What the GramscoFabiaNazis forget (or perhaps don’t give a f**k about) is how angry, how really, really deeply angry, we all now are.

David Davis

This organisation, the Libertarian Alliance, doe not officially endorse any political party in the UK. Not even the Libertarian Party, whatever may have now become of that.  However, libertarians consist of people, individuals, some of whom are really angry and upset at what has been done in the name of GramscoFabiaNazism. You readers all know who these bastards are, so I’m no longer going to minutely detail the buggers. Sean Gabb and I have been going on, and on, and on and on and on, for most of our adult lives, about who they are and what they would like to bring about, and at which they seem to be succeeding. It’s rather sad really for it makes it look to him and me that nobdy is listening or really cares a f***.

At the UKIP conference, a young fellow called Godfrey Bloom uttered (a) some jokes, and (b) correctly clouted a foul Leftoid “journalist”, called Michael Crick, over the head with a UKIP brochure. This was becasue the nasty foul Crickperson asked, aggressively, why there were only white faces on the front of the brochure.

Bloom was quite right that this was a _racist_ remark and question, is was therefore illegal and actionable under GramscoFabiaNazi hatespeech laws, and so was quite right to hit the leftoid bastard over the head and stride on. It is indeed “racist”, within the meaning of the Act and terms, to suggest that there is some ulterior motive in not putting any “couloured or black” faces on one’s brochure.

It means that the interrogator exhibits racism towards whites, as the foul Crick did on that occasion, and probably did elsewhere on the same day as well. he ought to be interrogated and perhaps even charged. The War Secretariat’s people would have had him whisked off his feet so fast and into a “facility” that his feet couldn’t have touched the ground. As I said, some people are very, very, very angry now.

The MSM will of course be all over this for days, orgasmically wetting their pants about the “death of UKIP” and the “killing of its conference”. However, I suspect that because there are so many angry, really very, very deeply angry people out here, it will not quite turn out as hoped for the GramscoFabiaNazis.  I expect that there will be a temporary blip in the polling figures for UKIP, especially among the more Nazi-leaning organisations and “caucuses or groupings” such as “mumsnet” and the “BBC”, whatever that is. But I don’t think any long-term damage will be dome by telling the truth about racism among leftoNazi journalists as Bloom did, and about behind-the-fridge-cleaning.

Indeed, my dear wife cleans behind the fridge, regularly. About once a week or more, in fact. I can’t see the point of it myself, as nobody goes there and we don’t eat anything that falls down behind there either. But she does it, because when challenged about it, she replies angrily …  “BUT IT’S DIRTY!!!!” … There’s no arguing with that I guess, because it is, in reality.

Also, people have forgotten the subtle difference, which I suspect Bloom has not, between a slut, who is slovenly, and a tart (who may not be slovenly, depending on how expensive she is) who is something different.

I think the MSM were just looking for any excuse to rubbish UKIP, which represents an existential threat to more than one of the parts of the LibLabConParty.

8 responses to “What the GramscoFabiaNazis forget (or perhaps don’t give a f**k about) is how angry, how really, really deeply angry, we all now are.

  1. Special consideration for non-white people is the very definition of racism.

  2. My home town prides itself on ‘diversity’. Our trendy taxpayer-funded theatre was recently celebrating five year of success (don’t see how it’s possible to be unsuccessful with a constant stream of taxpayers’ subsidies), and partying staff posed for the local paper. All but one appeared white. Likewise, our universities are also white middle-class enclaves in terms of staffing, even with auxiliary personnel.

    Strange for a city with the lowest White British population as a percentage. Race is only an issue when it suits the authorities.

  3. This will blow over rather quickly ones suspects, after all Labour MPs start fist fights in the bar of the Mother of Parliaments, Peter Mandelson resigns twice for wrong doing (and still gets a top job at the EC ), the Labour party recruits ex-BNP members and paedophiles (probably the others do to, I just may have just missed their nefarious activities).

    A sickening proportion of MP cheated and lied on their expenses; an even more significant number bent the rules beyond credibility. Labour cabinet ministers benefiting from off shore trusts (I know that Conservative also do, but at least they are not so hypocritical as to complain about the practice whilst personal live on the hog of untaxed income).

    The Guardian manages its affairs to pay as little tax as possible, which of course is the fiduciary duty of its directors, but you would never guess from their editorial policy.

    Lib Dem suppress sexual assaults by their members and benefit from donations that are least open to question, they then go on to proclaim moral superiority.

    Despite all this the political class, leftists and those on the right, are rewarded with votes, salaries, expenses and status by the electorate.

    Mr. Bloom did none of the above I believe, he may like a drink, he may be gaff prone, he might be sexist (in the modern sense), he might be old fashioned; however, as far as I know he pays his taxes, doesn’t engage in sex with minors and so is by comparison with far too many MPs a paragon of virtue.

    One understands UKIP and Mr. Farage’s frustration that this media (manufactured?) event took the focus off policy, but perhaps that doesn’t matter. If you are minded to support the only largish political party in the UK whose main policy plank is that the executive must be democratically selected by the people, Mr. Bloom’s media exposure won’t matter a hoot.

    Of course if you are minded to prefer the unelected executive authority of erstwhile Marxists at the EC then UKIP are not going to be your bag anyway. Mr. Bloom is at worst an old duffer, but that it no crime and mostly a result of Chronos not maliciousness.

    By May 2014 all this will be forgotten especially if, as I suspect will be the case, UKIP trounce the others at the (proportional!) elections to the EP.

    As you say we are getting righteously angry, the ongoing scandal of forced infantile clitorectomy in the UK, with the perhaps even more than the tacit consent of the executive, is a scandal; it makes even Jimmy Saville and the BBC seem benign.

    I suggest that Mr. Bloom should be appointed Clitorectomy Tzar, with remit to expose, bring to prosecution and imprisonment those who practice, conspire or abet this abomination. I suspect he would be jolly good at such a task.

    • “forced infantile clitorectomy”

      What about male genital mutilation? Any civilisation that champions male disposability won’t remain civilised for very long. Maybe that is the real root cause of all the problems here – not politics.

  4. Nick, I’m inclined to agree, yet male circumcision is not illegal, the female variant is. Quite possibly there is a sex discrimination case to be made at the ECHR. But that would mean engaging with judges at court which is possibly equally abusive, although in a less hands on way.

  5. There’s no point blaming the media. If any prominent politician acted like Bloom, the same thing would happen. UKIP could have got a lot of positive, free coverage, but, thanks to Bloom acting the goat, the party had to spend its time arguing over him.

    • “thanks to Bloom acting the goat, the party had to spend its time arguing over him.”

      If they claim to be an anti-PC party then maybe they should quit apologising for their members and not give a damn what the media thinks. That’s the only way you are going to beat PC-absurdism of which there are no limits.

  6. Enoch's Eyebrow

    Mr D — unlike 99% of Brits, you will know instantly what CFI and LFI are. How significant do you think they are in the GramscoFabiaNazization of the UK? And are we allowed to wonder whether Lord Feldman, Grant Shapps, Lord Levy, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Andrew Rosenfeld and Co are getting anything in return for their generous funding of both sides of British politics? After all, if so many generous people in British politics had connections with Iran and Islam, I suspect you, Melanie Phillips and many others would have a few things to say on the subject. You’d be right to say them too.