Martin McKee who tweets about public health when he has time free from rabble-rousing about globalisation, public sector power, and the evils of capitalism.

Meanwhile, in the freedom-loving USA, public health fanatics are eagerly applauding Cuba for starving their citizens.

A few months ago, we noted a bizarre study in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) that suggested that the famine caused by the repressive Communist Cuban Castro regime was good for people’s health. Harvard’s food-scold-in-residence, Walter Willett, commented positively on the outcome of state-sponsored famine, suggesting the study showed “powerful evidence that a reduction in overweight and obesity would have major population-wide benefits.”

Now, the study authors (and Willett, presumably) indicated that they didn’t support the dictatorial methods, just the state-controlled outcome. But now Willett has gone a step further. He recently told a Harvard conference that “children are being exploited, same as sweatshops” and declared obesity “a natural consequence of a capitalist food supply.”

Now, agree with their politics or not, all of the above have one thing in common. None of them need to be elected in order to influence at the highest level, just like their Godhead, the WHO. Exactly what dictators throughout history have always aspired to.

Through public health, they’ve found a way to interfere in the lives of everyone on the planet fiscally, economically and socially without ever having to ask the public for approval. If you object further, or things don’t quite go to their master plan, bullying, smears and ad hominem is usually enough to scare politicians into jumping when they’re told to.

And tomorrow, an unelected EU Commissioner’s Tobacco Products Directive – drafted under a long shadow of corruption and designed to completely ignore any consultation which disagreed with its pre-determined positions – will slime its way past plenary with the help of the socialist bloc(k) vote. Funny, that.

Wherever he is right now, I expect Stalin is applauding in admiration.F7Eqgeolzm4

3 responses to “Public Health Now Further To The Left Than Cuba

  1. If obesity is the “natural result of capitalist food supply” why was obesity so much less when the United States was a more capitalist country? When government was smaller.

    As for the American (and the British) official class – the university trained officials and so on.

    Yes they are socialists – they may not use the word publically (the little matter of socialists murdering some 150 million people in the last century) but that is what they are.

    • It’s as if the ‘public morality’ of the traditional Right has been traded in for ‘public health’ as the new Left’s legitimising philosophy.