On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Alliance, I wish to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son.

8 responses to “Congratulations

  1. William Palfreman

    Good! Constitutional crisis averted!

    • Yes I was wondering about that. Only some microscopic islands in the Commonwealth have “ratified” Diddy-Dave’s royal command, on behalf of the Political-EnemyClass, that whoever gets born will be the monarch, of whatever sex of the many we now seem to have.

      In “agreeing” to this fatuous and preposterous demand by the EnemyClass (which should be engaged in problem-solving rather than problem-creation) Elizabeth-the-Useless has risked damaging that thing she likes most, which is the frequent junkets she takes to “The Commonwealth realms”.

  2. As it grows up, it’ll gradually turn into George III. They all do. It’s like the Hanoverian genes consume and destroy any other alleles in the genome. It’ll have that jaw,and those teeth, and those boggly eyes, and go prematurely bald.

    On that basis, I’ve no idea what everyone is so thrilled about.

  3. …where’s a real cuckoo when you need one?

  4. Lynn Atkinson

    Thank God it’s a boy! Now let’s get rid of that oth boy in Downing Street!

  5. Ruling Elite Applaud Name Of Future King

    Politicians, quangocrats and sundry shady kleptocrats were today reported to be “delighted” by the name of the newborn prince, Trayvon Mohammed Patel Windsor. “This sends a clear progressive message that the monarchy is moving with the times” said buttered new potato headed Prime Minister Mr David Cameron. The sentiments were echoed by the leader of the official Opposition, Mr Wallace Gromit, in a weird, nasal voice. “This sends a clear progressive message of hope and change to our vibrant society,” he said.

    Other heads of the statist hydra offered their support. The former terrorist who now runs The Fawcett Society offered her gender neutral congratulations, adding “with any luck, Prince Trayvon is transsexual and will choose to be crowned Queen Trayvon Mohammed Patel” while Mr Trevor Phillips suggested that “while the name is a step in the right direction, once again we see that the monarchy have chosen to spawn another white devil”.

    Buckingham Palace report that the official songs of the Royal Birth are to be “Glad To Be Tray” by Mr Tom Robinson, and another tedious rewrite of Candle In The WInd, by Mr Elton “Wiggy” John. A celebratory pageant is to be organised, featuring a flypast by both the RAF’s aircraft, and the Royal Navy’s ship. The ceremony will conclude with Mr Mark Carney firing a 41 gun salute of money cannons, into the City Of London, over a crowd of ragged beggars representing Britain’s industrial history.

  6. Instead of Windsor, they could use “Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glucksberg”, which would sit better with the subordinates of that Hermann RumpyPumpy man, who really runs things here.