Would it help if I put this on my Amazon Wish List?

9 responses to “Would it help if I put this on my Amazon Wish List?

  1. It might get you arrested by the authorities for having impure and anti-social thoughts.

    • I don’t think any of us ought even to “be seen to think about wanting this sort of stuff” …let alone actually go out and get it – be it ever so needful in today’s police state.

  2. You are, of course, correct. We must guard at all times against oldthink.

  3. Hugo Miller

    You can buy them in Walmart. I just bought a 9mm Beretta from a neighbour (in Florida). When the politicians propose restrictions on gun ownership, it is the Law Enforcement who oppose them. The Sheriffs want law-abiding citizens to be armed – we’re all on the same side, you see. Also, burglary is a high-risk occupation – if you break into someone’s house you never know if you are going to get shot or not. That’s a deterrent. And if a homeowner does shoot a burglar the police will congratulate him. The town of Nelson in Georgia has recently made it obligatory for households to keep a gun. They don’t envisage prosecuting anybody for failure to do so, but it sends a powerful signal to criminals.
    Also, my wife’s family is Swiss. Her brothers all had to do national service and were required to keep a gun at home. That’s why Switzerland never gets invaded.
    As the Romans said, ‘If you desire peace, prepare for war.’

  4. A S&W M&P Pro CORE in .40, and a barrel for 9mm, is on my wishlist. Probably not gonna happen anytime soon, what with the shortages due to Obummer. .22s are great, but if you reload then 9mm is almost as cheap.

  5. It’s pretty, in an ArtDeco kind of way, but it doesn’t shoot anywhere nearly as well a Smith & Wesson Model 41.

  6. I wouldn’t buy that. I’ve seen spud guns with more and better style than that. Panache should be considered in all things and you want your foes to at least know , before they go, that they are being despatched by a man with so regard to the niceties of life.

  7. For “so” read “some”. Dont’cha just hate erratums.

  8. “I’ve seen spud guns with more and better style than that. ”
    Yes but this one is legal in the UK unlike other, more pleasing, designs.