The Public Overwhelmingly Reject Minimum Alcohol Pricing Too

by Dick Puddlecote

The Public Overwhelmingly Reject Minimum Alcohol Pricing Too While the faux outrage about some irrelevant strategy consultant for the Tories still rumbles on, the Home Office released its report on the Alcohol Strategy consultation today, hence more reports about how minimum alcohol pricing has been scrapped … which we already knew from last week.

Some of you may remember an article here going through the consultation questions at the time, and many of you took part in the exercise. It panned out quite nicely, so time for more happy graphs.

The Home Office received 1,145 answers to the silly question as to whether minimum pricing is a good idea, and the majority again rejected a nanny state initiative by a comfortable margin.


And if you thought 56% against and only 34% in favour was a good result, wait till you see the pie once business organisations, NGOs and other assorted vested interests were stripped out.

Responses from ordinary members of the public – such as we jewel robbers, for example – opposed minimum pricing by a factor of three to one!


Now that’s what I call a real thrashing!

Perhaps Labour should re-consider nailing their colours to this wrecked mast, for two reasons. Firstly, it is indisputable that the policy would have harmed those with less money – that’s what regressive laws do, and Labour so hate regressive laws, don’t they – and, secondly, just look at those numbers!

Are they really prepared to go to the country advocating a Soviet style price fixing policy which three quarters of the public oppose?

Good luck with that whole biting voters’ hands thang, comrades, but today should really be the last we see of the abomination.

2 responses to “The Public Overwhelmingly Reject Minimum Alcohol Pricing Too

  1. Good – only one in four ordinary people are raving bonkers.

    Sadly governments tend to represent minorities of (bonkers) people, not the majority of people who are fairly sane.

    “Public Choice” economics tries to explain why.

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