Sean Gabb – Speech to the PFS Conference in Bodrum, September 2013

Note: I took notes of all the speeches, and will soon publish these notes. In the meantime, here is my own speech as I wrote if after delivery. I think it’s a bad habit to read speeches from a text – not unless you are speaking in a foreign language, that is, or you need to be exceedingly careful about what you say. But it’s a very good habit to write them down afterwards. Many thanks to Ian B, by the way, for some of the stuff on American cultural hegemony. I was saying much the same long before we met. Even so, I did speak to some extent under his influence, and this deserves acknowledgement. SIG

I’d like to begin by thanking Hans and Gulcin for their great kindness in inviting me once again to Bodrum to address the Property and Freedom Society. But where to begin with the title that Hans has set for me? I could take the patronising approach taken by many Englishmen when called to speak about their country to an audience largely of foreigners. Whether I talk about Shakespeare, the Changing of the Guard and Churchill, or gush about the sinister pantomime that opened last year’s Olympic Games in London, it would have the same implied message. You see, we are an extraordinarily nationalist people. Our nationalism, however, doesn’t cause us to hate foreigners. Instead – and this applies also, and indeed particularly to Americans – we don’t hate you: we just feel sorry for you.

But I’ll not patronise you this morning. I’ll even avoid telling you the truth – that, in the development of our modern civilisation, two great nations have the greatest honour: England and Germany; and that, of these two, England is by far the greatest. What I will do is confess what you must have noticed for yourself – that something has gone badly wrong in England. Exactly when the rot began is a subject that would require far longer to discuss than the time given to me this morning. But you can see the earliest plain evidence of national derangement when the Princess of Wales died in 1997. I watched in horror as the mountains of flowers piled up, and as the funeral was made into a carnival of insanity.

The examples have multiplied beyond counting. I won’t give examples of the multicultural frenzy. Instead, I’ll talk about the sexual mania.

First, there is the legal privileging of homosexuality. In doing this, I speak with much security. I began denouncing the laws constraining homosexual conduct when I was a schoolboy – at a time when what I was saying might have got me roughed up in the playground, and certainly got me funny looks from other boys and teachers alike. I also wrote one of the earliest and best analyses of the Spanner Case. Since then, though, persecution has given way to privilege.

Take, for example, the case of the Rev. Alan Clifford, Pastor of the Norwich Reformed Church. A few months ago, the Norwich Gay Pride organisation held a rally in the middle of Norwich. Dr Clifford and four members of his congregation attended and handed out leaflets of the usual kind. Afterwards, he sent the leaflets out to everyone on his mailing list. This now included the leaders of Norwich Gay Pride. They complained to the police, and Dr Clifford was visited in his home by the police. They told him that a homophobic hate crime had taken place, and gave him the choice of confessing, in which case he would be given a police caution and made to pay a £90 fine, or of denying guilt, in which case he might be prosecuted.

Not surprisingly, Dr Clifford chose to deny his guilt. If the authorities ever do take him to court, they will probably get a bloody nose. Dr Clifford is a Calvinist. His sort drove Catholicism out of England in the 16th century, and pulled down the Stuart state in the 17th. He will turn up in court with the Bible in his hand and speak to a public gallery filled with his congregation. But his example is important as illustration. There is a regular persecution of Christian   street preachers in England. There are new cases several times a year.

The next example is of the Late Jimmy Saville. During his lifetime, he was adored by the media for his charity work and his public eccentricity. When he died in 2011, enough hot air about him went up to fill a balloon. Then, in 2012, it came out that his sexual taste had been for pubescent girls. The media went hysterical. His family joined in. Early in 2013, his grave stone was torn up, its inscription ground smooth, and then smashed into small pieces and taken off for landfill.

I suggest this is evidence of great mental derangement. It is certainly unEnglish. The custom so far has for the dead to be left to rest in peace.

These are two examples of the madness that has gripped England. Of course, the madness is not universal. If you look at the continuing popularity of Gary Glitter, it seems that many people – perhaps the majority – do not partake of the madness. But it can be seen in every organised area of our national life.

What is the cause? The answer is complex. There is no single cause. But one cause worth exploring is the unbalancing of our Constitution during the 20th century.

In 1908, Rudyard Kipling published a short story called “The Mother Hive.” In this, the bees in a hive decide to drop all outmoded ideas of hierarchy and to make everyone equal. This includes the right of workers to eat royal jelly and to mate with the drones. In the spreading chaos that results, traditionalist dissidents are first shunned and then murdered. Eventually, the bee keeper looks into the hive, and sees the empty honeycombs and the horribly deformed offspring of the workers. His response is to poison all the bees.

Now, something like this has happened in England. In the past few generations, the whole of national life has been taken over by the cultural Marxists. They run government and the administration, and the law, and education and the media, and business too. They have imposed on us a nasty hegemonic discourse. Cultural Marxism is ultimately to be traced to European thinkers like Antonio Gramsci and Louis Althusser and the FrankfurtSchool. But this has come to England in American clothing. It has prestige because it was taken up by the American universities.

In America, however, the progress of cultural Marxism has been resisted, or slowed, by a strong religious right and by a written constitution that it is taking a long time to subvert. Here, we have no religious right, nor an entrenched constitutional law. In the past, freedom and common sense were safeguarded by an hereditary land-owing aristocracy and gentry. These ran the country, and did much to determine its moral tone. During the 20th century, they were marginalised and then eliminated from government. They remain as a class – still very rich – but the tacit deal since at least the 1940s has been that they will be left alone, so long as they keep out of politics. Government has been left to middle class lefties. The effect followed the cause only after several generations. But here it is.

It may be interesting for you, as foreigners, to learn an answer to the implied question in the title of this speech. But it is essential for the English to think about the question and its answers. You see, like both the Germans and the Russians, we have had a revolution. Unlike them, we have had no obviously revolutionary event. The Russians had the storming of the WinterPalace and the murder of their Royal Family. The Germans were utterly defeated in 1945. Their cities were bombed flat. Their country was occupied and divided. Every German knows either that German history came to an end in 1945, or at least that a new chapter in German history had begun.

We do not have that awareness, and it would be useful for us to understand, even so, that we are living in a state of revolution. England has become the Mother Hive.

11 responses to “Sean Gabb – Speech to the PFS Conference in Bodrum, September 2013

  1. Brilliant!

  2. I don’t see any real evidence that Saville even so much as had “a taste for pubescent girls”. He was interested in attractive young women as are all heterosexual men. Sophia Loren was much more attractive at 18 than at 70 or 80 or whatever she is now. The idea that a young woman is still a “child” is exactly the kind of tripe the femmi-commisars want to infect everybody with. To talk about “pubescent girls” is, albeit in a small way, to buy into the very bullshit leftist narrative that you rightly decry Sean. It is not, I think, a co-incidence (or rent seeking alone) that UK “child” psychologists were recently reported as now believing they should be involved in the lives of people up to the age of 25.

  3. Sorry Sean-which 13 year old are you referring to?.

  4. Witness a perfect example of why things in general in the UK have become so difficult for ordinarily sane people to live with. Who knows which 13 year old… and who really cares? There could have been dozens that he took advantage of and more than likely a few that I dare say took advantage of him. By definition he was a sad bastard.

    Saville was attacked after he was laid to rest; that’s the whole point. And that was a fat line very seldom crossed by our more successful forefathers. The parrot’s dead – no matter what qualifications you have, you’re not going to be able to make the old bugger speak again. It’s sodding-well dead!

    The BBC had it’s chance to challenge him when he was alive but true to form they blew it (that most wretched of all institutions and the only vital item that was missing from your speech Sean) and so did plod. Money raised it’s head when the rumours grew and when people smell cash they’ll often say anything if there’s a chance of grabbing hold. What’s been the saying for the past 20 or 30 years…? Oh, now I recall… ‘Up for Grabs’.

    Every damn thing in this country suddenly became up for grabs.

    He seemed a very odd sort to me did Jimmy but pop music wasn’t my scene so it hardly mattered. The man appears to have got off lightly for the pain he probably caused to a few young people. But millions all over the world also get off lightly for doing that which they shouldn’t. That’s life.

    The chance to call him properly to account for his sins has vanished but we should console ourselves in the knowledge that he also did many people a power of good. Surely society at large should’t be making a mockery of honest justice by uselessly chasing people into their graves? The positives are all hopelessly outnumbered.

  5. What I am saying is that Saville is most likely innocent of ALL accusations made against him. Go and read the blog
    I ask what 13 year old so that the accusation can be checked to see if it is one of the long list debunked so far by Moor Larkin on his excellent blog.Just about all those that have appeared in the public domain–and “just about” only because the actual total of claims is muddied with differing names/photos being attached to the same allegations and vice versa.

    Your post is frankly disgraceful Mr Warren. If you read this blog you will have already seen the link above and references also to the blog of Anna Racoon and others who have done a huge amount to expose Operation Yewtree as the bullshit exercise in radical feminist propaganda that it is. But no need to check those out- you KNOW Saville is guilty. No need to think–just swallow tabloid sewage whole and regurgitate it here without a moments thought. Because of people like you, who don’t and won’t think, who won’t look one inch beyond media tripe-hype and their own spluttering Daily Mail outrage (made all the more laughable when it is outrage about events that very, very likely never even happened ) the scumbags are winning in every arena.

  6. You make me sound like a strong drink, Sean ;)

    “Sorry what I said last night mate, it was the Ian B talking”.

  7. Well, if you calm down long enough to get a grip of yourself Mr Ecks, you’ll perhaps run through what I said and maybe this time notice that I did in fact criticise the media. The BBC, through its monopoly, does impress the general public to the equivalent amount of 80% of the rest of the media in this country does it not?

    I made several comments in the Racoon Arms regarding the Saville case. Anna seems to have had a great deal of personal experience regarding the females attacking Saville. I think I also probably researched enough to gain a reasonable grasp of what occurred.

    I don’t read daily newspapers. I find them boring – the Daily Mail I’ve never in my entire life read… not even in the barber shop. But I’d bet a fiver that you have. Sunday Telegraph and the Times for me – both taken mostly with a pinch of salt.

    Broadly speaking though, we both seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Earlier in the day however, it seemed to me that you were more interested in some 13 year old’s claim against Saville than you were the actual problems that Sean was addressing. I thought he might challenge you on that but he didn’t, so perhaps I got things wrong after a single read. No worries, I get lots of things wrong.

    For the reason’s mentioned, I’m not interested in the Saville case full-stop. With the challenges that face this country just now I don’t think it matters one jot. If you care to check, when this matter first hit this site it was my stated opinion that it was raked up by the powers that be in order to divert attention away from all the many other sex abuse cases that were deliberately not being highlighted for political reasons.

    Do I think Jimmy could be guilty of kiddy fiddling? Well, going on the principle of no smoke without fire – yes, I probably do. Like I said, he did seem to be a very odd bird. He talked like a child, looked a bit weird, flouted his vulgar bling and boasted of humble beginnings down the ‘pit’. He boasted about it with no regard at all to how well his own antics served all those loyal and hard-working men he left behind.

    But… I’d never want to see him in court because he acted a little strange or enjoyed showing off. No more than I would you. None of that matters very much. What matters is that someone, no doubt with a political motive, seems desperate to cook a dead goose for reasons that are not terribly apparent to the average observer.

  8. “If you care to check, when this matter first hit this site it was my stated opinion that it was raked up by the powers that be in order to divert attention away from all the many other sex abuse cases that were deliberately not being highlighted for political reasons.”

    No, it’s part of a general long term campaign by Feminists, inherited from the USA, to persuade everyone that all men are dangerous predators, which has broadly succeeded.

  9. If All men, all over the world, all at once, could agree, not to shag any woman, not even a wife or mistress or prostitute or escort girl or whatever, for _five years_ (the advantage of being a man is that you can fuck yourself on your own – a woman can’t) then the entire FemiNazi false-edifice would come crashing down. The coming of the internet offers a once-in-geological-time, slim chance, that this mihgt be executed.

    It wouuld do it, I guess, in about 40-60 days for young women in places like Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and some “university cities like “Preston” where there is “UCLAN”, but not I guess Oxford or Cambridge – and London would of course certainly crack before these two.

    We’d have to “be strong together and hang together” (er, sorry…) … Otherwise if anybody broke first, it would destroy the whole gamut. There’s plenty of online porn to wank over, and anyway then you can pretend they’re doing exactly what you like, and you don’t even have to persuade, let alone argue. Dealing with “real women”, trying to “persuade them” to have sex, does sometimes seem like it’s too much trouble and strife these days, also probably deliberately caused by the FemiNazis. As I’m very old, of course, it doesn’t matter to me, and I am – as that Greek philosopher said (I forget his name) “overjoyed to be released from a tyrannical master”.

    There’d have to be some sort of armed-response-force, to keep the less-westernised Muslim men and Africans in line with the rest of us, otherwise they might “break and flee the field” under “receipt of FemiNazi Cavalry”, and start shagging beseeching, begging and desperate stripping women nineteen to the dozen, and strenghtening the will of womanhood to survive our collective-starving-out of pleasuring them, by the formation of mob female hominid queues 1,200 deep at each male. It is observationally-axiomatic that these two groups of males seem to require and indulge in more sex-per-unit-time than caucasians. They even make a “thing of it”. They’ll have to be “restrained by intellectually-tough officers”, for the duration.

    I do think, in my old age, that FemiNazism could be destroyed by a concerted effort by Men, over five to ten years, or as long as it takes, in this way. It would be important for the human race that this should be done, and one by-product supposedly-to-be-devoutly-to-be-wished-for-by-the-GramscoFabiaNazis would, of course, be a slowdown in world population growth – if not indeed an actual reduction.

    Just think of it – no human babies conceived for TEN YEARS, anywhere. It’s be like the Black Death all over again. We could even shut hundreds of thousands of British “universities”, “for lack of students”, and not reopen any after everyone has forgotten that they ever existed.

  10. Just think – no Disk-Jockeys working today could ever be prosecuted in their old age when they are rich. Because they’d not have shagged anyone, at all, during their working life when famous!