Ireland To Ban Small Boxes

by Dick Puddlecote

Ireland To Ban Small Boxes Just when you thought the hare-brained idiots who back plain packaging couldn’t get more absurd …

In January down in Australia, we saw the hilarious response to Boxwraps, a company which created stickers that adult smokers could choose in order to hide sick government wet dream psycho gore porn.

The Australian Medical Association has urged the federal government to step in and ban the stickers, Steve Hambleton, president of the AMA commented: “I would be confident that the government would response very quickly to stop this defeating the intention of their legislation”.

Yes, they actually wanted to ban stickers.

I don’t know if they got anywhere with that, but fast forward to last week and Irish health minister James O’Reilly is proudly declaring to the world that he is equally loopy.

Dr Reilly stressed any plans by tobacco companies to sell plain permanent boxes so smokers can transfer cigarettes in to them would be tackled.

A ban on small plain boxes, eh? Well, best of luck in drafting that particular legal document, sunshine.

Now, if you’d just arrived at this debate and read back, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these people must have been lying the big one for quite a while. I mean, wasn’t the entire point of plain packaging to stop those ‘glitzy’ packets that look like Lego or Ferraris luring kids, or eradicating colours which prey on how utterly weak and pathetic women are? If so, surely O’Reilly should be ecstatic about the thought of plain boxes replacing them, yes?

Well no, apparently. It’s now about stopping adults – who have already made their choice at the shop counter – from exercising their own free will as to what they would like to put their tabs in. Once again, it’s not about the chiiildren, and it’s not about health, as O’Reilly kindly confirms.

The Health Minister has vowed to win the war against the tobacco industry as he moves to enforce the standardised packaging of cigarettes.

Yep. And that is all the tobacco control industry has ever been interested in, a shameful war against a legal industry. They are in hock to their own favoured nicotine suppliers and will ban anything – legal or not – which interferes with that.

If it means banning e-cigs, so be it. If it means banning stickers, so be it. And if it means banning small rectangular boxes, well, that’s just another hoop they will jump through to achieve their goal.

They may be absurd loons who truly believe that banning boxes and stickers doesn’t make them appear as wackos and extremists, but that hasn’t yet registered with yer average idiot politician. It’s like watching on as someone who thinks he is Napoleon engages in serious conversation with Tim Nice But Dim, isn’t it?CrbiAGmC1jE

2 responses to “Ireland To Ban Small Boxes

  1. When I was a tiny little boy I used to go to the local shop and buy a little box of matches (pretending they were for my mother) and make small fires on an old building site. I wonder how that would go down today?

  2. Julie near Chicago

    Well — they might come to their senses … the proposed bill to make π = 3 in Indiana was, in the end, defeated :( ….