What the LA Says Today The Guardian Says Tomorrow

Hugh Muir’s Diary, The Guardian, 25th July 2013

Finally, the royal baby brings joy in the most unlikely places. At the Libertarian Alliance, the leader Sean Gabb is poetically over the moon. He writes:

Praise be to Balding Billy,
Whose heir will have a willy,
Which, thank God, will surely mean,
Not another bloody Queen.

Forward thinking in short supply at Libertarian HQ.

4 responses to “What the LA Says Today The Guardian Says Tomorrow

  1. The enemy reads what we say.

    I have suspected it for years.

    They are not half as stupid as some classical-liberals – who ought to bloody well know better – think they are.

  2. Concerned Briton

    Is Jasmine Kwe Kwe Akimbo a nom de plume of Sean Gabb?

    Have I missed a joke?

    If not, Hugh Muir might want to get down to Specsavers for a new prescription, preferably before handing his membership card back to the NUJ for incompetence.

    It was recently reported that Guardian News & Media (the publisher of The Guardian and the Observer) lost more than half a million pounds a week last year. This is despite redundancies and so on from previous years of flagging sales.

    Average daily sales for The Guardian dropped to an all-time low last month too, when sales dipped to below 200,000.

    I hope it is a sign to come – and that some of these Guardian journalists might have to break out of their metropolitan elite circles (and perhaps even have to compete with their much-loved immigrants for low paid and unskilled work in order to survive).

  3. Well, the trouble is that the “Morning Star” never got above a circulation of about seven fully printed copies a day, worldwide, and yet GramscoFabiaNazism managed to kill 300++ million people in the 20th century alone.

    The killing power of the Guardian in megadeaths, is not exactly comparable but it’s still doing its FabiaNazi job while my Chimpanzee type-Writers type. Even now, it the foetid warm humidity of a July-evening Lancashire nissen hut….
    …Actually, I might review my assessment there: its unwavering support for all things GreeNazi, following on from the foul Rachel Carson (of “Silent Spring” infamy) and other GreeNazi apostles, may be responsible for at least 500 million deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. If it was not for her and many even worse people in the meantime, the poopulation of Africa could have been three to four billion, they would have all been fed, clothed, housed and watered, and there would be no Malaria now. The British Empire, post-WW2, as one of its gigantically-positive legacies to the world, was just about to declare Malaria as “eradicated”, when the foul Carson woman and the UN stepped in.

    Fucking bastards.

  4. Let us have an answer to Concerned Briton’s question.

    Is J. Akimbo a real person or not?