The Traditional Britain Group

by John Kersey

Today has seen several attacks on the Traditional Britain Group in the national press. These take the time-honoured approach of damning the TBG as of the “far right”, making much of the well-known views of Gregory Lauder-Frost, one of its leading members, on immigration and voluntary repatriation, and of course featuring the obligatory denunciation by a public figure; in this case Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP, who spoke at a TBG dinner in May but has now – with the aid, it should be mentioned, of well-known Leftist publication Searchlight, not to mention his masters at Conservative Central Office – recanted his involvement. The TBG has published a response.

The TBG, at whose last conference our own Dr Gabb gave an excellent speech, is not a libertarian organization, for all that some of its members hold libertarian views. It is, nevertheless, a meeting-point for those who hold traditional views that were mainstream within the Conservative Party of the 1980s but have since been marginalized as that party has moved towards the “centre ground”. Its website describes its aims in these words,

Since World War II, serious assaults on our culture, heritage, constitution and institutions have gathered apace, leaving many dismayed and eager for change. Political correctness and enforced multiculturalism have watered down our rich national character and have forced honest and intelligent people to hide their true feelings for fear of reprisals.

Today liberal-left ideas are all pervasive, whilst the Conservative Party has failed to defend or preserve anything conservative or traditional. The organic and intrinsic, social, spiritual, legal and economic institutions of the British have been undermined and destroyed in the name of vague promises of equality and prosperity, whilst a transnational ideological, managerial and corporate elite dominate Europe with little accountability. The vacuum that remains has been filled by little more than blind consumerism, broken communities and socio-economic, environmental, spiritual and moral decline.

These are lines which, I suspect, are likely to have many of our readers nodding in agreement. There are twenty-one standpoints on the same page which articulate Conservative principles that would have been utterly unexceptional until recently, and which have found particular expression over the years in such organizations as the Conservative Monday Club.

It is significant that two of the attacks that have appeared have been in the leading newspaper of the Quisling Right, The Daily Telegraph, and in The Times, which was once a conservative newspaper. Their timing, considerably after the event in question, give rise to the likelihood that there is a political motivation behind these stories. In both papers, Mr Lauder-Frost is asked about his views on voluntary repatriation of the ethnic minorities (which to my belief he has held consistently for at least the past thirty years) as posted on Facebook and robustly defends  these comments. The TBG’s Facebook page also reacted to the news that Doreen Lawrence is to be made a life peer with the following statement, likewise quoted,

“It is a monstrous disgrace that this Lawrence women (sic), who is no friend of Great Britain, and who is totally without merit, should be recognised like this or in any other way.

In fact she, along with millions of others, should be requested to return to their natural homelands.”

It appears that this was picked up by Liberal Conspiracy, the organ of Sunny Hundal, and from there came to the panicked ears of Conservative party officials. Attentive readers will remember that Sunny is not unknown to us, receiving a “good kicking” (verbally) from Dr Gabb on Radio 5 a couple of years ago, when he was “reduced to feeble irrelevance”. It may be that the wounds are still smarting.

Clearly for Jacob Rees-Mogg and others of his ilk, it is no longer acceptable to oppose either Doreen Lawrence or what she represents. Since her appointment to the Lords is one of the most nakedly political appointments of recent times, it also signifies that there is little prospect that the political class is likely to back away from its embrace of the multicultural ideology and all that goes with it. Its attitude towards tradition, including its own tradition, is that those such as Jacob Rees-Mogg are tolerated only so long as their embodiment of tradition is confined to style – appearance, manner and so on – but not to substance. This is hardly a great surprise to any observer of modern politics.

It seems to me that the TBG is more likely to gain members as a result of today’s publicity than to lose them. I suspect, however, that any who resign may well be those members of the political class who stand to lose from official disapproval of their associations, and any who join may be the increasingly disaffected numbers in this country who despise the political class and everything it stands for.

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  2. This tells us all we need to know about those persons of the Political-EnemyClass that want to erase, culturally, anything “British” and particularly “English”.

    Calling something “traditional Britain” will be – to them – like a very very red rag to an unusually angry bull. It is asking for trouble frankly – when we now face people with all the guns, and they are gearing up for their end-game.

    If we called it “The Democratic-People’s Prodgressive-Liberal Movement”, then we’d get somewhere.

    This title immediately hijacks all the enemy’s favourite words, and as a bonus tells the absolute truth about our objectives and motives.

  3. If this affair shows anything at all, it is how utterly pointless it is to support the so-called Conservative party.

    Look at Rees-Mogg for a moment, who is one of their more prominent MPs.

    He goes and makes a speech at the TBG, whose aims were perfectly clear to anyone who cared to look at their website. And then when this fact is publicised, he caves in and pretends he didn’t know what kind of group he was supporting and makes a cringing recantation.

    So either he didn’t trouble to find out what they stood for. Or he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions.

    Either way, is this the sort of person that a conservative would want to support?

    Then look at the way that his party was more than ready to cut him adrift at the merest sign that he might not have signed up to their leftist politically correct agenda.

    Clearly had he not made this abject Stalinist show trial style apologia, he could have said goodbye to his political career – and probably faced deselection for the 2015 election.

  4. Thank you for that erudite article. The smears and defamation continue, of course, as the liberal-left have a field day in their time-honoured manner of smearing individuals rather than the arguments. One newspaper has announced, amazingly, that I come from Rhodesia! haha. No-one in my family, including me, have ever lived there – we are entirely British. However I suspect that this being a Rhodesian would be a smear in itself for The Left.

  5. Concerned Briton

    The liberals and the wider established order are afraid of the growth of opposing views, so much so that they seem to employ the “broken windows” line of approach, famed by policing methods.

    Only they are not talking about actual crime, they simply police what they think can and cannot be said or discussed in society.

    The ‘broken windows’ concept in policing is of course that if you repair broken windows, you prevent the building being further vandalised, spray painted, etc, and the gathering of ‘hoodlums’, petty crime, and the spiral that continues to wreck a society.

    The ‘broken windows’ policy of the “liberals” is that you scream blue murder at the most tiniest of deviation from their worldview and magnify the non-newsworthy to absurd proportions (such as Oprah’s handbag paranoia, Godfrey Bloom’s ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ comment, or the – albeit stupid – ‘illegals go home’ campaign posters).

    This way, nothing of any great magnitude can ever actually be done, and the fear of “over stepping the line” ratchets tighter and tighter.

    The comments attributed to Gregory in numerous “Independent” and “Telegraph” pieces are no doubt quite “shocking” given how cocooned the established order is from dissenting views, but personally I had to laugh and congratulate Gregory on the forthright nature of his positions.

    Mrs Lawrence being a peer is a politically inspired joke in my opinion. Whether we should have entered into war with Germany is also a valid question to be asked when we had no quarrel with Germany, and considering what had been imposed on Germany after the First World War.

    That is it unpleasant or unfashionable to say or suggest these things is here not there in serious-minded people who are adult enough to engage in debate.

    Unfortunately, most of the media and the particularly the “liberal” left are devoid of any sense of being able to pose difficult challenges to the orthodoxies of our time – the latter group being like cry babies wailing and moaning over anything they can get their hands on.

    As implied above by another comment maker, the Conservatives are useless. They have always been useless – otherwise we would not be in the state we are in today.

    They have been nothing but a buffer to the planned speed of liberalism – to the point where William Hague can boast on Radio Four before the last elections that they are now more “socially Liberal” than the Labour party and that they are “proud” to have “moved with the public mood over the last 100 years”. etc.

    Obviously William Hague does not see that, for “Conservatism”, it is an admission of complete FAILURE – seeing that the “public mood” has been intensely shaped by their opposition over at least the last 70 years or so!

    Liberals are afraid of dissent, the Conservatives are afraid of Liberals.

    This has led to a country that is already finished as we have “traditionally” known it, but people are walking like the “un-dead” or zombified, either uncaring or unaware of what it is going to be like in a mere 20 to 25 years time, let alone 35 years or 50 years.

  6. My definition of “liberal” is not the same as that used in “concerned Briton’s” comment above.

    By “liberal” I mean minimal-statist/libertarian. I think he’s using the leftoNazi definition. that just proves my point that it is important to hijack the EnemyClass’s words and their use of them.

    We should be using the word “liberal” instead of “Libertarian” in my opinion.
    I will be asking Sean Gabb in a meeting soon, if we should change our name to


  7. Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond

    The Traditional Britain Group thinks it represents the people of this country does it? And is apparently rascist, or at least some members are, like its Vice-President Gregory Lauder-Frost: “It is a monstrous disgrace that ‘this Lawrence women’ (sic), who is no friend of Great Britain, and who is totally without merit, should be recognised like this or in any other way. In fact she, along with millions of others, should be requested to return to their natural homelands.”
    So, the elevation to the House of Lords of Doreen Lawrence is a “monstrous disgrace”. This is the woman whose only ‘crime’ is to have been a wife and mother born with black skin whose teenage son, also born with black skin, was brutally stabbed to death by white-skinned rascist murdering bigots. This is the same woman who took on the police when faced with disinterest and bigotry from within the very organ of the law whose job it was to conduct a thoroughly unbiased murder enquiry with energy and urgency and who failed to do so. This woman is to be branded “totally without merit” by some far-right bigot is she, who thinks “she, along with millions of others, should be requested to return to their natural homelands”?
    Good grief, the outrage, imagine people expecting the murder of a young black man to be taken seriously. And then becoming one of a tiny number of non-white people to sit in the Lords. I mean, where is her ‘hereditory’ right to sit in that chamber to legislate and pronounce?
    This little man wouldn’t happen to be a white supremacist bigot by chance would he? Why would he think or say such a thing? I know people in such groups bang on about the liberal left and political-correctness. In fact I bang on about it sometimes as I don’t like it myself. But please, a bigot’s a bigot in any money.
    What if millions of people, (many from former colonies that Britain ruled and used to its advantage) who have been given the legal right to settle in Britain refuse to leave, as no doubt they would, and indeed should? What of their offspring born here? What would this group do to impose its will I wonder? Round them all up with the use of the armed forces? Or would you use your own people, your own private ‘security people’? Gestapo uniforms all round is it? And then you could force them all onto ‘banana boats’ back to ‘Bomgo-Bongo-land”, by force if necessary, as depicted in the film Children Of Men a few years ago. In fact, Idi-Amin stylee?
    Like I say, I dislke political-correctness; likewise the lazy self-righteous, judgemental labelling that goes on, but I heard your spokeman say the things above (at least the first part anyway) on the news myself and read the rest. Frankly I find it abhorrent. It rather appears that your group wishes to return to a bygone age in which you rule the roost over everyone and stick peoples’ noses in the mud to boot, purely out of a sense of perverted enjoyment.
    Do your members know the real history of slavery in the past I wonder? Along with piracy (which still goes on in some financial circles today) it largely built this nation along with the colonisation and exploitation of millions in later years. The level of (un-Christian) degradation to millions turns most people’s stomachs. But what of you? Was this your past ‘glory’.? Did it typify your ‘Christian values’? Woudl mass expulsion suit your jaundiced view of what you like to think Christ stood for?
    What the Tories need is indeed to be true to their values, but in a genuinely inclusive and mutually respectful way, somethigng that was generally in short supply in the past and which apparently survives and prospers in motley groups such as this. I’ve read a bit of your website. ‘Some’ of your tenets I would adhere to in principle but as usual the devil is both in the detail and expecially in the state of mind behind that. Tenets such as : ‘We are in favour of localism and local communities’ … ‘We support the small businessman and entrepeneur’ … ‘We are opposed to internationalism and globalisation’ … ‘We believe in the spiritual values of life and of the respect that is owing to man’ … ‘We are against the purely materialist conception of life’ … ‘We support the Great British Countryside and its conservation for future generations’.
    Some of it however is potentially pretty scary stuff. Like ‘We believe everyone with different colour skin to ours or in fact anyone who can’t prove their lineage back five generations should be forcably repatriated, regardless of whether or how long they have had a legal right to remain, whether they hold British passports or indeed have actually been born here.’ That is one of Traditional Britain Group’s tenets isn’t it? It’s what your spokesman has openly stated and then repeated on television so one assumes that is correct. Or don’t you actually have the guts to add that as one of your tenets on your website homepage?
    Many people in this country are similarly concerned about the steeply rising population and birth rate of our little plot of land and the ability of our nation to cope, but we don’t make it an issue of race. It is simply a case of numbers. And many wouldn’t trust the sort of blue-blood born-to-rule types who I suspect secrete themselves under your cloak at the best of times, given their record and that of their ancestors.
    What’s funny is that I will probably be regarded as a politically-correct leftie liberal, when in fact they are usually the subject of my ire, and I the subject of theirs! But I have had to make a special exception in your case. You really are beyond the pale, at least if this burke Gregory Lauder-Frost is anything to go by.
    I like to believe that a majority of British people want to retain our independence and sense of Britishness, but that we don’t want to live in a country that is morbidly inward-looking, selfish, small-minded and full of hatred and aversion towards ‘others’. We recognise the projection and hypocrisy in such people as this Gregory Lauder-Frost and others in your group, assuming as is reasonable that they are made of the same stuff. He is after all your Vice-President. Do not tar the majority of the people of this country with your own brush. We don’t like it.
    Why do you think we fought Nazi Germany? It was not to become subsumed in an undemocratic single European state, but neither was it to become subsumed in an out-dated society run by bigotted Little Englanders who believe the hereditory principle means they and their mates should run things and everyone else should jump when they say. Both options are abhorrent to me and to many others in this country. The tragedy is that who would represent that silent, reasonable, open-minded and patriotic majority? Not you lot I’m afraid.
    It is striking just how similar were and apparently still are those elements of British society to elements in pre-WW2 Germany. It’s frightening and makes me shudder. Thank God Churchill managed to root out some of the worst of our lot. Should have hung every one of them.
    From your very own words one is inevitably left wondering just how far right of the political centre ground you are – despite your public denials and howls of indignation – and what your members would do if your ilk ever gained power. Perhaps you are the Tories very own Militant Tendency? Either way someone like this Gregory Lauder-Frost is quite clearly a bigot and political poison. If his views are not redolent of other members of this group I suggest you dump him like radioactive waste. That would leave your President in sole charge, ‘The Lord Sudeley’ if you please, who from his photo on your website looks as if he has been dragged through a hedge backwards after a night on the tiles. Most unedifying all round.
    Right, I’m off, it’s time for tiffin… (cue abuse).

  8. Alexander Gordon

    I posted a question on Traditional Britain Group’s Facebook page on Thursday. I said that I had been born in Germany; my father was a British officer, my mother German. I was registered as a British Citizen. There I went to British Army schools and I came to live in Britain for the first time when I was 9. I held a commission in the RAF for 28 years. My wife is Japanese. My question is: should I be encouraged to go back to Germany, deported to Japan or am I all right to stay in Britain? The question was deleted and I’ve been blocked. I’d appreciate an answer.

  9. Sir Sidney (or should that be good old Sid James *in propria persona*?): you surely mean *hanged*, not “hung”.

    But that aside, you are labouring under a major misapprehension. This blog represents the Libertarian Alliance. It is not the blog of the Traditional Britain Group. They have their own website and are well capable of answering your points for themselves. Gregory Lauder-Frost is not, as you allege, “our Vice-President”. Nor is he “our spokesman”. Our brief is to highlight situations such as those which the TBG finds itself in at present whereby the political class seeks to demonize and silence those whose views are inconvenient and unfashionable among their members. Today, the political class attacks those on the Right, such as the TBG. A number of LA contributors, including myself, certainly agree personally with some, but not necessarily all, of what the TBG has to say; I think that was made entirely clear when I pointed out that the TBG is not a libertarian organization. But if you look back over the history of the LA, most of which is available online, you will find that we have not been slow to defend those with very different views from the TBG as well, and that some of the unfashionable causes we have espoused would frankly have their members choking on their cornflakes.

    Alexander Gordon: much the same applies. We are not the TBG. We have no idea why you were blocked by them. The answers you will receive to your question – which I am entirely happy for you to ask here – will be different from any that you would receive from the TBG, and because we are not the TBG, will not represent their viewpoints or offer you the presumed satisfaction of their response, unless their officers choose to comment here.

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  11. I have known Gregory since 1979. There is no doubt that the House of Lords has been filled with spivs-starting with Harold Wilson’s cronies. I also have no doubt thatTBG are about to get a lot more members.

  12. As the current Chief Imperial Wizard of the LA, I thoroughly approve of John Kersey’s repy to that silly lefty rant. I think it was Caligula who said of the Roman People “Oh but they had but a single neck I could cut.” The lefty neck, of course, is state funding. Cut that, and we’ll hear no more of them.

    • The trouble is, socialism is like Japanese Knotweed. Removing the state funding of socialist busybody outfits will not stop more people spawning to become socialists. Thus, exemplary acts may need to be comsidered, to “discourage the others”. I’ve often talked about the South Sandwich Islands, a place there there is nothing of what they say they don’t like, and where they would be comfortable with each other.

  13. I think your intention to perpetually bleed for others might, Sir Sid, soon bring about your own death. Had you visited this site more often, you’d have known that the Lawrence saga has, and in very great detail, been repeatedly discussed.

    Of course it was sad that Mrs Lawrence lost her son but now, joy of joys, she’s finally landed the jack-pot. It’s the big one too. Far better than winning the lotto, being a pop star, or even a modern-day doctor complete with Mercedes and Rolex. Palm trees beckon.

    A peerage no less for the lady to enjoy – she and all those other extremely lucky ermine-clad gentlefolk now strolling the marbled halls of Westminster. Most of them also rewarded for doing little to nothing… other than having lady-luck to elbow of course.

    This reward – for it is surely not an award – is something that far more deserving mothers (those whose sons have lost limbs in the service of their country for instance, or the mother of the recently beheaded serving soldier) would never be offered – not a chance in hell of it happening actually. Mr Cameron would more likely reward a serving door-nob in number 10 than he would raise to the peerage the mother of wounded or dead soldier.

    On that basis alone, I suggest that this totally unexpected bauble, along with its unwarranted act of political appeasement, should have been slung back at No 10.

    Thank God though that the last throw of the dice in this wretched drama has been thrown. At least it’s been successful in demonstrating just how far the British government is prepared to go when it comes to ramming home its own intent to create a multicultural state here in the UK. That the majority of we Brits never wanted it is considered an irrelevance.

    Save waiting for the Queen’s be-heading, Mrs Lawrence couldn’t possibly have done any better from the murder of her son. But my heart bleeds only for the countless thousands of mothers whose son’s perished in defence of home and hearth. All for nothing now it seems. Their sacrifice lies bankrupt along with the nation on the edge of shame and obscurity.

    I still trust however that their combined spirit can be re-kindled when called for. In the prolonged struggle white men will be mostly killing off each other, so no need for Sir Sid to worry. When it comes to slaughter, white men know well enough how to raise the game.

  14. I wonder if I might respond to the clown calling himself Sir Sidney R-D and others. Last Thursday a report was released by Oxford University Professor David Coleman saying that immigrants now made up 13% of the population and with their procreation and any further immigration the indigenous population of our country would slip into the minority before 2070. I feel certain Professor Coleman is not a “racist bigot” or “far-right” but an academic producing statistical facts for national consumption. For me at least, this is a very serious situation because I am proud of my nation and do not wish to see it destroyed by alien immigration. I cannot imagine any other country sitting back and knowlingly accepting this situation. National suicide.

    In the 1970 Conservative Party General Election Manifesto they pledge that they would halt immigration and encourage voluntary assisted repatriation for those immigrants who wished to take advantage of it. I believe this was an excellent item for their manifesto bust sadly the party were simply using it to draw in votes which won them the election. They did nothing. Of course. However the mass immigration scenario is now so acute in Britain that not a week passes by without numerous reports on immigration headaches throughout the media. The situation is certainly far worse than anyone in 1970 could have imagined.

    So if I am “far-right” for maintaining this ideal to try and restore some balance in Britain, then the party which proposed it in 1970 must have been seriously “far-right”.

    Could I just add that Mrs Lawrence, a Jamaican, slagged off the British people and our agencies continually from day one of her son’s death in a street fight. (I urge people to read Dr.Frank Ellis’s excellent book: “The MacPherson report – The Sovietisation of Britain”). Although her son was born and brought up in England she nevertheless sent the body “home” for burial near family in the vicinity she was born in. Many people have seen their children murdered, maimed and wounded by immigrant attacks over the past 50 years but these go virtually unnoticed and mostly unreported. Shuld their mothers all be elevated to the peerage to? What a shambles the House of Commons has made of a once noble upper House which had served us well under the hereditary system.

  15. Concerned Briton

    Gregory, I think your estimates are too generous by a good 20 years – not that the space of 20 years is really the point, or even 150 years.

    (Not that our other commentator really cares either, because they are clearly nihilistic on these matters).

    Yes, when it comes to “Sir Sidney” (who rather humourously claims that he is not one of those wishy-washy labelling PC types!), I have rarely seen so many pompous, ignorantly self-righteous liberal-left canards, straw men and falsehoods cobbled together in one single burst.

    In fact, there were so many of them it would probably have taken several hours to de-compile them all!

    However, is it really worth the time to try to educate these stubbornly ‘closed minded’ people into understanding a different point of view than their own? (Especially someone who is so far gone in being brainwashed by the hegemony of the current established order?)

    I am not so sure it is. They are often “bigoted Little Liberals” who are so far up their own (perverted sense of being self-righteous) rectum that I really don’t know how they manage to breathe, let alone calmly and carefully consider an entirely different world view to their own.

    (Well, I say their own, I would tend to think it is more accurately the one which they have been given since birth – but which they still believe to be entirely of their own making!)

  16. When the reckoning, and the payment for, for what has been done to us as a nation finally comes, it will be awful.

    I am not quite sure if the British-PoliticalEnemyClass actually realises the extent, the depths of ferocity, the sheer wickedness that might be uunleashed, once the British finally get angry.

    This is why we had schools – until rather recently – in which little boys were beaten to a jelly for small offences. It certainly put us in line. It was part of the needful socialisation process for White English Males. Look what happens outside most “night clubs” these days, over small things like one dude “looking at” another dude’s ” “bird” (or is it “chick” now? I don’t know…it might be “bint” but I don’t think they’d know what that means.)

    I’ve forgotten what I was gong to say next as I have been interrupted. I may add a comment later.

  17. Bint! Yes, I recall hearing but seldom using the word: like you mention, used from time to time to describe a young female… of Indian origins I imagine. Anyway Mr Davis, please do carry on with what it was you had in mind to add before the motor spluttered…..

  18. I think Gregory deserves much credit for his performance on Newsnight – a very testing venue where many have come to grief! Allan Robertson Swinton Circle