Problems with this Blog

For the past few weeks, comments have been going at random into our spam filter. Now, for the past few days, I’ve had problems accessing the blog. Half the time, it seems to be down.

Is this a problem at my end? If so, it affects all the computers on my home network. Or is it a general problem? If so, any help or advice would be much appreciated.

18 responses to “Problems with this Blog

  1. Been OK for me so far

  2. Nick diPerna

    I’ve also had no problems. Never used WordPress, but is there any filter settings?

  3. I’ve not encountered any problems reading, receiving, or commenting on your blog. It’s all clear sailing on my end, which is in Williamsburg, Virginia.

  4. I regularly look in, and it hasnt been down at any time for me, but maybe I’m just lucky. As to the spam thing, probably the WordPress heuristics have decided some commenters are spammers.

    I host my blogs on my own servers, so I’ve never used this WordPress service, but I guess you have to use their spam filters and can’t use your own plugins? Is that the case?

  5. I’ve noticed that. Made a reasonably long reply to someone’s comment, only for the whole thing to vanish into the ether!

    Annoying and rather puzzling.

  6. I’ve had no probs reported to me from the Chimpanzee type-Writers’ Nissen Hut, nor with that funny stringy metal stuff on the telegraph pole outside.

    Occasionally it seems to be slow at loading and editing, but that may just be general traffic in the overall netwrok.

    However, I find on other wordpress blogs, (including Legiron’s at “Underdogs bite upwards”) that my comments don’t appear, and then only rather later when he’s cleared out his spam filter.

    I think it’s a wordpress problem.
    (EDIT) [It was very slow just now, for example, at putting up the bulk of this comment.]

  7. Julie near Chicago

    We’ve been getting the “Slow down! You’re typing too quickly” bit a lot when commenting at Counting Cats. Even just in the last couple of days. It’s some sort of WordPress glitch.

  8. Dear Sean,

    Is your symptom that pages fail to come up – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly? And you get the “Internet Explorer cannot display this page” (even more uninformative than the old “404 Error”?)

    If so, I think David is right that it’s a recently introduced WordPress problem. It’s been happening to me at Watts Up with That for the last 2 weeks – only about 20% of page requests get through. Then today it happened to me on your site, for the first time.

    It might be my old browser (IE8). But again, it might be a concerted attempt by the forces of darkness to stop the spread of truth.


    P.S. When I posted the above, I got “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down”. But it’s more than a month since I last commented on the LA website!

  9. Julie near Chicago

    Yes, Neil, that’s precisely the message we’ve been getting at Cats. It has nothing to do with elapsed time, neither between starting in the Reply box and hitting “Send” nor between the last time you visited the site (much less commented) and when you hit “Send.”

    Also a lot of those “Cannot display this page” messages.

    Most people use some version of a Windows machine. I use a Mac, with mostly Firefox but sometimes Safari (never, ever any version of IE).

    It’s a WordPress bug.