Spam Filter Again

I have just unblocked more alleged spam by Neil Lock, Mr Ecks and Keir Martland.

This is really getting on my tits. A man of my age and eminence should not have to spend so much of his time sifting through hundreds of spam comments about penis enlargements and fake leather coats. I am in need of neither.

Sadly, I can see no alternative.

2 responses to “Spam Filter Again

  1. I wish I knew what to do about this. I’ve been wandering round the wordpress gizmos and stuff to try to do a fix, but I can’t find anything amiss.

    And I’m even the blogmaster (some say…. like the “Stig” etc)

    Does Ian B have anything to say about this? He’s a computer-whizz.

  2. Me too – and as for penis enlargements and viagra, being a female it’s kind of weird, I mean what are they suggesting, an op maybe? Seriously the amount of spam is tiresome. Any help from anybody would be very much appreciated.