Shariah Controlled Zone: Is This a Genuine Poster?

I was out and about in Whitechapel the other day. This is in Tower Hamlets, which I am often told is the nucleus of an Islamic state that will subjugate England.

Except to say it troubled me, I will make no direct observation on the immense number of foreigners in the street. However, I saw none of these posters. I saw English women walking about in English clothing. I saw off licences open for business every few yards. I saw people of all colours drinking in public. There was loud rock music coming from the pubs. I didn’t see anyone who looked obviously gay. I always have trouble telling prostitutes of either sex from members of the general public. It looked like a third world slum, moved into one of the dumpier parts of London. I saw no sign of intolerance, organised or otherwise.

Can anyone tell me if these posters are genuine? Or are they fakes produced to cause trouble?

I ask because, in spite of all I may have said about mass-immigration, I do think the main threat to English civilisation comes from people with white faces. They are the ones who have been working to despoil us of our rights. The immigrants themselves strike me as just one more excuse. I don’t think they care how we live or what we say. If they all went away, we’d still live in a police state, with omnipresent surveillance and speech codes. We’d still be bled white by taxes and stopped from owning guns. There would still be smoking restrictions, and ludicrously worded laws against the portrayal of bum sucking.

I would never say that all was well with relations between us and the immigrants. After all, Lee Rigby was butchered on the street in Woolwich. But I do suspect that the line taken by the EDL/BNP/Gates of Vienna/Eurabia people is a diversion from the main issue – which is to undermine the economic and social power of those natives who control the British State. The BBC is a more deadly enemy than Islam4UK. John Wadham is worse than Anjem Choudery.

Comments, anyone?


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  1. Don’t know if that particular poster is fake, but the patrols are real:

  2. James Oliver Deckard

    ‘I always have trouble telling prostitutes of either sex from members of the general public.’ LOL!

  3. I remember these being reported as real when they first appeared, and Islamic groups claiming responsibility.

    What is perhaps though most interesting is that all of the things they are declaring to be not Halal or whatever the word is (with the exception of “music and concerts”[1]) are also the subject of Progressive prohibitionary zeal- smoking, drinking, narcotics, sex. Which just reminds us (IMV) that the Proggies’ philosophy comes from the same source and is merely a secularised form of Puritanism, which itself derives from ancient Levantine socially authoritarian tribal values. It may not be too extreme to suggest that there is really only one “culture war” and it has been running since Hasmoneans vs. Hellenised Jews, over 2000 years ago, in various forms.

    [1] Music, concerts and dancing were, of course, prohibited or tightly controlled in Calvin’s Geneva, under Cromwell’s Puritan regime and in subsequent puritan societies. Even today, you’re allowed to dance only with a license from the State. Not so long ago, a London pub was prosecuted for allowing its patrons to “move in a rhythmic fashion” without a specific license.

    • Very interesting Ian B: proggies being closet authoritarian puritans and all that. They inbreed and their divorce rates are much lower than the rest of us too. Elitist separatists in denial posing as egalitarians.

  4. “smoking, drinking, narcotics, sex” should include also “gambling”.

  5. Hardly having had a good word to say about the BBC for forty or more years, I nevertheless consider them to be far less harmful than Islam4UK.

    Putting in place the right people at the BBC – those who are not quite so enthusiastically interested in making personal fortunes or influencing the public’s political opinion – and it could, possibly, be rescued. However, trying to rescue those in support of Islam4UK is akin to attempting to piss over the handlebars of a motorbike doing 70 mph – it can’t be done and should anyone be silly enough to try, they’d need to quickly hose themselves off after dismounting.

    Maybe Sean, you arrived at around 10 am, the sun was shining, you felt sort of relaxed – because your wife had insisted you should not once mention the words politics and immigration – so while she looked around the bell foundry you popped into one of those normal looking, average sort of ‘English’ pubs that abound in the area and enjoyed one drink too many.

    It’s understandable and not against the law… not yet.

    With your keen eye however, you did notice the area resembled a 3rd world slum, so all is not lost. I thought you’d been got at there for a moment or two. It was quite worrying. Lapses similar to that happen to me too from time to time.

    The poster doesn’t worry me. Butcher’s knives and meat cleavers do and they remain firmly in the hands of insanely dangerously people. Those are deadly weapons that our useless politicians cannot remove from society. They will always be to hand when certain people consider lessons need to be learned… but it wont be the white man who’ll be doing the the teaching.

    Just a few years ago, a young white soldier suffering a beheading in a London street would be all that was needed before things would start to change in our country. Our government would finally awaken from their dreaming and recognise real danger for what it is. Now however, we’re being obliged to wait for how many more to die; ten, twenty, or a hundred maybe?

    This is not a good time for men like you to start dreaming Sean.

  6. I agree with your thesis Sean.

    Whatever on may think about the sort of people who put up posters like this – and I do believe it is genuine – they have at least been fairly honest about their aims.

    The BBC, on the other hand, while talking about even handedness etc, has been relentlessly pushing forward the ruling elite’s world government socialist agenda under the cover of various themes as “green issues” and so on.

    Its power is far more pervasive and far more insidious.

  7. Don’t worry, guys.

    When we have won, ALL these people (who survive their “moment of arrest”, wherein they “may accidentally encounter objects other than the arresting officers while accidentally resisting”) are to be /voluntold/ to “undergo voluntary transportation” – either to “sheds with beds” in Hounslow, or else to the South Sandwich Islands (the smallest ones.)

    ALL these people wanted, as Ian B has often said and said and said, and kept on saying and saying (and we didn’t listen at first) a world where all the stuff they didn’t think we ought to have or hear or read or eat or fuck or play or drink or inject, was, er…not there.


    The War Secretariat will “put them in places” where all the sort of stuff they said we ought not to have or enjoy, is, er….not there.

    If they were right about what they said, then they ought not to have any of it either. So, since they are “right” (but have lost the war) they will be voluntold to go to the places that have been set up, for them to “enjoy”.

    I merely give this comment (since the Internet is public of course) of the intentions of any British Libertarian Government’s War Secretariat, towards all these awful, Nazi, rubbish, scumbag people.

    They cannot ever now, say, that they were not warned. After all, states now collect all this info so I will be on record as having warned tham of the consequences of pursuing a war against liberalism.

    I’m sure that at least one of the bastards is reading this blog, so he can tell the others, and I hope it will be soon. Unpleasantness in the arranging of all the needful arrangements and transportations to be made, can therefore be pre-minimised.

    I’m still not really sure that the GramscoFabiaNazis are quite “up-to speed” with exact;y how deeply, deeply, un-measurably angry ordinary British People are, with them, and their dreadful, life-threatening schemes for people. They are actually murderers on a cosmic, manichaean scale unprecedented in the modern line of Human History of the past 10,000 years. I don’t know how any of them will live with this burden, but it’s their problem and not that of the Secretariat. As the man said, “God Will Know His Own” (when they get there.)

    At least they won’t have to live with their moral burdens for very long, when they get to where they are to be voluntold to go. The length of time will depend on how individually-murderous each one of them is.

  8. I actually, on thinking, don’t think we want the bastards left in sheds in Hounslow.

    I think the War-Sec will do a deal with shootinputin187. I think we’ll be allowed to dump them on Novaya Zemlya instead. The Northern Island, not the Southern one. (Look at a map….and see what WarSec plans for the bastards.)

    In fact this will free up the South Sandwich Islands (full of birds I now gather, but not many types) for what my old father used to call “The Bird Nuts” (by which he meant the RSPB, before they morphed into the awul “green”, anti-human-food thing they are now, even.) WE will send the BirdNazis to the SSI instead, and the billions of socialists and “ex state employees who don’t agree to recant in public and personally burn their pension plan papers and _deeds_” to Novaya Zemlya (North).

    • I must admit, I have this little daydream in which the Liberal Reversal occurs, and it is somewhat similar to the scenario Sean has described in his book Culture War and elsewhere. In which we do nothing to these people, but take their power away. Because to watch them staggering around shell-shocked, hollow eyed, despairing, as the mighty edifices of State which they have constructed are torn down, until nothing is left, would be truly delicious.

      It is only a daydream. If the reversal comes, it will be a more gradual process. In truth, we will have to manouever to a state of liberty via transitional states, and there will be no great instant of triumph. But, it is nice to daydream…

      • Interesting, but…

        I dream of the sudden, terrible-to-watch, retributive, all-reversing revolution. In which all debts are “repaid”, all is “made right again”, and In Spades. All at once. I’d like to see it before I die, and I’d like to see the irremediable wiping of socialims from the face of the earth and from the Brows Of Men.

        You see, we really will need, badly, to _charge interest upon /Goods/ not previously received that would have been otherwise received”. By this, I mean the rightness of things that Men have not experienced in their lives, over the last couple of hundred years, that they ought to have been the recipients of.
        The buggers will have to pay, as it were, those who had been pre-deprived of Benefit (no! not that kind!) which is to say: everyone that has suffered a life which is now not as desirable as it would have been had socialism not existed.

        As this can’t be quantified exactly, and obviously will be, if monetized, in the hundreds and hundreds of trillions of £ or $ (take your pick), We The Victors can therefore _Name Any Sum We Like_ . The socialists can’t complain for it’s what they did themselves all along. We’re only playing by their rules so that in their defeat they can’t complain.

        Ian must take slight care not to try to live in a world in which retribution will be gradual and painless, given the anger that several dozen libertarian activists feel.
        Remember that Russia was overturned and Sent To The Devil in 1917 (much to the inconvenience of the rest of the Allies) by less than 300 scallies, reivers and scumbags, including a couple of bank-robbers and a ne’er-do-well-intellectual fascist-pamphleteer.
        I therefore still think that less then 300 angry libertarian conservative-minimal-statist-liberals may need their own anger vented somehow: and the costs – when this will happen – to the vanquished GFNs will be (as F E Smith said) “enormous”.

        This is the entire point of “reparations”. It’s to make the enemy pay for his bad choices. It is so enormous because it has of course to cover (1) all direct costs, plus (2) “indirects” which is the lost opportunity-costs of what would have been enjoyed by good-people had the enemy not been bad and destroyed their opportunities under section (2). That’s why they are called “opportunity costs”. I know no economics, but that definition is because I say so.

        We will never be taken seriously as a “movement” until we outline, cheerfully and quite frankly, what will be undergone (at our command) by our defeated enemies when they finally fall through the rusty sieve of worthless ceespool-output that will be all that they will create, along will gigadeaths of the uninvolved and innocent.

        The trouble is, we are never collectively-angry at them all in the same direction. They think we are an unorganised load of disaffected intellectuals who wear glasses and drink coffee over our keyboards all night.

  9. I sometimes think that the EDL and BNP are barking up the wrong tree. But life is not easy when you are a social sub-group competing with other social sub-groups (like inner-city Islamists) for housing, jobs and state resources. Most working class people I know (including my parents) think that you only pay tax to buy hospital beds for the sick and to pay for your measly state pension – not to fund your own oppression. We’ve all had BS pulled over our eyes .

    Political movements need an enemy that can be easily identified (Islam provides ample opportunities and plays into our inherent nature of mistrusting people who are not like us). And nothing strengthens group loyalty more than a perceived outside threat.

    But by what I’ve seen recently, it does appear that the EDL at least, is modifying its stance – with more focus on genuine democracy and the rule of law. As dissident Pat Condell pointed out recently, if the EDL was a student body – then it wouldn’t be a threat.

  10. john warren

    Perhaps IanB’s daydream depends on how things went the day before. Was war declared or did Islamic terrorists engage the State in the same way Catholic terrorists won their parliamentary seats in Northern Ireland? War always brings great change so daydreaming might in fact become reality. What a thought.

    Islam is not a perceived threat Nick, nor is it a threat coming from outside. The soldiers of Islam do seem to be here and living among us right now. They’re studying us, learning more about us every day. Listening to all that is said and watching what is done or not done. They are listing our weaknesses, noting our strengths and testing our resolve from time to time… but for the time being content enough to bide their time. They know we grow weaker by the year whilst they grow stronger. They trust their god to show them when the time is right. My goodness, they make no bones about that whatsoever – it’s a clearly avowed intention.

    That the majority of Muslims are not involved in evil is neither here nor there. The majority of ordinary Germans were not Nazis prior to the WW2 – but that didn’t stop the Allies from bombing them into tiny pieces. War is an obscene and wretched business but to me and to many others it seems, there’s potential for an ideological East/West war to be brewing. With low moral in ranks of the British army and cash-strapped paymasters in Whitehall, sadly however our fighting forces seem unfit for any purpose.

    The talk now, for instance, is that in order to save a little cash, the Royal Navy should be reduced to two nuclear subs allowed to operate at sea only for part of the year. Wow! Why bother? Just don’t print the cash and save a little face at least you silly bunch of arses. Churchill pretended we’d loads of planes so you pretend we’ve loads of submarines. God knows there’s already so much pretending going on in this country a bit more will make little difference.

    The Royal Navy used to rule the waves, now she can hardly manage to defend our coastline. No money left for equipment because the elite have smashed and grabbed it all – and more for them to grab soon when Royal Mail is privatised.

    Had we a responsible government, it would be caring about protecting the people. A responsible government really should automatically be afraid of an enemy, perceived or not, who are wealthy enough to outgun and outlast us a dozen times over. That’s reality.

    We must be mad, literally mad. Now who was it said that?

    • My take on it would be that hardline Islamists are a sociocultural subgroup. Subgroups may be a real threat to other social subgroups (as in Lee Rigby’s case or of the grooming gangs etc.), but do not represent a threat to the status quo. However, if the situation changed, then those at the top would act accordingly.

      No respectable person genuinely cares about the people at the bottom.

  11. Islamists would only be here in small numbers if not for the state. A few thousand might have arrived under their own steam but such small numbers would have no chance of outbreeding or outnumbering anybody esp as, without the state, there would be zero welfare and those wanting 5 kids would have to support them by their own efforts. That would be easier in a Libertarian nation but not that easy.
    Now that we have large numbers here they have become clients of the “progressives”(despite the fact that muslim doctrine is far from fond of two other prog client groups-women and homosexuals) and thus the circumstance that anti-muslim tweets concern the bluebottles more than beheadings.
    They state has caused and facilitates all the problems that face us today and remains our greatest foe.

  12. Well said Mr Eks – I agree entirely with your sentiments.

    Whilst returning from our local bakery early this morning – in brillant sunshine I might add – it occurred to me how difficult it’s become to work out who’s actually driving social policy these days. Is the government tugging slack reins whilst the BBC turns the wheel that steers? Or maybe it’s the other way around. Damned if I know anymore. To be safe then, perhaps it’s time we started voting in senior staff and members of the so-called BBC Trust?

    Perhaps like me, you also spotted a recent report which stated that in Sweden women fill half the seats in the Swedish parliament? Their multicultural problems have turned out to be even worse than ours, and with a much smaller population, so perhaps that helps to demonstrate your “modern progressives” theory.

    Most men I know, insist they simply can’t figure out what goes on inside a woman’s head, so why do women insist they know what goes on inside a mans? In my own experience, they’re more often wrong than right. No matter his creed and culture, boys turn into men who no longer remain innocent in the way mummy too often thinks.

    • Ah, the “bluestocking conceit”. Men recognise that there are things they don’t understand. Women just presume they do, out of a simple conceit. Feminism is really the extreme articulation of that; a bunch of women who believe that they understand men (which they do not) and other women (which they do not). This is the remarkable thing about Feminism; it is a theory of gender which actually has no theory of gender, because it was created by women who understand neither other people nor themselves.

      Basically, feminism is to social science what homeopathy is to chemistry.

  13. Forget banning smoking, drinking and prostitution etc., MP Keith Vaz now wants the ban on fizzy drinks extended to academies and free schools – those independent of local authorities.

  14. Concerned Briton

    I think Sean is correct to strip back the obvious whipping boys and tackle what may be at the fundamental basis of how this country has been transformed – and why.

    Whilst there is certainly a clear danger of an increased Islamic nature to this country, by sheer demographics alone meaning that the ratchet will continue to tighten the more Islamic society reigns over societies and localities, one ultimately needs to ask what are they all doing here in the first place and why has it got to this level?

    It must also surely be asked as to why parts of the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, and so on, are all heading the same way and all started their transformation processes at roughly the same time, within a decade or so of America (or more accurately those who are influential in America) removing the restrictions for settlement and the British issuing the Nationalities Act.

    Given that the European Union was already being built in the background, that might be another aspect which raises my suspicion that there has been a co-ordinated plan to remove distinct national identities throughout Europe and the Occident, by breaking down all the traditional ties that have bound us together, whether that be the Church, family units, cultural events, and most obviously a racial or ethnic homogeneity that has previously been necessary to define oneself from another.

    People may discount all this as being some kind of wild conspiracy theory, but quite honestly, can really people still tell themselves this is an accident or some kind of unforeseen turn of events that has simply been reached by ineptitude and incompetence on the part of a multitude of government ministers?

    Given that more immigrants have arrived in the last two years or so than what arrived throughout the 900 years previous to 1948, with ‘ethnic minorities’ rendering the indigenous population of Britain a minority in at least three of their largest cities (and two or more smaller cities to follow in the next five years); and given that the country was 99.8% ‘white British’ in the 1951 census and that the ‘white British’ will be the national minority by the time of the 2051 census, there is an unprecedented situation happening here which has to be something other than accidental.

    Given that around 75% of the immigration we had seen under Labour had been from outside of Europe (the only places we can control) and given that one of the first things the Labour Party did in 1997 when they came into office was to remove the restrictions that had been put in place for preventing “chain migration” from Pakistan and India (which actually accounted for the highest rate of demographic change prior to Tony Blair’s insanity), must show there was some desired intent to keep this situation developing.

    There are many other things which may be considered too.

    Not only could there be the purposeful smashing of national identities to create a pliable “putty man” of globalism (as part of some John Lennon or communistic hippy idealised “utopia”), but there could also be matters of destroying the only people capable of mounting a challenge to what is being done and who might be doing it. (Let’s face it, other parts of the world were never and currently still are not capable of this).

    In addition, you will have the obvious things – such as importing a new electorate that is highly likely to vote for ‘liberal’ parties which will pander to their needs and allow their self-expansion (such as Labour and Lib Dems, but now also the Tories), lowering wages of the common man through the import of desperately poor and cheap labour, the massaging of the “white guilt” complex that has been imbibed into the British for their “shameful past” in order to carry this process out, and last but not necessarily least, financial reasons to do with the debt.

    In the latter, this is where we had reached a stage where the more debt the country had on its books, the more money we allegedly had.

    I shall not go into fractional reserve banking and the fiat currency issues – as I hope most will have some idea of what that all means – but in such a scenario it is not beyond the realms of possibility to suggest that in order to keep their “ponzi scheme” going (of needing more and more suckers reliant on loans and debts) that they would import millions of desperate, low skilled, poor people from around the world in order to create this ‘need’.

    They win all around……smashing national identities, working with big business to lower wages, creating a more pliable and reliant electorate supportive of big government, the imposition of their “melting pot” ideal of a nondescript globalised human biped with no allegiances to anybody or anything, a propping up of their financial masters and flawed financial policies, and so on and so forth.

    Islam is just a part or component of this mess which has been left behind for the indigenous British to grapple with.

    It is a problem for all those who care about this country not becoming an Islamic dominated landmass, but so is the problem of a general demographic “replacement” of the original inhabitants to which they have all come to live amongst in the interim.

    As is the problem of the “rot” of all our societal institutions, which have been gradually undermined and turned into tools of our dispossession, or tools which are ceasing to properly function for their originally intended purposes. (such as courts, police, schools, transport).

    You can add to this, I suppose, the soft endorsing of drug cultures (Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty, even going back to the Beatles I suppose), the increase in gambling, promiscuity, binge drinking, commercialism and a myriad of other things which have rotted down society.

    Ironically, the “radical” elements of Islam in this country have understood how things have gone for us, and perhaps quite naturally, they want to avoid the same future for themselves and their way of life – hence the poster pictured above.

    However, Islam, to me, is just the mere “obvious” piniata for the public to bash and for the media to use as the narrow focus for what is a much bigger problem facing this nation.

    There are bound to be posters like the one Sean refers to, there are bound to be advancements in Sharia courts, increased enforcements of dress codes and behaviour (of first the Islamic society itself and then wider society).

    There is bound to be a ratcheting equal to the proportion of Muslims in Britain and what sensitivities their faith requires of them to uphold.

    One only needs to look around the world currently and throughout history as to what the future holds for this developing situation and how it will turn out. It is not as though there are no precedents of increased animosity, tit-for-tat retaliations escalating, civil wars, uprisings and partitions with these people.

    Why are the elites here so delusional as to believe none of this will happen here?

    As ever, their sense of superiority to the “likes of the BNP” means that they must know better and that they will “really do it right this time!”, just like they will “really implement socialism/communism right this time”…..

    In my opinion the EDL are barking up the wrong tree. They are focussing on what is front of their nose, rather than tackling the fundamental reasons as to why they are under their nose in the first place.

    Nor do they tackle anything other than protecting what is in effect the prevailing “cultural marxist” ideals from the perceived monoculture of extreme Islamic doctrine. For the “left wing” to call the EDL some kind of fascist “far right” neo-Nazi group is just laughable and borne out of their own ignorance of what lies beneath.

    Yet given who is often actually backing/funding/establishing these “counter-jihad” movements here and throughout Europe, this diversion away from a focus on the instigators of what has been going on is hardly to be a surprise!

    For the indigenous Brit, on present trends, all they have to look forward to is diminished capacity to determine the future travel of this country, watching their demographic displacement unfold at alarming pace, the slide into a greater “3rd world” slum of dysfunction, broken societies, lawlessness and so many problems (ranging from female genital mutilation to higher rates of vote rigging and diseases) that nothing can function.

    Despite what they may delude themselves, UKIP is not going to be enough to save them from this fate. It may buy us another decade if we are lucky, but it will still overcome us if nothing fundamentally changes. The horse is already in the gate.

    In my personal opinion, Libertarianism within this developing picture is going to be ever further diminishing – along with the demographics that have traditionally sustained and created those ideals.

    Sean is right, well partly right, to lay the blame really on the “white faces” that actively encourage and encouraged this situation to develop.

    They are the real obstacles to getting anything done about it, not the innocent every-day Muslim or African or whatever who has found themselves here in this country.

    • Maybe the reality is far simpler. The BBC even admitted that mass immigration was encouraged due to declining UK birth rates and unfunded pension liabilities. Culture often proceeds politics.

      And maybe we appease Islam because we’re knocking Muslim countries to pieces.

      • Concerned Briton

        But one surely ought to ask them as to why the native birthrates are declining so much, and why the idea of replacing ourselves with ‘others’ is in our interest?

        Any sensible nation would encourage a higher birthrate amongst those whose country this is, rather than replace the existing population with another set of people, particularly those greatly distinct from itself.

        However, what we have seen is a situation where hedonism has reigned supreme, where families have been destroyed or postponed, – such as where two adults now need to work to keep a roof over a couples’ head rather than just one “breadwinner”.

        Many people are financially forced to live in shoe-box size accommodation of flats or minuscule ‘new build’ housing (which I currently believe have some of the smallest footprints anywhere in Europe) which simply mean they put off having a family because there is nowhere for them to fit.

        Many first time buyers are also now in their late 30’s and early 40’s…..and it is projected to get worse.

        Then we have the feminism which has seen “career women” want to do it all by postponing their (often tokenistic) single child until their 40’s or even 50’s (with the aid of IVF).

        I think the current set up is hardly conducive for the “responsible” to have children, whilst on the other hand it has been conducive for the less responsible (and the immigrant descended population, particularly Islamic societies) to have children.

        (The latter no doubt practising ” fecundism” – ‘to increase the numbers of a group and, consequently, its political influence’. As is natural for any such ‘out group’ grouping within a host).

        If the government really wanted to turn the birthrates around, they would introduce policies and societal methodology to allow that to happen – like what has recently happened in Russia.

        People laughed at Putin’s policy suggestions and his desire to keep Russia Russian (and thus do something about the declining birthrate), but I read recently that his policies have had an affect. A politician in Germany once ran a campaign for “more babies, less Indians” – making the same kind of point of how it was madness for – as Thilo Sarrazin termed it – “Germany to abolish itself”.

        That the BBC (and their complicity with politicians) has managed to give off the idea that we need all these immigrants for our “pensions” just goes to show the blatant propaganda and lies which come out of the media and the government to allow their agendas to continue rolling.

        The excuse of immigration being necessary to sustain pensions has been busted apart as a folly so many times in the recent decade I have lost count – but people do still come out with it as a reason for what we have seen take place, and is still taking place!

        Regarding knocking Muslim nations to pieces, you’re dead right there. None of it is really any of this nation’s concern, and I believe things have only been done to ensure that – behind the scenes – certain vested interests are upheld.

        (Whether that be destabilisation of the middle east to prevent them ever being to focus collectively on Israel, whether it be ‘regime changes’ to suit neo-colonialist and globalist agendas, whether it be for asset stripping of their resources or gold reserves, switching to being under the IMF and World Bank systems of financial authority, or other matters).

        Even if all that is discounted, the destabilisation and escapades in these countries have led to hundreds of thousands of Muslims fleeing and claiming asylum in the UK. Whether it be from Syria or former interpretors in Afghanistan.

        It is with great parody or irony that under Labour we were told that we were keeping this country safe from Islamic extremism (and a general threat to this country by Islam) by going around the world bombing Muslims to pieces, sending our armed forces out to partake in regime changes (and defending assets of global companies), whilst Labour, at the same time, let some 5 Million or so immigrants into Britain – a vast number of which will be Muslims who will one day go on to Islamicise (albeit innocently) the country that those soldiers were supposed to be defending!!

        None of it makes any real sense from an indigenous British perspective, only from an ‘international-socialist’ perspective does the ‘plan’ really seem to come together.

  15. john warren

    Well thought through CB and helps me deal with my own increasingly powerful inner frustration. Nothing new added to the mix of course but set out in a way that is more easily seen and agreed. A road map illustrated carefully – without giving further boring history lessons – and showing the way modern, degree-clutching yet visionless politicians are busily leading us to a new but irrecoverable European disaster.

    So, now that we can see past the trees – we can better see those who are responsible for putting up so many smoke-screens. However, here comes the hard part – the part nobody wants to talk about because they might sound like a member of the EDL, Britain First or, god forbid… the BNP (even though they are precisely the same sort of men used so often in the past to absorb the known enemies cannon balls).

    CB. Precisely how do we save the forest from burning and igniting our homes, towns, heritage, friends, families and all else that Englishmen once held dear?

    Do we wait for the 100 to die? Will you now illustrate a road-map that could perhaps return this nation of ours to sanity… or maybe bite the bullet the way many brave men did previously by admitting that further talking to those who refuse to listen never helped us in the past, nor will it now?

    As a nation, we must be mad. He did nail it in one didn’t he?

    • Concerned Briton

      Well, John, that is the ultimate question: “What do we do now?”

      This has been something which I think many on the (much maligned) “far right” (such as the National Front and British National Party) have quietly been wrestling with since the very inception of those parties, in the hope of quashing it before it took hold to the degree it now has.

      That is, after all, what they were founded for (amongst their many other policy issues that pertain to nationalism – as against the globalism we are seeing take hold now).

      Some of the people involved in them then, seem to have had the foresight to see where things were heading and how it was heading there.

      They may not have always gone about presenting things in the right way, but they certainly knew what was coming – and I think they have been proven right.

      That our society has largely been re-conditioned and re-shaped to keep moving the goalposts of our ‘tolerance’ to this process (over three generations or so), does not really alter the kinds of predictions and evaluations that have now transpired (but which were once ridiculed and deemed to be “scaremongering” and “lunatic”).

      Rather than be in shock that the indigenous are now a minority in three cities, there is more a sense of “ah, so what?!”. The reality has transpired which the majority of the country would have once found unacceptable and outlandish. Social conditioning has done the rest.

      From the perspective of the ‘far right’, they have tried marches, they have tried political parties, they have tried demonstrations, petitions, they have tried all manner of things within the allowed system which have not only been greatly misinterpreted by the public at large for far too long, but which have ultimately failed to deliver a meaningful result (or sustained change) in direction.

      Not all of it has been their fault, though. It is literally a David against Goliath struggle on their part.

      (Not much money, no access to the media, unfavourable coverage when they do receive any, no favourable ears in the mechanisms of society, a policy of exclusions, ‘no platforms’, threats from the far-left, intimidations of members and of those who held their meeting venues, etc).

      Despite all of this, and what I see as a massive cock-up on the BBC “Question Time” (which was no such programme in my opinion), the BNP had still managed to breathe down the back of the neck of the Labour party when they had a surge of success in Barking and Dagenham (and a few other places).

      Yet when they were defeated in those seats, there just was not enough left to keep things together internally. All the party had striven for was blown away overnight. It is bound to have caused a knock to the winds of change that could have otherwise appeared with a breakthrough, even if something more suitable than the BNP took the baton in the long term.

      Disillusionment of the electoral process (and the style of Nick Griffin’s approaches) set in hard, and in my opinion a lot of the cream of the crop within the party itself jumped ship to what currently manifests as the British Democratic Party, which is perhaps more your ‘thinking man’s nationalist party’ (without the cruder ‘populist’ attitude or car-salesmen style gimmickry and stunts that became notorious with Mr Griffin).

      The BNP was perceived by many long term members to have reached a peak of its abilities under its current guise and current tenure, who, after a very narrow leadership election win, refused to step aside and allow others to take the reign and try a different style.

      As ever, a split occurred as a result of this, throwing up Britain First along the way as well as many other grouplets. Most of them, to me, are off on a tangent ranging from some kind of Christian Patriotism to ‘Counter-Jihadi’ cultural Marxists. They all have their little niche, but I cannot see them as a whole solution.

      To be fair to the BNP though, given that the 2011 census later revealed that the ‘White British’ percentage of Barking and Dagenham went from 81% to 51% within a **decade** of Labour’s demographic gerrymandering (!!!), the defeat of the BNP there was hardly to be unexpected.

      (I shall say that again: It went from 81% to 51% in just 10 years!).

      Though the labour party (particularly Mrs Hodge) claimed some massive victory of the ‘people of Barking’ rejecting the ‘fascist and racist policies of the nasty BNP’ – what they did not say is that Labour effectively replaced the electorate of Barking and Dagenham and sought re-election with the new one!!

      (This is “democracy” in new Britain. You don’t vote your rulers out, they simply supply a new electorate more to their liking. They will stop at nothing to keep a genuine counter-force like the BNP or BDP in check).

      So, given that almost the entirety of the state apparatus is organised in opposition to getting anything done – whether it be border agencies, home office, judges, courts, media (particularly the BBC), trade unions, charities, business, the church, and so on…..

      ……..given that the demographic tsunami is already here (irrespective of the door ever being shut in the future) and given that the electoral process is ever more a stitch up and a sham to many of us….. (where even UKIP have been called fascists and all other parties are largely the same where it matters), what is there to do?

      I wish I knew. I do not think there is any magic solution, particularly if not enough people are prepared to engage in these kinds of debate at a more serious level than the usual name calling or silly debates over “hate speech” or “veils” – or if they do not vocally (and even physically) lend their support towards getting something done.

      It might depend on how far people such as yourself are prepared to go John, as to what kinds of answer you are comfortable to receive.

      Everyone has a different threshold of what they are prepared to do about it and who they are prepared to align with in order to get something done. It is often a matter of principles and ideology too.

      It is one of things where ‘the more you know what the score is’ and what is at stake (and why it matters) the more firmer on these issues you tend to get. Not more extreme necessarily, but more dogmatic and more unapologetic in a resistance to what is going to be coming.

      I currently think the electoral route for ‘concerned’ British people is pretty over by pure demographic trends alone.

      This is not only in terms of ethnic minorities and their current demographic (especially of the under 10 years old range) and the wider projections of the 16.7% which prevails and would never vote for the interests of the indigenous demographic, but also by those indigenous people who are hardened in opposition to such ideas people like myself hold.

      I think it took UKIP some 20 years or more to establish itself as a viable political concern that gains decent recognition and traction in the political arena, so I simply do not think we have the time left to establish something more sturdy in the interests of the indigenous peoples before we become a minority as a whole – and thus have our democratic choices as a grouping taken irreversibly out of our hands.

      Given that a “bloc” of Pakistani and other groups can now boast to be the pivotal ‘swing’ in elections in this country, the time may already be upon us.

      UKIP might buy us some time if they were elected into office, they might shift things slightly more in the right direction for some of us, but they are not motivated for the same reasons I am motivated. They are not from the same page or hymn sheet, and it is not for “playing clever” or “hiding” any intentions. They genuinely don’t want to know and do not care. Individual members and supporters may differ though.

      They, as an entity, will therefore not “rescue” the country and the indigenous people from the clutches of what grips them, in my opinion.

      So, what can be done then?

      Again, I am not sure what to say, although I have some inclinations of what might be tried. I am currently signed up to some things which I hope to bear fruit in the future, should I continue to care what happens.

      Ultimately, the validity of any insight or answer I may give to you might depend on what degree of insight you yourself have at the present time; whether you are prepared to hear the real nitty-gritty of what some people perceive to be at the roots of what is going on; and perhaps most importantly, it will depend on what issues will ultimately matter to you (and thus determine what kinds of things you might be prepared to support).

      You see, if you care for the survival of the European peoples generally (and in particular the indigenous British within their homeland of the British Isles), then that is an entirely different ball game to that of merely trying to preserve any perceived “values” and “cultures” we are told we are supposed to uphold in the here and now.

      Myself, I primarily care for the survival of the people, not only for the sake of human biodiversity and self preservation as a right of self determination, but because I think a people make a culture, not that a culture makes a people.

      If you change the demographics of the people, you will ultimately change the culture.

      (I also think the ability to sustain the underpinning ways and qualities of life we are accustomed to depend on more than those of learnt values or cultures which are forever changing).

      There are many of examples as to how things have ‘gone’ when the original people who made a place a success have ‘gone’ or been greatly marginalised. (Some would say “diversified” or “enriched”).

      Some places in America, South Africa, Norway, even some parts of London are included in these examples. Have they got worse or better with the change in demographics and power structures?

      I think worse, and that the pattern is too much of a coincidence to be cast off so easily as being just the policies of “liberalism” or “the economy” or “legacy of slavery” whatever other excuse is usually applied to the failure of sustaining a decent civilisation in the locality in question.

      I do not think it is undue to worry about the increasing slide towards this future rolling out everywhere, no matter how many would call me evil, nasty, fascist, racist, or anything else for doing so and holding the positions I currently have.

      To me, the evil ones are the ones who carry on pushing such a fate upon us, and removing almost all methods of stopping them carrying it out, albeit for their own “well intentioned” reasons.

      The “good intentions” of many a “liberal” have delivered us into many foreseen and unforeseen hells, as far as I am concerned.

      In fact, I think they have been “useful idiots” to those seeking a destruction of the West after their last attempt to “unite the workers of the world” spectacularly failed.

      I do not always care much for the (often internationalist or universal) values we are supposed to uphold, nor do I care much for the current culture of our society, particularly when those values and cultures are of a detriment to a decent society and are of a detriment to the aforementioned peoples’ continuance.

      I think that there is another way to be, one which is radically different to what prevails. We have to be the ones to build it and be part of it, because nobody else is going to do it for us.

      A “Western Spring” of a quiet revolution under the surface, if you like.

      It is pretty much beyond the remit and time of party politics now, as far as I am concerned. Well, not without an undercurrent of change happening in society and within their outlooks first.

      Whether it can be ever established is yet to be seen. It often seems to me to be beyond the point of ever being able to turn it around. In the last five years I have pretty much lost all hope if I am honest.

      However, I am still watching a few things take shape from the sidelines – things which might prove interesting in the future.

      There is a glimmer of hope still remaining that at least something can be salvaged from the wreckage.

      Those who care, and are in the know, will come to discover what it is and will be a part of this proposed change planned for a “Western Spring” in the UK.

      I am not sure I can give any more clues to look for than that.

      Other than that, I guess we all have to keep delivering a message, keep saying we have a problem with this scenario, keep to our principles, make the best of what is available to us and generally keep pushing on regardless.

      The rest, the people who are complacent and complicit in this state of affairs will unfortunately fall to the wayside and have to suffer the results of their negligence and apathy, however well intentioned they think they are being in their positions. We cannot ‘rescue’ everybody, particularly those with the deafest of ears. Some will have to be left behind.

      Sorry if this does not help John, but it is a rather large subject to bring up for me.

  16. Nick diPerna

    Insightful Islamic criticism of the ‘Muslim Street Patrols’:

  17. There was one called “Gay Free Zone”. Some poor bloke was fined for that.