Customer Service

My wife and I bought this kettle from the Aga Shop in Tunbridge Wells on the 2nd October 2004. Yesterday, the handle sheared away. I wrote to the Aga Shop at once, enclosing the photograph and a copy of the receipt. I got a reply this morning, promising a replacement within seven days.

Aga products are expensive. The original kettle cost £64 in 2004. A new one now costs £100. But you can’t fault the company’s attention to customer service. British often is best.

9 responses to “Customer Service

  1. Nick diPerna

    Not like the state sector who destroy records after a few years (unless you owe them money. This is the difference with those who operate on the side of coercion.

  2. Couldn’t you have bought an aluminium one for a fiver? Tasteless enquiry, I know

  3. Are you planning to respond to their reply? I would be more than interested to see that!

  4. I had a similar experience with Meyer. My parents bought a set of (rather expensive) pans for the new induction hob, and after a year or so in the dishwasher the rubber on the handle grips had split apart.
    When I got in touch with their CS department asking to buy some new handle parts, they asked for some pictures of the damage and then said “That looks like a manufacturing defect. As it’s covered by a 10 year warranty we’ll send you some new pans.” And they did. Despite my previous attempts to glue the rubber back together being CLEARLY VISIBLE IN THE PHOTOS.

    In this day and age, that’s eyebrow raising levels of service!

  5. Or you could have bought one from Argos for a tenner and it might not have lasted quite as long but it’s a 1/6th of the price

  6. C H Ingoldby

    You have receipts from 9 years ago for a kettle?

    That’s almost scary.