Summer Sale: The Churchill Memorandum

I have reduced the Kindle price of The Churchill Memorandum to £2.70.

Buy before I change the price again.

7 responses to “Summer Sale: The Churchill Memorandum

  1. C H Ingoldby

    How have sales been going?

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  3. It’s an extremely funny book. I actually read it, for the second time, as a sociological comedy. I promise you fellas, you will split your sides laughing, if you are of the generation born in, oh, about 1940 to 1965.

    The sheer, self-regarding-nastiness and hubris of most of Britain’s politicians which inhabited that landscape, is humorous to behold, and you will love their destinies.

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  5. Dear Dr Gabb

    “Buy before I change the price again.”

    Up or down?


    • I’d buy it now if I was you. You will not regret it for it is an extremely funny book.

      Sean, next time you converse with my dearest woman, you must ask her if, while reading it in bed as I did, I was not giggling and splitting my sides frequently, with graciously-suppressed, sub-hysterical laughter.

      Especially that really really grand scene when, er, Michael Foot, er shot…er….[that other pompous self-regarding fellow] between the eyes at the, er,…(that’s enough plot-spoiling: ed.) Or was it somebody else…?