Libertarian Alliance in The Guardian (again)


• Howls of pain from the Libertarian Alliance, which struggles to understand the predicament now suffered by the controversial Suffolk theologian Dr Alan Clifford. He’s awaiting a decision from the Crown Prosecution Service as to whether he committed a hate crime. All he did, they say, was circulate an emailed leaflet with the heading “Christ Can Cure – Good News for Gays”. This came to the attention of the chair of Norwich gay pride, who reported it to the police. Inexplicable really. And unfortunate that Dr Clifford should be the target, for it is continually said that lightning doesn’t strike twice. Last year he was banned from preaching his gospel on council premises when it came to light that he was the author of such pieces as “Muslims need rescuing from Islam”, and “Why the West Must Shun Islam”. An unlucky fellow, obviously. Seeking only to help.

3 responses to “Libertarian Alliance in The Guardian (again)

  1. Even by the standards of the lefty idiots, that article is peculiarly lacking in anything approaching reason or valid argument.

    Absolutely nothing about whether or not he has the right to express his opinions, just odd snarky comments about ‘lightening not hitting twice’.

    And this is the paper that has got its knickers in a twist over supposed infringements on its liberties by the government. Pathetic.

  2. The Greenwald/Snowden caper is the classic “stopped clock right twice a day” situation. In general the Guardian is a cesspit of socialist shite. The sooner it is gone the better.