Curse of Babylon Reviewed

I love an anti-hero as you’re never sure which way things are going to  go.  After all they’re unbound by the usual set of ironclad rules that  most have to stand by and for that reason the wonderfully dark as well as delicious Brother Aelric is a cracking change from the norm.

In  this historical adventure (the sixth title for our hero) we get to see his own brand of trouble in Constantinople as a man of rank.  It has great prose, some wonderful twists and of course with a lead character that you’re never 100 percent sure on then you know that its going to be a whole lot of fun.

The only problem that I have with this type of book, and its been a bug bear for years to me, is that I hate books being a look back on a characters life from their own point of view.  It means that there’s no danger to the characters person, that they’re always going to get out of a situation which really does take a huge edge off the plotlines.

One response to “Curse of Babylon Reviewed

  1. The reviewer’s point of view is all very well, but then since you know he’s survived, then you get to learn some history.

    The more history we know, and take lessons from, the less trouble we shall have in the future.