Yet Another Novel by Richard Blake

The Curse of Babylon
by Richard Blake
Published by Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: 1st August 2013
496pp, £14.99
Kindle Version £7.99
ISBN: 8-1444709735

Richard Blake’s novel The Curse of Babylon, is due out on the 1st August 2013, from Hodder & Stoughton. His earlier novels have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak and Complex Chinese. This is the sixth in his series of critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling historical thrillers.

615 AD. A vengeful Persian tyrant prepares the final blow that will annihilate the Empire.

Aelric – the young adventurer from England – is now almost as powerful as the Emperor. Seemingly without opposition, he dominates the vast and morally bankrupt city of Constantinople. One step at a time, in his fortified palace, he is pushing forward reforms that are the Roman Empire’s only hope of survival, and perhaps restoration to wealth and greatness.

But his domestic enemies are only waiting for their moment to strike back. And the world’s most terrifying military machine is assembling in secret beyond the mountains of the eastern frontier.

The plot to destroy the English upstart begins with an ancient and apparently accursed Babylonian treasure – and continues with kidnap, revolution and a brutal invasion. Intrigue, sex, black comedy, spectacular crowd scenes and extreme violence – you will find it all here in luxuriant abundance.

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Richard Blake is available for interview.

Comments on Richard Blake’s Earlier Novels

‘Vivid characters, devious plotting and buckets of gore are enhanced by his unfamiliar choice of period. Nasty, fun and educational.’ Daily Telegraph

‘He knows how to deliver a fast-paced story and his grasp of the period is impressively detailed’ Mail on Sunday

‘A rollicking and raunchy read . . . Anyone who enjoys their history with large dollops of action, sex, intrigue and, above all, fun will absolutely love this novel.’ Historical Novels Review

‘It would be hard to over-praise this extraordinary series, a near-perfect blend of historical detail and atmosphere with the plot of a conspiracy thriller, vivid characters, high philosophy and vulgar comedy.’ The Morning Star

‘Fascinating to read, very well written, an intriguing plot and I enjoyed it very much.’ Derek Jacobi, star of I Claudius and Gladiator

4 responses to “Yet Another Novel by Richard Blake

  1. Mustela nivalis

    Congratulations Mr. Blake. Looking forward to reading this latest (last?) installment of Aelric’s adventures.

    • It may be the last. After so long there, Mr Blake can almost smell the drains in Byzantium.

      • It should not be Mr Blake’s last, about this fella Aelric. There are many decades in the middle of this chap’s life that are not covered, and Aelric can’t have been idle.

        Would Aelric have had the chance to, say, visit Germany or the West Slavonic lands for example? What would he have found there? Life did go on in those parts, well-removed for the time being from Rome or Byzantium.

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